Redefining Farming Performance and Comfort with Swaraj 855 FE

In the realm of agricultural machinery, the Swaraj brand has emerged as a trusted name, providing farmers with innovative and reliable solutions for their farming needs. The Swaraj 855 FE tractor is a true game-changer in its impressive lineup. Combining power, versatility and comfort, this tractor redefines farming performance for Indian farmers. 

Let us explore the features and advantages of Swaraj 855 FE, highlighting how it enhances productivity and brings comfort to the farmer.

Key Features of Swaraj 855 FE

Farming is an essential part of our lives, and over the years, the agricultural industry has undergone significant changes. With the advancements in technology, farmers can now use advanced machinery to increase their productivity and efficiency. One such machine that has redefined farming performance and comfort is Swaraj 855 FE. Its top specifications include:

  • Engine: Swaraj 855 FE is equipped with a 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that provides a maximum power of 50-55 HP at 2000 RPM. This powerful engine makes it capable of handling heavy-duty tasks on the farm.
  • Transmission: The tractor has an 8 forward + 2 reverse gear system, ensuring the selection of a suitable speed depending on the needs of operating conditions or a particular task. Its partial constant mesh gearbox is durable and reliable, making it ideal for long hours of work.
  • Hydraulics: Swaraj 855 FE has advanced hydraulics with a lifting capacity of 1700 kg. The tractor is equipped with an Automatic Depth & Draft Control system that automatically adjusts the position of tractor implements to offer maximum productivity.
  • Tyres: Swaraj 855 FE is equipped with sturdy and reliable tyres designed to handle the challenges of agricultural operations effectively. Its front tyres are 6 x 16 or 7.50 x 16, while the rear tyres are 13.6 x 28 or 14.9 x 28. The larger rear tyres provide enhanced traction and stability, particularly in difficult field conditions.

Enhancing Farming Performance with Swaraj 855 FE

The Swaraj 855 FE tractor brings several improvements to farming practices, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the following ways:

  1. Increased Power & Performance

Swaraj 855 FE is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers high torque and horsepower, enabling it to handle a wide range of farming tasks with ease. This increased power translates to improved efficiency in field operations, such as ploughing, planting, and hauling. The tractor’s superior performance allows farmers to complete their farming work more quickly and effectively.

2. Excellent Maneuverability

Swaraj 855 FE features a compact design and excellent manoeuvrability, making it well-suited for tight spaces, narrow paths, and uneven terrains. Its responsive steering and smooth gear shifting enable farmers to efficiently manoeuvre the tractor, enhancing precision and control during field operations. Its agility helps minimise crop damage and ensures accurate placement of seeds, fertilisers, and other inputs.

3. Durability & Reliability

Swaraj tractors, including the 855 FE, are known for their robust build quality and durability. The tractor is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of Indian farming, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods. Its sturdy construction and high-quality components contribute to reduced maintenance requirements and minimal downtime, enabling farmers to maximise their working hours and productivity.

4. Versatility

Swaraj 855 FE is designed to be compatible with various tractor implements commonly used in farming. This versatility allows farmers to utilise a range of attachments, including ploughs, cultivators, rotavators, seeders, and trailers, depending on their specific requirements. The ability to easily connect and operate different implements expands the tractor’s functionality and offers flexibility in addressing diverse farming needs.

5. Service & Support

Swaraj has built a strong reputation for its excellent after-sales service and customer support. With a vast network of service centres and trained technicians, farmers can rely on timely assistance and genuine spare parts availability, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted farming operations. This commitment to customer satisfaction further strengthens the appeal of the Swaraj 855 FE tractor.

Experiencing Comfort with Swaraj 855 FE

Swaraj 855 FE is designed with the comfort of the operator in mind, ensuring a pleasant and fatigue-free working experience. Here are some features that contribute to its comfort:

  • Swaraj 855 FE provides a spacious operator platform, allowing a good amount of legroom and freedom of movement. It ensures that the operator can find a comfortable seating position, even during long hours of operation.
  • Swaraj 855 FE offers a deluxe sliding seat that can be adjusted as per the preferences of the operator. These seats provide optimal support and cushioning, reducing the impact of vibrations and uneven terrain on the operator’s body, leading to a more comfortable working experience.
  • The tractor is equipped with well-placed and easy-to-reach controls, designed with ergonomics in mind. It allows the operator to access and operate various functions without strain or discomfort, minimising fatigue and enhancing productivity.
  • It features a reliable suspension system and big tyres that absorbs shocks and vibrations, further enhancing the comfort of the operator. The suspension system helps smooth out rough terrains, providing a more stable and comfortable ride.

Swaraj 855 Price in India

The Swaraj 855 price in India can vary based on factors such as the region, dealer, optional features, and applicable taxes or subsidies. Generally, the Swaraj tractor 855 price 2023 falls in the reasonably-priced category of tractors, offering a balance between features and affordability.

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Final Words

Swaraj 855 FE is revolutionising farming performance and comfort for Indian farmers. Its powerful engine, versatility, operator comfort, and durable construction empowers farmers to tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks easily. Swaraj’s commitment to providing reliable machinery, backed by excellent service and support, makes 855 FE an ideal choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency on the farm. Investing in Swaraj 855 FE is not just a purchase; it is a step towards transforming your farming experience and reaping the benefits of modern technology in the field.

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