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More than a pretty face: our work is not just to make it look pretty. Our job is to make you successful. A solid brand shows the world who you are. Highlight your identity and your personality, which not only helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd, but also helps you build trust. And that’s the key.
What do we do
Discovery: we discover what it is about what you are doing. What you offer what makes you different from your competitors. We discover your strengths and we help you focus on that in your brand. We hear you know more about your company than anyone else. We need that knowledge to help develop your brand strategy visit now Branding and identity design services 
Research: We learn about your industry and your competitors to gain a broader understanding of who you are, who your competitors are and who your target market is.
Strategy: We take what we have learned in the previous phases and use it to create a brand strategy. This is the plan or map that we will use to guide us in the development of your brand.
Identity: when most people think “brand”, they usually think of a logo. Your brand is much more than your logo. It’s all your image. This comes through your marketing materials, your website and even the way you respond to your phone. And while we can help you build your brand in those other areas (well, maybe not by answering your phone), what we focus on here is your logo. Your logo gives a face to your brand. One that you will want to make easily recognisable and memorable. We work with you to help you give you a logo that shows a great sense of who you are.

NYC Logo Designer

Logo Design NYC is a serious business because we are talking about your “name”, and when it comes to your company or your career, you are as good as your name. That’s why professional logo design is so important. Your logo is the basis of your general brand scheme and will be essential for what you communicate in your first impression to customers and clients; in essence “you are your logo”.
This is an understanding that logo designers overlook too often and only focus on the visual, ignoring what a good logo design should achieve in terms of communication. As a rule, of course, my goal as a logo designer is to produce logos that are: scalable, memorable, unique and that convey the personality or individual character of the clients.
As a logo designer, I set out to establish an immediate recognition, inspiring confidence, admiration, loyalty and an implicit superiority through the logo of a client. The same things that one needs to promote themselves or their brand visit now Graphic Design Agency NY 
All my logo designs are made in Adobe Illustrator, using well developed fonts. All the fonts used in the development of a logo design are provided to the client to guarantee their ability to reproduce or modify the logo.
Request a logo design quote
If you are interested in starting a logo design project with me, I have a short inquiry form that you can complete through the Google Forms, you do not need a Google account to use the form. This will help me to easily return with a quote for your logo design project. In general, you can expect a response on the same business day.

Web design services NY

Logo Engine offers a full range of web design services  to meet the demands of projects of any size. We have been creating custom websites since 2003 and can offer you all the related services you will need. Your website is the most important part of your business, if you do not have one, or if your current website seems unprofessional, is not ready for mobile devices or looks like the competition’s website, then it will affect your business. That is why it is very important that someone who knows how to create a website correctly, create the most important part of your online marketing campaign, which is your website. Not only do we create your website, but we can also help you with hosting, marketing, mobile applications and web development for updates visit now for more information Web design company NYC 

Affordable web design
Our websites are not only highly personalised and unique for each business, they are also very affordable. We have a very low down payment. We even offer a 12 month payment plan for selected projects. With more than 13 years of experience, online marketing skills and advanced programming services, you can not go wrong with us.

Specialised services:
The following are just some of the many types of websites we can create. Basically, if it is online, we can design, build, host and promote it. With a long list of satisfied customers and many high-level sites, we have earned our position as one of the leading web design firms in the world.
Design, development and personification of WordPress. We can create a custom design and make your WordPress blog look the same. We also have highly trained developers who can update your site and add that personalised touch you always wanted. For example, we can convert your WordPress website into an online community, an ad or even a social network.


The print media plays an important role in creating a brand for your organisation. It has been a theory that if the packaging is good, people are happy to buy it first. Technology solutions help you create a brand for your company and are formed in all directions. All the companies that have their clientele in the local areas are those that publish their existence and do not have other means as popular and accepted as printed media.
Logo, has a team of graphic designers who not only create their print material, but also understand their business to add their creativity dye after understanding the business factors. Our graphic designs are trained and have the correct use of the right brand in the right place, so that they become the best graphic design company in New York.

Logo can become icon and memorable.
The most famous companies in the world share one thing: a logo that can be recognised immediately. Whether it’s Apple’s famous fruits or Nike’s unambiguous success, logos can become synonymous with the brand it represents. It works the same way. A poorly designed company and a brand can be associated with its worst efforts, making it difficult to shake a negative image. Hard logo design can help ensure that your company is always remembered in the best possible way.