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IASTRI DI PAURA, di Federica D'Ascani (Horror)



Si chiudono gli occhi, i pensieri si distendono e come tentacoli si immergono nella notte, scura. E' un momento fugace, ma intenso, mentre l'incubo si insinua, penetrante, laddove le paure sono racchiuse saldamente. Il terrore esplode e il fiato cresce, si innalza e gonfia i polmoni. Un momento dopo è grido nel buio.

Benvenuti nei miei sogni...


Fiera Internazionale del Libro di Torino

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When she went rarely met Dr. Wu, Nguyen Nguyen also said he is too busy in the hospital with a department, lack of energy coach factory online than he experienced old doctor, the young, there is no way to work independently, an important basic surgery by he coach outlet online personally surgeon, have been on duty at the time had been scheduled to be airtight, and occasionally eat a meal at home may not corpuscles, a phone call and hurried out the door. Because of this, he badly needs a gentle and virtuous wife at home, at least've been working hard to come back, can also feel the tenderness of the moment home if Nguyen Nguyen also work, two people are busy, this is the house not a home.

Zheng micro sitting Ruan Ruan top floor roof flower, these flowers are still married Nguyen Nguyen buy back take care of, unconsciously, passion fruit vines have been depressed to climb full entire shelf. She looked concentrate watering Nguyen Nguyen, asked: "you do every day at home, not boring you?"

Nguyen Nguyen said: "I have too many things all day long, old feel that the time is not enough, what do the leisure to nausea." Dr. Wu is a little older people, home bedding always white, every day must be washed, floors free of dust, dust can not see the sun shone, the diet is quite picky. Premarital he hired a part-time doing things neat and tidy, three hours a day, from time to time to the house to do cleaning, since the Nguyen Nguyen door after, coach outlet store in order to more easily take care of Nguyen Nguyen's living, he let that reliable part-time into a nanny work at home for a long time, but less than a month after Nguyen Nguyen found a problem, they live in the real estate is located in the city's most beautiful natural landscape of the lot, the quiet elegance to mention, but around the supporting facilities are not complete within the district household basic car, a supermarket or grocer need at least a 15-minute drive away. The nanny does not drive the bus station brand too far away, and she was able to successfully buy food, Nguyen Nguyen had daily car shuttle her between the home and the market. This is the simple question seriously complicate the Nguyen Nguyen feel she is not delicate Miss origin, consider themselves a people handle it these chores, then the consent of the consent of Dr. Wu, simply to pay for three months salary, quit that nanny to take care of his daily life by her. Her work has always been attentive, unavoidably home well-kept, praised Dr. Wu moved apart, the more peace of mind, threw himself into the work in less than thirty-year-old has been the mainstay of the industry. He always said that these are thanks to him one of the most perfect wife.

Zheng micro said: "A few days ago I told the pig north through telephone, the guy reading really endless, estimated to be stimulated over again this year exam Bo, she told me about when you simply want to squint you called 'a new generation of Chinese women's shame', really, if people know that when the first comprehensive results in G major level Department of Civil Engineering graduate became a housewife results, it is simply too funny. '

Nguyen louis vuitton handbags Nguyen disagree, "It's nothing you, at least the professional skills let me ease when repairs to the roof garden.

Zheng Wei somewhat against injustice for her, "I came several times, you great doctors who have never seen at home on weekends, his touch, a ring on the exchange had a daytime work, sleep at night to accompany a full-time maid, Nguyen Nguyen, you told him last dinner together is when? "

", Also three days ago it did not take long."

Cheng micro breathtaking, "unheard of things, actually the Qing Empire, he is not a surgeon Well, not moon astronauts, marriage knot, The busy into this loss you bear, you will do not remember him long to look like? "

Nguyen Nguyen really seriously thought, then laughed, "fool, man career for nothing."

"You're not afraid of derailment?"

"Derailed?" Nguyen Nguyen smiled and shook his head, "I wish he would have the time for such pursuits, I guess he has to develop professional habits, he saw a woman's nude only go where under the knife."

Zheng micro Puchi smile, "strange terror." She readily pulled an overhead leaves, hesitated for a while, or whispered: "That he know you had those things?"

Of Nguyen Nguyen shook his head, "I do not know him if he knew, maybe he was anything clear, but at least he never asked. Slightly, listen to me, such a thing if they do not ask, you do not mention passed is passed, the most important thing is now he in fact, very good to me, respect me very, very considerate, remember my birthday, in addition to the Qingming festival will send flowers, although these days there Phone memo inside, but after all, or a deliberate addition too busy with work, I do not know what can be picky. "

"Then you feel happy?" Zheng Wei said confused.

Nguyen Nguyen asked: "What is the definition of happiness it?"

End, Nguyen Nguyen change the subject, "Do not say I, how kind of you and Lin Jing? Finally met, would not say the sound 'hello' so simple it?"

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You still with us? "

"Occasionally, in addition to the sentence of the day in his message, and later did not go down to mention in that regard, and sometimes go out to eat, when old friends get together, coach factory outlet I'm not good refused. I really Payouyitian that I he even resentment, feelings of 17 years a bit, what is left? "

If not together with Nguyen Nguyen, ZHENG most of the time to be alone, her best friend has always been Nguyen Nguyen, to last only Nguyen Nguyen. Even with in a day under the eaves, Wei Shaoyi are always close it up. Speaking Wei Shaoyi that foul temper, cheap coach purses Sufficient for Micro Cheng feels HE Yi Wei Shaoyi pursuit simply inexplicable plus Fanjian, others more we wait to see him, he is more exciting, swindling, dogged usable trick spend a hot ass posted on the cold face. Said Wei Shaoyi Bushihaodai anyone behind her by the relationship into cheap coach purses two, but the help that of one of her relatives had long since passed away leadership positions, HE Yi is the beloved son of the chief leaders of CCT, looks is a talented, can fancy her, which is a rare blessing, but Zheng micro vaguely know HE Yi are they not the type of Wei Shaoyi like, and he wanted to have fun in the past efforts to reach the poor record is the most taboo disgust coach outlet online Wei Shaoyi.

Men rarely get into Wei Shaoyi eye, Zheng Micro Credit goes to see when she built headquarters organs canteen dinner, coincided with Wei Shaoyi, with two table, although the man of few words to say a few words, but When a man accidentally after their side, she found that there is an obvious suspect Wei Shaoyi face flush. Man of fact, Zheng micro seen, is said to be the Design Institute's School of grass looks pleasant anthomaniac the But heard someone how background very big, just interested in working in the institute. For Zheng micro has been held "can only be observed from a distance, but not fondle" psychological, last building systems chess game she had also cries cut guy, he personally eliminated - then again, dudes looks good, does not gnaw chess, if she so handsome, coach factory outlet online never do this short since the storm.

It so happened, the day guy after near, Wei Shaoyi Zheng Micro of strabismus's eyes in embarrassment react, turned around and cough twice, actually found a silver chain falling on the floor next to the table, she picked up found a chain pendant such an aquamarine shape with teardrop-shaped earrings similar. The guy after before the floor was empty, and Wei Shaoyi Xiangyemeixiang chase the out, after a few minutes, came back to continue muffled dinner. ZHENG Where restrain maintained curious, do not bother her indifference, went over and asked excitedly, "godsend, what development has not picked up a keepsake he did not simply turn donated to the way you favors."

lunagialla82 il 04/06/14 alle 14:52 via WEB
Bellissimo articolo molto interessante. Torner spesso su questo blog. Grazie mi hai distratta per cinque minuti. Ho rotto il mio telefonino ed i ricambi alcatel non si trovano da nessuna parte. Puttana eva
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