There have been few Bi- axial before this, but there hasnt been any bi directional skeleton luxury watch. In this blog you will read about world’s first bi directional skeleton luxury watch.

The MP-13, which combines the tourbillon and the retrograde display into one special timepiece, is the 13th MP movement made completely by Hublot.

The unusually curved titanium case with a satin/polished finish holds the 44 mm x 16.7 mm watch. The watch is fastened to the wrist by a titanium folding clasp on a black-lined rubber strap. Up to 30 meters of water resistance are guaranteed. The two axes of the tourbillon rotate fully once every minute on one and once every 30 seconds on the other. Being one of the few Swiss eta watches able to build a double-axis tourbillon wholly in-house, Hublot’s feat is noteworthy. Two speeds within one mechanism provide a sophisticated and mesmerizing appearance.



Raising the bar even further, the tourbillon is hung and skeletonized, removing the top bridge to let light flow through freely.

The area surrounding the six o’clock tourbillon has been opened to improve the visual impression, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal is used to protect it on both sides. Another first for Hublot watches is the bi-retrograde mechanism, which displays the minutes and hours in a very natural, intuitive, and impulsive manner. The sun’s path and a variety of writing styles are reflected in the display, which reads from left to right. By making the dial simpler to read, the minute hand streamlines the wearer’s everyday experience by moving continuously while the hour hand rapidly jumps from one hour to the next. That minute hand is an additional feature which is that its hand moves smoothly. Maybe you should checkout some videos of it to get the real feel of it, which is mostly available on youtube.

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