What are the steps to cancel Norton subscription?

Norton is the most popular antivirus program around the globe. When you install Norton antivirus on the PC, it flushes outs all the malicious programs and viruses from your device. This anti-malware provides security from all types of threats. Norton anti-malware also provides device optimization tools for better performance. Norton is available in both retail and online stores. If your device has a disc drive then you can go for CD installation otherwise you can easily download and install the Norton setup from the internet. 

Norton provides a yearly subscription to the users. Once the Norton plan expires, you need to renew your plan for further use. Norton also has auto-renewal service which renews the plan automatically. In case you don’t want your Norton plan to get auto-renewed or you want to upgrade your Norton antivirus plan then you can cancel Norton subscription easily.


Steps to cancel Norton subscription:

  1. Open the web browser and search for Norton antivirus
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Type the Norton credentials
  4. Click on profile
  5. Tap the subscription button
  6. Hit the Cancel button
  7. A confirmation window will be displayed
  8. Tap the Confirm button

Once the Norton plan gets cancelled then your plan will not get renewed automatically. You can use the Norton plan until the subscription expires. After cancelling the subscription you can easily upgrade your Norton antivirus or renew the plan manually.


Upgrading Norton antivirus 

Norton provides various plans to the users for different devices. You can upgrade the Norton plan by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to web browser
  2. Search for Norton 
  3. Click on the login tab
  4. Enter your Norton id
  5. Type the password 
  6. Click on the Login button
  7. Your Norton profile page will appear
  8. Tap the Upgrade button
  9. A list of Norton plans will appear on the screen

Check the features and services of all Norton plans. Click on the Norton antivirus you want to install. You will be redirected to the Norton shopping cart page. Check your order and hit the Confirm button. Norton billing page will appear. Enter the billing details and click on the Buy Now button. You have to wait until the payment process completes. You will also get the confirmation mail on your registered email id. 

Open your email account and check the mail you have received from Norton. You will see the setup URL and receipt. Click on the URL and the setup will start checking for the resource requirements. Wait until the next screen will appear. Now the new plan of Norton will automatically remove the previous plan from the device. Click on the Next window and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the Norton plan gets installed then you need to restart the device to apply the changes. 

Restart the device and you will see Norton icon on the desktop. Click on the icon and Norton dashboard will appear on your screen. Tap the system scan button. Go to the preferences and change the Norton settings according to your device. Check the firewall and other tools. 


After cancelling the subscription, if you want to renew the plan then you have to renew it manually. You should renew the Norton antivirus before the expiry date. Your antivirus will start sending you the expiry warning messages. You should renew the plan before the expiry to ensure that your device is not vulnerable to the malware. Don’t worry about your remaining days of Norton subscription. The remaining days will automatically get added to your new plan. If you renew Norton plan 10 days before expiry; the remaining 10 days will get added to your new Norton subscription. 

  1. Steps to renew Norton antivirus:
  2. Open Norton dashboard and click on My Norton 
  3. Tap the Open button 
  4. Click on Renew option
  5. Your Norton subscription will appear
  6. Tap the Buy a subscription option
  7. Sign in prompt will appear
  8. Enter your Norton credentials
  9. You will be redirected to the billing page

Enter your payment details and click on the Confirm button

After billing, your Norton plan will get renewed successfully. Open the Norton dashboard and click on the subscription button to ensure that your Norton plan has renewed successfully. You can also renew your plan with the product key.