Introducing the features of the G mount lenses

A large sensor system used in the medium-format camera “GFX series” developed by Fujifilm. Many people do not know that there are other effects besides image quality that can be obtained by increasing the sensor size. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the recommended model of G mount lens compatible with GFX series cameras while explaining the sensor size in detail.

About sensor size

What is a sensor?

A sensor is a part that can be said to be the heart of a camera, and has the role of converting the light coming from the lens into an electrical signal. There are various types of sensors such as “Bayer sensor” and “Foveon sensor”.

What is sensor size?

The sensor size refers to the size of the parts described above. The sensor size is the easiest to distinguish among the types of sensors. Differences depending on the sensor size mainly appear in the image quality, dark performance, and the difference in blurring at the same angle of view. By the way, the sensor mounted on the medium format camera that adopts the G mount is a sensor called “medium format digital”, which is about 70% larger than the “full size sensor”.

About G mount

What is G mount?

The G mount is the mount system used in the large sensor system “GFX series” developed by Fujifilm. The lineup includes gem cameras equipped with medium format digital sensors, such as the GFX 50S released in 2017.

Features of G mount

Cameras that use the G mount are characterized by their ability to take high-quality, high-definition photographs created by the large sensor size. The descriptive power that is so precise that it can be used when taking architectural photographs and photographs of cultural heritage can be said to be the greatest strength that can only be achieved with a large sensor.

What is a G mount lens?

A G-mount lens is a lens that can be used with cameras that use a G-mount. The angle of view of the G-mount lens needs to be divided by about 1.26 when converting to 35mm. For example, a 63mm lens is 50mm when converted to 35mm. In addition, all G-mount lenses are dust-proof, drip-proof, and cold-resistant (up to -10 ° C). It can be said that it is a lens that can be used by professionals.

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