10 most beautiful weddings in the world that make you swoon

The most beautiful wedding in the world – Everyone knows that organizing a wedding will require a large amount of money, but the following billionaires and celebrities own the most luxurious weddings in the world that make you amazed. surprised.

1. Sargis Karapetyan and Salome Kintsurashvili

The most beautiful wedding in the world – The first name on this list must include the son of Russian billionaire Sargis Karapetyan. In 2016, he and his wife held a 2 million dollar wedding. The main concept of the party is the fairy scene of a forest filled with elaborately and carefully decorated flowers.

At the wedding, Salome wore not one, but three dresses with a diamond tiara Tiffany & Co. The luxury didn’t stop there as the guest artist of the day was Maroon 5, whose performance was estimated to be worth between $500,000 – $800,000.

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2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The most beautiful wedding in the world – The next name in the ranking is Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Their wedding was held for a whole week and estimated the total value for this wedding to be up to $ 2.8 million. The couple held a pre-wedding party in Paris and then flew to Florence by private jet for their official wedding day.

Not only that, but Kim also prepared for herself two gorgeous wedding dresses, one of which is worth $500,000 by Givenchy brand.

3. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

The most beautiful wedding in the world – Surely you will not be able to ignore the wedding of the former Beatles member with Heather Mills in 2002 with a scale of up to 3 million dollars in a castle in Ireland.

But unfortunately, after 6 years of being together, the couple has gone their separate ways, leading to a series of divorce procedures that are sometimes even more expensive than the cost of their wedding.

4. Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

In 2010, the whole United States was shocked with the historic wedding of Chelsea Clinton, the only daughter of former President Bill Clinton, held at the Astor Courts mansion in the town of Rhinebeck, New York. The wedding was estimated to be worth about $3 million, but only about 400 close friends attended.

In addition to the Vera Wang dress that Chelsea wore, the couple also spent $500,000 on flowers, $600,000 on decorations, and $200,000 just to ensure security was tightened when the air around Astor Courts became a no-fly zone during the summer. 12 hours. Guests must pass through special security barriers and are asked not to bring electronic devices or cell phones when attending the party.

5. Aleksey Shapovalov and Ksenia Tsaritsin

The most beautiful wedding in the world – Last August, Russian politician Aleksey Shapovalov got engaged to model Ksenia Tsaritsyn with a luxury ring that many girls dream of.

The party of hundreds of flowers and 8 tiers of wedding cake is estimated to be worth more than 8 million dollars.

6. Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

World’s Most Beautiful Wedding – Basketball star Jordan remarried Yvette Prieto in April 2013 at an estimated $10 million party in Florida with only 300 guests including celebrities like Tiger Wood or Spike Lee. Jordan and his wife also invited Usher, K’Jon, and Robin Thicke to perform live at their wedding.

7. Eldar Osmanov and Gaspar Avdolyan

The most beautiful wedding in the world – No matter how luxurious a wedding will be when the daughter of a Russian energy giant gets married to a millionaire son, 10 million dollars is probably not too significant a number. Their wedding was held at the Dolby Theater in LA – also where the prestigious Oscars are held every year.

The entire wedding venue is covered with flowers and the path leading to the stage is made of gold. Two A-listers, Jason Derulo, and Lady Gaga were invited to perform at this wedding, and the cost to invite them is probably around $2 million.

8. Angela Baby and Huynh Xiaoming

The most beautiful wedding in the world – Young people 9x will not be able to forget the wedding of the century of a golden couple of the Chinese film village in 2015 with a “terrible” value of up to 31 million dollars. Particularly, Angela Baby’s Dior wedding dress was and still is the most expensive wedding dress in the world.

The entire space at the party hall was filled with roses and a splendid wedding cake with the middle floor designed in the shape of a wooden horse. Each guest who attended was given a luxury wedding gift bag.

9. Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton

The most beautiful wedding in the world – There is no denying the lavishness of William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, $32 million was spent just to ensure the security of the holiday.

The total value of the wedding is about 34 million dollars. Kate wore a $434,000 Alexander McQueen wedding dress – a dress that eight years later is still named at the top of the most beautiful dresses in the world.

10. Princess Diana and Prince Charles

The most beautiful wedding in the world – Called the “wedding of the century”, the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles since 1981 has cost 48 million dollars. If inflation is included, this number must increase to 110 million dollars at the present time.

As with his son William’s wedding, much of the cost was spent on security. In addition, the party included 27 wedding cakes.

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