Collaborative Word Cloud – A new tool for Ideation and Collaboration

Collaboration is the core of creativity and success. Though many people think brainstorming is personal, it isn’t totally true. In teamwork, where every team member has to work out their brain and contribute to the team’s ideas, collaboration means everything. How do we encourage team connection and creativity? Simple yet effective, there is no better tool to work with than the collaborative word cloud feature from AhaSlides, it is simply the best.

What makes Collaborative Word Cloud different from the classic Word Cloud?

There should be a  reason why it is called Collaborative Word Cloud. It is similar to Word Cloud where words are displayed in a visual ‘cloud’ through user input. However, it is not for personal idea generation, it is a live tool where everyone who has an access link can show their ideas simultaneously.

More importantly, it promotes engagement. Many people find it hard to speak out in public. No worry, this tool got you covered. All you need to do is send your ideas and you can set them anonymously for your favor.

The best part of Collaborative Word Cloud is the real-time function as every idea is presented instantly and when specific words are mentioned many times, the tool will automatically highlight them with a bigger size and stronger color that quickly captures the audience’s attention.

Of course, your meetings and classroom will no longer be boring because the collaborative word cloud transforms the way teams interact and collaborate with each other, especially when it comes to networked teams or virtual teams.

The Best Collaborative Word Cloud for Teams

Lately, there are not many free collaborative Word Clouds that update all functions. In a few excellent apps, here are probably the best suggestions for you as they offer many advantages and are free to sign up.

1/ AhaSlides

AhaSlides is the world leading platform for collaborative Word Cloud generators. If you need a tool that allows you to customize the template easily yet appealing, and share among your participants quickly and get data in real time, this tool is perfect for you. Note that besides opinion collecting, the tool can be used for classroom games to enhance learning productivity for students of all ages. Some ways to make it your work more professional-looking

  • Add image prompt
  • Hide words until submissions have finished
  • Allow audience to submit more than once
  • Profanity filter
  • Time limit

2/ Beekast

Another option for you to try if you want a tool with a friendly interface is Beekast. It is suitable for icebreakers for brainstorming activities.  By asking a simple question, you can quickly ignite joy and encourage everyone to share their feedback. This tool is known for its simple white background with bold and vibrant text color.

3/ ClassPoint

ClassPoint is also free collaborative tools to use with integration into PowerPoint like AhaSlides. In the next presentation, you and your teams can visual demonstrate a collection of words, ideas, or opinions and highlight the common words easily.

In Summary

Collaborative Word Cloud truly brings traditional interaction and collaboration to the next level. Want to know more about Collaborative Word Cloud examples and applications? Check out AhaSlides right away!

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