The Cartier Santos Micro-Rotor (reference CRWHSA0032, seen below in stainless steel) is little but not delicate on the wrist. The breadth is 31 mm, although when measuring watches with square cases, care should be used as usual. The watch’s prominence is enhanced by its polished bezel, comparatively lengthy lugs, and nearly absurdly huge crown with the renowned super clone watches cabochon, which juts out like the pommel of an excessively ornate 18th-century king’s sword. It’s ostentatious, bordering on camp, but an indispensable component of Cartier timepieces. Though by no means ultra-thin, the Santos Dumont watch’s 8.8mm thick body makes it elegantly proportioned and tends to disappear beneath a sleeve or cuff.

Personally, I think it’s fantastic to see a watch with beautiful dimensions and a complicated design, even though many of the elaborate and complex-looking watches of the previous several decades have been impressive—many of them being twice as thick (and often over twice as broad). In comparison to some of the stylish yet massive timepieces we have been used to since the year 2000, this one is little. We don’t even need to search very far since, although having a less intricate and polished movement, this 2018 Cartier Santos Skeleton was a beast on the wrist. Different width stripes are carved into the metal of the dial and filled in with black lacquer. These denote the hours at nine, ten, and eleven o’clock.


A recognition for spearheading Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont and his 1907 airplanes, the Demoiselle, the Santos is exceptionally extraordinary as it is one of the most seasoned watch assortments made in constant creation. At the point when Santos Louis requested that Cartier plan a wristwatch that he could wear while flying his initial planes, Cartier Santos became one of those wristwatches that promoted the wristwatch class among men who thought about ladies’ gems at that point. You would have guessed it that the Santos watch originates before Rolex super clone watches itself by a year, another brand that was instrumental in making the wristwatch more broad and acknowledged.

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