What Types of Devices Can You Access with Peacock Premium Free Trial

Streaming services are becoming a necessary component of our entertainment options. Peacock Premium is one such service that provides an abundance of material, ranging from popular TV series to big-budget films. Fortunately, you can take advantage of a Peacock Premium Free Trial to discover all this site has to offer. The devices you may use to access Peacock Premium during your free trial are examined in this article.

What Types of Devices Can You Access with Peacock Premium Free Trial

Web Browsers:

Using a web browser is the easiest method to begin your Peacock Premium Free Trial. The Peacock website lets you join up for the free trial and watch your favorite material on your PC via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Mobile Devices:

Peacock Premium Free Trial provides mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices for individuals who like streaming while on the move. Simply download the Peacock app from Google Play or Apple App Store, register, and enjoy content on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart TVs:

You are not limited by the Peacock Premium Free Trial to little displays. You may download the Peacock app for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV to get the most of the trial if you possess a Smart TV. You may watch and enjoy your favorite films and television programs on a bigger, more immersive screen in this manner.

Gaming Consoles:

Gamers, celebrate! On gaming consoles, Peacock Premium Free Trial is also accessible. You may start streaming on your TV by downloading the Peacock app from the app store of your console, whether it is an Xbox or a PlayStation. It’s a very easy method to go between playing games and viewing your favorite media.

Streaming Devices:

You’re in luck if you possess a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick streaming device. These devices are also compatible with the Peacock Premium Free Trial. To begin streaming, just download the Peacock app, create an account, and get started.

Select Blu-ray Players:

There are Blu-ray players that have the Peacock app pre-installed. You don’t need any other devices to enjoy your free trial on your large screen if you have a suitable player.

Cox Contour Box:

Customers of Cox Contour may use their Contour TV sets to enjoy the Peacock Premium Free Trial. Exploring the vast library of the service is now much simpler thanks to this connection.

Xfinity Flex and X1:

It’s easy for Comcast Xfinity users to get Peacock Premium. You may use your Xfinity Flex or X1 box to get the Peacock app and begin your free trial if you have one.

Stream and Download on the Go:

Having the option to download material for offline viewing in addition to streaming it is one benefit of the Peacock Premium Free Trial. This allows you to watch your favorite episodes and movies when traveling, commuting, or otherwise offline.


The devices on which you may access the content of the Peacock Premium Free Trial are quite varied. You’ll be happy to discover that there are several ways to pass the time when you start your Peacock Premium Free Trial. Launch your trial now to explore a world of limitless entertainment that is easily available on the device of your choice.

Therefore, wherever you are, don’t pass up your chance to browse Peacock Premium Free Trial and take advantage of the engaging stuff it offers.

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