Gravity' remains at the top spot

Post n°67 pubblicato il 29 Gennaio 2014 da jmac020

Well, I didn't expect 'Gravity' to repeat its number one performance. This is one of the examples of how good word-of-mouth helps an amazing movie prevail over the vast array of mediocrity that are being released nowadays. Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and director Alfonso Cuaron must be over the moon right now. Not only their movie is being adored by critics but it might also likely become one of the biggest Oscar movie earners this year. I am also happy that Ron Howard's 'Rush' is faring well with ticket sales. As for 'Runner Runner', well, it's a piece of trash and it shouldn't be making that kind of money.

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From Sexy to Silly

Post n°65 pubblicato il 27 Gennaio 2014 da jmac020

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The Problem Between Gay Couples

Post n°63 pubblicato il 24 Gennaio 2014 da jmac020

I am not against homosexual couples or anything and I do believe that they still have the right to get married, have kids and start a family, but the more they press for their rights, the more problems lawmakers encounter on a daily basis. I assure you, the problem right now with child custody among gay couples that split is just a start and there could be more legal issues in the long run if this keeps up.
Then again, it is the job of lawmakers to make sure that everyone is treated fairly, but still, this shows a real problem when it comes to homosexual couples and as to how they can give birth to even more legal issues, more so than what most are facing as of the moment.

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