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Cheap North Face Jackets to refuel

Post n°9 pubblicato il 27 Novembre 2014 da tuyburn

Hydrogen convoy gets there in copenhagen

Fourteen trucks made the 44 km journey, beginning with a hydrogen refueling station in malmo, sweden and ending at the danish parliament building up in copenhagen, denmark.Vehicles making the journey included the gm hydrogen4, those North fiat panda hydrogen, the bmw b class f cell, the honda fcx purity and the th!Nk hydrogen motor vehicle.

The convoy stopped Cheap North Face Jackets to refuel at the copenhagen hydrogen fuelling station, opened on december 12.The cop15, the 15th un global warming conference, starting off next week in copenhagen, organizers plan to keep the fleet in denmark to handle vips during the conference.

The past's"Link to hydrogen"Convoy was the product of a consortium led by the eu hydrogen association, which is keen to push hydrogen solution as Rcorner a viable way to reduce transport emissions.At the same time, the technology is still considered experimental and adoption has been slow the global testing and certification firm tv sd estimates that there exists only an estimated 368 hydrogen fuelling stations worldwide.

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