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World Blackout

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On Wendesday, September 17, 2008, I invite people around the world to turn off their lights for ten minutes – from 9:50pm to 10:00pm in their local time zone. IT WILL BE TO 9:50pm TO 10:00pm IN THE LOCAL TIME ZONE OF YOUR COUNTRY.
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So that everyone can join an event of great importance as we are proposing, I dedided to remove the adaptation to the time location of each country. I recall, that apart from "the fact of turning off the lights," it is important to raise awareness among the population of Global Warming and pressuring world leaders to act effectively against this problem that concerns to all of us, because it is our world. According to my understanding the "joint action" of the participants is not greatly lost, because the event will be conducted throughout the country and also throughout their time zone at the same time.
Therefore, the blackout will take place in stages, performing a similar effect to the races with posts, like this, each time zone will be delegating its responsibility to the others through the day.
If the event had been realised through joint action across the globe (all at the same time), entire regions hadn’t been able to do this.
It is important that the blackout can be performed throughout the world, because the reason for the event, which I have make explicit before, has to be done by many people as possible. Another cause of the blackout format is that some environmentalists informed me, that the impact around the world of being reconnected would be detrimental to the environment. It is important the realisation of the blackout in a safe environment. Hence, I don’t promote darkening streets, public areas, hospitals, emergency services, and traffic lights lamps or lighting road.
Therefore, the format of the blackout will be to 9:50 PM to 10 PM in the local time of each country.
PS: I suggest the progressive reconnection of the electric machines, to avoid what some experts tell as an overload. I Support people who will prefer to turn off lights not only the time expected(10 minutes).
In Sydney, last year a blackout was done, involving 2 million people and two thousand companies linked.
There was a decrease of 10.2% in energy use, which equates to draw more than 48 thousand cars of movement.
Thank you for your time, Andres Schelp, Creator of the world blackout on September 17

Worldwide darkness: On September 17th 2008, from 21:50 hours to 22:00 hours in the local time of your country.The proposal is to turn off all lights and as many electrical appliances as possible, to give our planet a "breather".If participation is overwhelming, the energy saving may be huge. Just shut everything down for ten minutes, to see what happens.Ten minutes of darkness. Light a candle, look at the flame and breath, together with the planet.Remember: unity is power. The internet can thus be enormously powerful - and even more than that.Spread the word, if you have friends abroad, please forward this message to them.

Impact of Global Warming:
* An increase in the number and size of fires, resulting in the loss of thousands of hectares per year
* Increased melting of Glaciers and consequently of sea level
* An increase in average temperatures
* Loss of productivity of crops
* Increased Mortality
* Extinction of species
* Increased virulence of natural phenomena
* Reduction in productivity of marine waters, and therefore, for fisheries...
BUIO MONDIALE: Il 17 settembre 2008 dalle 21:50 alle 22:00 ora locale del vostro paese.
Proponiamo di spegnere tutte le luci e, se possibile, tutti gli apparecchi elettrici, perché il nostro pianeta possa “respirare”.
Se la risposta è massiva, la quantità di energia risparmiata può essere enorme.
Stiamo 10 minuti nell'oscurità, prendiamo una candela e semplicemente
fermiamoci a guardarla mentre il nostro pianeta respira.

Solo 10 minuti e vedete che succede.
Se stiamo 10 minuti al buio, staremo respirando noi e il nostro pianeta.
Ricordate che l’unione fa la forza e Internet può possedere molto potere ed essere qualcosa di ancora più grande.
Spargete la voce, se avete amici che vivono all’estero mandate loro le informazioni.

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beh io lo farò..
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Mi hanno tagliato la luce. Sto avanti, io...
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infiniti auguri di buon compleanno!
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infiniti auguri di buon compleanno!
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Mi hanno tagliato la luce. Sto avanti, io...
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I will do...hola hermana
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beh io lo farò..
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