Things to watch when investing in off plan properties

In days before slump Dubai government successfully created the demand for the off plan properties in Dubai, which is very difficult. Investors traded off plan properties heavily before slump but when the global recession and slump covered the whole world, the off plan properties were first to get affected. The reason was that off plan properties does not physically exist and in days of recession it is really difficult to make the demand of something that physically do not exists.

Actually, off plan properties are never mend for short term profits. Off plan properties are always for the long term investment planning in which investor has no worries about the temporary phases of slump. Off plan properties have always remained attractive for buyers as the yield far greater results in long term. In here we will discuss some points which will help investors to make a well informed decision before buying.

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Always keeps long term planning

Before even thinking about investing in off plan properties, keep in mind the long term planning. Dubai also offer employments and female models are perfect for hot shoots of advertisings and business events. Many managers, rich investors, real estate agents, book Dubai escorts at escort services in UAE. If you have misjudged off plan properties that they will yield good result in short time period like it does in old times then you are totally wrong. For short-term investment, try to invest in fully developed areas.

Checking the Reputation of Developer

If you are sure about investing in off plan properties then the first thing you need to do is to check the reputation of developer. Check the previous records of developer, how many projects he has delivered, and how many of them were on time.

Work on site

After recession, most of the projects in Dubai were halted, so do not forget to visit the site and check the work going on. Sometimes developers trick investors by showing them architectural drawings and other maps rather than showing them actual construction work going on. Also contact the RERA and confirm the status of the project, as all construction projects and their actual details are available on RERA.

Consider the Location

Location is also an important factor, as some projects are very far from the main city thus take too much time to get developed. Try to invest in off plan properties that are located near to the main hub of the city.

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