Argument Sample Essay: Learning Debates’ Basics through Examples

An argument essay, also called argumentative essay, is a type of writing that uses arguments to persuade the reader of a particular point of view. A demonstrative example of such genre in writing can be seen through an argument sample essay. An argument sample essay is an example of previously submitted work that demonstrates the characteristics of argument essays.


Living in the age of internet, obtaining an argument sample essay is not a problem, where there are an essay writing service website that will respond to “argument sample essay” search query. This article will attempt to explain how an argument sample essay can be utilized to learn the basics of argument essay writing.

Elements of Argument Sample Essay

Argument sample essay should contain a clear statement that the author attempts to defend. Such element is easy to identify as it is usually contained within the introductory paragraph of the essay. The term “clear” is important here, as many argument sample essays contain vague introductions, after reading which, it is difficult to identify what the writer wanted to prove. The first element that should be learned from an argument sample essay is the way a clear assertion is made. Such assertion should be preceded by an introduction of the context to which such assertion relates.

Another element that can be learned from an argument essay sample is the way evidences are structured. In a good argument essay, the evidences are organized from the weakest to the strongest, i.e. your strongest supporting argument should come last. Such arguments are supported by evidences, which might be an authoritative citation, a statistics, etc.

According to Essay Writing Help, any debatable position contains argument for and against such position, and accordingly, a good argument sample essay should attempt to answer opposing arguments, which might be either researched or predicted. The refutation of the opposing arguments is an essential part of an argument essay. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the main points mentioned through the essay in order to assert the initial statement made in the introduction.

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