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"This is the tribute Blog to the great American 400m sprinter, Jeremy Wariner.
Most of the information provided is in English, although from time to time we will try to publish articles in Italian (which is a bit more difficult, with Jeremy being from the U.S.).
The aim of the Blog is to make Jeremy's name as popular as possible, outside his home country.
This young man has already achieved so much in his career, yet there is a lot more he can
"Questo blog è un tributo al grande sprinter americano dei 400m, Jeremy Wariner. La maggior parte dell'informazione fornita è in inglese, sebbene di tanto in tanto cercheremo di pubblicare articoli in italiano (cosa un po' più difficile, essendo Jeremy statunitense).
Lo scopo del blog è di rendere conosciuto il più possibile il nome di Jeremy, al di fuori della sua patria.
Questo giovane ha già realizzato tanto nella sua carriera, eppure c'è ancora molto altro da conquistare."


Il blog del giorno rimarra' tale, per 24 ore.



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U.S. gold medalist Jeremy Wariner

Post n°37 pubblicato il 03 Maggio 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

The Golf Blog interview -

Jeremy Wariner is the world's fastest man in the 400 meter. He won Olympic gold in 2004 in that event (watch the video below), as well as in the 4x400 meter relay. Jeremy is known on the track for not only being fast, but also for his signature sunglasses. He's also a golfer, and The Golf Blog was fortunate to have the chance to interview Jeremy as his prepares for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here's Part 1 of the interview.

The Golf Blog: Jeremy, thanks for chatting with us. It's an honor to interview an Olympic gold medalist. So let me start with the obvious: You are no doubt incredibly fit as an Olympic gold medal athlete. What’s your typical workout routine each day and do you know your percent body fat?

Jeremy Wariner: Unfortunately, I don’t know my percent body fat. As for my typical workout routine, each day is different of course, so I will give you a typical Monday for me. I wake up around 9:15 am, get ready for weights, head to the weight room by 10 am for weights. My weight workout usually takes about 30 minutes.

After weights, I go to my coach’s office and relax for about an hour. Then I head over to the track for workout at 11:30 am. It takes me about 15 minutes to warm-up and another 15 minutes to stretch. After all that, it's time to do my 200s, as the season goes on we cut back on the number of 200s we do. After workout, I sometimes go into the training room and take an ice bath to help keep my legs fresh for the next day. As for the rest of the day, I just relax and watch TV, walk my dog, or just hang out with my friends.

The Golf Blog: You already have two gold medals, one in the 400 m and one in the 4x400 m relay. This summer, what are your goals for the 2008 games in China?

Jeremy Wariner: My goals for the 2008 Olympics are, first, win the gold in the 400 meters. Then, after that, when I cross the line in first, I'm hoping to see the WR next to my time for the World Record.

The Golf Blog: How much do you want to break Michael Johnson’s world record of 43.18 in the 400 m? Since he’s a friend, will he be happy or upset to see his record fall?

Jeremy Wariner: For the past few years I have been wanting to break the 400 WR. Each time I step on the track no matter what track meet I'm at, I'm going for the record. He [Michael] has told me plenty of times that he won't be mad when I break his records, because records are made to be broken.

The Golf Blog: Do you wear your signature sun glasses on the golf course as you do on the track like David Duval used to? Why do wear sunglasses all the time on the track?

Jeremy Wariner: Yes, on the course, I wear my glasses most of the time. The reason why I wear my sunglasses is because they help me stay focused and block out the crowd.

The Golf Blog: You also look pretty cool, I have to say.

The Golf Blog: What one indulgence (that you have given up during training) do you look forward to enjoying after the Olympics are over?

Jeremy Wariner: To be honest I haven't given up anything. The only thing I guess I'm looking forward to enjoying this off time and not having to train.

The Golf Blog: If you weren't a professional track star, what job do you think you would like to do the most?

Jeremy Wariner: If I didn't run track I would want to play in the NFL. I grew up playing football and decided not to keep playing when I got to college.

The Golf Blog: Maybe a Renaldo Nehemiah?...Maybe there's still time? By the way, are you as fast on the golf course as you are on the track?

Jeremy Wariner: On the course I like to try and take my time because when I try and rush I never hit the ball straight it always hooks on me.

The Golf Blog: Yes, that happens to the best of us. So what is your golf handicap? What would you say are the best and worst parts of your game?

Jeremy Wariner: I usually play at the TPC at Craig Ranch. I don't know my handicap, I usually just play for fun and to relax if that is possible. The best part of my game would have to be how far I can hit the ball, my drives are my best part. As for my worst part it has to be my putting. I can get onto the green easily but getting the ball in the cup that where I have the most trouble.

The Golf Blog: How often do you get to play golf while you're in training for the Olympics?

Jeremy Wariner: When I'm in training for the Olympics it's hard for me to get to the course and play, but once my season is over I'll try to play at least 3 times a month.

The Golf Blog: Who is your favorite PGA golfer and favorite LPGA player?

Jeremy Wariner
: My favorite golfer would have to be Tiger Woods
because I like his focus on the course. He reminds me of myself on the track -- he always plays to win and he works hard to stay on top. As for my favorite LPGA golfer I would say Annika Sorenstam because she always wants to play against the best golfers even against the men. That shows me her confidence in her game.

The Golf Blog: Well, thanks again for chatting with us, Jeremy. All of our readers will be rooting for you in Beijing!

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