How does Proctorio Track Eye Movement

Online evaluation tools are being used more and more often in educational settings. Teachers have been looking for trustworthy ways to guarantee academic integrity during online tests as a result of the shift to remote learning. Popular remote proctoring tool Proctorio has drawn notice for its extensive monitoring capabilities. Is Proctorio capable of tracking eye movement as part of its monitoring capabilities? is one often asked question. This problem will be discussed, and the capabilities of Proctorio’s eye tracking system will be clarified.

How does Proctorio Track Eye Movement

Proctorio’s Functionality

Advanced proctoring software called Proctorio is used to keep track of and record students taking online tests. It makes use of a variety of technologies, including screen recording, audio monitoring, and face recognition, to find any questionable conduct that can point to academic dishonesty. It is crucial to remember that depending on the precise parameters selected by the school or teacher, Proctorio’s capabilities may vary.

The Eye Movement Tracking Controversy

Proctorio is said to have the capacity to monitor eye movement, which is one feature of its surveillance powers that has generated debate. Concerns regarding privacy invasion and possible over-monitoring have been voiced by certain users. To discover the reality underlying these assertions, it is essential to look at the relevant data.

Proctorio’s Official Stance

Proctorio has made it clear that their program does not monitor eye movement. Proctorio’s eye movement monitoring function was eliminated in 2019 as a result of privacy concerns voiced by users and privacy groups, according to its official documentation. It is important to keep in mind, however, that Proctorio may still identify and report situations in which a student glances away from the screen or uses illegal resources while taking an exam.

Alternative Methods of Eye Movement Tracking

While Proctorio does not use eye tracking technology, it is vital to be aware that other proctoring software on the market could. For the purpose of identifying suspected cheating behavior, these instruments can track eye movements, pupil dilation, and gaze patterns. To promote openness and well-informed decision-making, it is crucial that both students and teachers be aware of the exact features and capabilities of the proctoring software being utilized.

Balancing Academic Integrity and Privacy

The usage of proctoring tools like Proctorio prompts crucial inquiries about how to strike a balance between academic honesty and privacy in the context of online learning. It is essential to use monitoring systems properly and ethically, even if institutions and instructors have a real need to stop cheating and preserve the validity of online assessments. To strike the correct balance, there must be open communication, clear standards, and respect for students’ private rights.


Despite the debate surrounding this topic, Proctorio does not monitor eye movement. Although the program has several monitoring functions, eye movement tracking is not one of them. It’s important to understand, however, that alternative proctoring software available on the market could include eye tracking technologies. As online assessment trends continue to evolve, it is important for educational organizations to weigh the advantages of academic honesty toward the possibility of security risks linked to these tools. Finding the ideal balance will ultimately help to create a safe and equitable online learning environment for all students.

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