The outer layer is usually made of a moisture wicking polymer

3 Layer Face Mask: Made of a breathable material, 3-layer face masks are the most effective at keeping moisture in and out of your pores. They are made of a material that allows the skin to breathe and release trapped oils, while also providing a barrier against dirt, grime, and bacteria. The outer layer is usually made of a moisture wicking polymer that allows for a quick escape of excess moisture, while allowing for the rapid evaporation of contaminants. The inner layer is usually composed of an anti-microbial polysaccharide that captures harmful microorganisms on its surface.

Face Covering Panels: 7 Inch Wide X 7 Inch High (3 Inches At The Top) Reusable disposable face masks are available in two different sizes. The larger size comes with a clear protective membrane that covers your entire face. The smaller size comes with a clear protective sheet that leaves some white visible near your mouth and nose. Both sizes provide excellent coverage, but the larger size provides the maximum benefit at an affordable price. Since it’s disposable, you can simply throw it in the trash after each use.

This anti-bacterial feature is an added bonus. It helps prevent the spread of germs from one part of the body to the next, but is not effective against bacteria that lives on the surface of your skin. Still, a quick swipe across the top will remove any microbes that are currently on your skin.

The Wholesale 3-Layer Face Mask is a very important feature of any mask system, because it acts as a one-way ticket to removing bacteria and contaminants. Bacteria can enter your pores through many different means. For example, if you were to take a cold shower, the steam from the shower can agitate your pores and cause bacteria to be released into the air. Another way is through the use of deodorant or other chemicals, which wash away unwanted particles without killing or neutralizing the bacteria in your skin.