How To Choose The Best Hiking Pant Fit For You?

Are you looking for the best hiking pants ? The best hiking pants review can give you specific products but wait. Do you know how to buy the best fit for yourself?

A good fit must provide you with comfortable movements while walking and hiking. If you make the wrong decision, buying stiff pants, you will feel uncomfortable just after five walking minutes. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a fitted pair of hiking pants. Now, let’s discover the following considerations:

The step-by-step instruction of finding a good fit for hiking pant

Before anything else, double check your hiking pants to make sure that there aren’t any defects, tears, and damage.

After putting on the pant, try to walk or at least move a little to see whether or not it has any sign of discomfort and problem.

Specifically, let you sit down a few times. If you recognize the signs of tightness, wear another one immediately.

You can check the fit of your knees by bending and flexing this part. If limitations and restrictions hinder your movements, throw it away and purchase bigger and more flexible pants. Below are the details:

Raise the knees as close to the chest one by one.

To check the fit of your hiking pants, you can try to squat down. This action is the combination of sitting down and flexing your knees. It tells you about any sign of discomfort and challenging movement. When squatting, your pants must cover the whole butt. In case this part is exposed, it means that your hiking pants are too tight.

Running around and performing similar movements are also very useful to check the discomfort and mobility problems.


The considerations of choosing the best fit

Gusseted crotch

Hiking is an outdoor activity, requiring you to get regular movements during the trip. If you are not careful, it’s straightforward to be splitting. Thus, the best hiking pant must fit with your hiking movements and motions instead of your body only.

In this case, a pair of the best backpacking pants with gusseted crotch is designed extra fabric in the crotch area to minimize the chance of splitting. Although this feature makes the pants baggier and saggier, the gusseted crotch seems invisible in the high-quality hiking pants.

Articulated knees

Articulated knees mean the knee area is cut to give you a full range of motion and full ease of movement in the knee area.


Whether you choose a pair of fitted hiking pants or not, it should be breathable.


Walking for a long-distance makes you sweat quickly.



Mobility plays a critical role in choosing the most fitted hiking pant. A too-tight item will hinder the ability to move freely and easily. However, too baggy and loose pants can result in catching on rocks and branches on the trail.

After referring to elements to get a fitted pair of hiking pants, you also need to consider other related features to buy a perfect product.

Hiking in trail means that you will directly contact with both beneficial, harmful elements from nature. Thus, to have comfortable hiking experiences, it’s better to invest in the best pants for hiking that can protect you from harmful things.

Here are some examples:

The label of DWR coating means Durable Water Repellant, so your pants are waterproof. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried when crossing any river, stream, even meeting rain on the trail.

If you hike in the desert with the hot sunny areas, you need to invest in a pair of hiking pants with good UV protection to keep you from harmful sun rays.

If you hike in a cold area, it’s better to wear bulky and heavy pants. On the contrary, lightweight hiking pants will be a more suitable choice to walk in a warm-weather because its thin fabric will let the heat escape your body.

Make sure to choose flexible and sturdy materials. If not, your hiking pants might get wear and tear quickly due to broken branches on the trail.

Do you need hiking pant pockets?

The typical answer is more than yes. Though the cargo pockets are quite an old-style, this type of pocket is essential for hiking activity. You can store many personal and small items inside, for example, snacks, emergency aid, and your cell phone.

When it comes to the color of hiking pants, many people just think that it is an aspect of preference. However, it partly influences your comfort level while walking in different conditions.

For instance, the light colors like tan, beige, and white are good and useful in warm days. Meanwhile, the darker colors like black provide you with high warmth in cold days.

Finally, I want to mention to the right style. You can buy your favorite jeans, right? If so, why must you wear a standard pair of hiking pants for a long trip?

You have 2 types of hiking pants: roll-up pants and convertible pants.

The latter choice allows you to convert a hiking pant to shorts. It means that you can remove the bottom legs through zippers when needed. Compared to a standard pair, this choice is more versatile, but it is also heavier. In particular, it’s pretty inconvenient when you put on and off to convert it.

If you don’t want to add unessential weight into your backpack, it’s better to select the roll-up pants because they are very lightweight. Some of these designs let you roll up to the knees, but they can’t bring enough cooling effect when it’s hot.

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In general, the best hiking pant not only can protect you from environmental elements but also must offer the best comfort while hiking. Whether you want to buy the best men’s hiking pants or women’s hiking pants, ensure that they perfectly fit your body to give you comfortable hiking experiences. If you know other tips and tricks to choose the best fit for hiking pants, don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below.

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