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While the Submariner was all smooth lines

Post n°23 pubblicato il 24 Gennaio 2013 da mackliy
Tag: rolex, watch

The late 1960′s was a competitive time for diving watches. Deep sea oil exploration was well underway and sport diving was just getting started. Until this time, Rolex had the field to themselves with the Submariner. Since its launch in 1954, it had been the default option for the military, professionals and adventurous civilians. In 1966 Doxa recognised the new sports diving market with the launch of the Sub; the massive steel case, distinctive orange dial, and in 1969 the innovative helium escape valve announced that diving watches were starting to get serious.

Battle was joined in 1970 when, after 4 years of development, Omega launched the PloProf. The name derives from ‘PLOngeur PROFessionnel’, (professional diver) and PloProf was the name that the French-speaking developers christened it with. Compared to the Submariner, two more different approaches to dive watches could not be imagined. While the Submariner was all smooth lines, (relative) understatement and convention – the PloProf was large, brutal and radical.

Eschewing the uni-directional bezel that almost defines a dive watch, Omega allowed users the convenience of a bi-directional bezel which could only move when the bright red button was pressed. The unique crown mechanism created a superior seal and its position on the left of the watch protected it in use. The watch was rated to 600m, doubling the performance of its rivals, and in tests functioned down to 1370m – only stopping because the crystal had deformed to the point that it touched the hands. This design was popular with professional divers; COMEX, or ‘Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises’ a French commercial deep diving company, worked with Omega on its development at the same time that they worked with Rolex on the Submariner, but the higher price of the PloProf meant it was not a popular choice for the amateur.

In 1971 Rolex matched the depth rating of the PloProf with their Sea Dweller but crucially added the helium escape valve co-developed with Doxa. Helium build-up inside watches was a continuing concern for COMEX and so, despite no evidence that a PloProf crystal had ever been forced off, COMEX chose to continue their work with Rolex and not Omega. With a high retail price and a relatively short production span, the original PloProf has become quite a rarity today.

In 2009 Omega decided to bring back this iconic watch; the PloProf 1200 keeps the same characteristic shape, although slightly larger. The details have changed; the case is conventional rather than mono-block construction, the movement benefits from the co-axial escapement, an independently set hour hand and, significantly, there is a helium escape valve. The depth rating is modest by today’s standards at 1200m but remember the deepest recorded scuba dive is 330m and COMEX have only been down to 534m in open sea, so most of these highly rated watches exist for the horological equivalent of ‘pub bragging rights’ and are largely irrelevant in the real world. More important is that this watch, with its idiosyncratic looks, is back – bigger and bolder than ever! sale longchamp bag and handbag 2012

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This watch is number 57 of the series

Post n°22 pubblicato il 24 Gennaio 2013 da mackliy

Prior to 1936 Officine Panerai had been makers of military equipment to the Italian Navy, including wrist compasses and depth gauges. 1936 was the year that wristwatches were added to the list and the PAM00249 is created in homage to this first watch.

At 47mm this is a big piece on the wrist and the blank dial makes it seem even bigger. The lack of branding was done in wartime to limit the amount of logistics information available should the watch fall into enemy hands. The reissue has a distinctly non-military display back, allowing a clear view of the 17 jewel movement with swan-neck regulator. Cheap Longchamp Handbags Sale USA

The dial is half Arabic numeral and half Roman being referred to as a ‘California’. This is something of a misnomer. The correct name is ‘Error Proof’ and these dials were created to minimise the possibility of misreading the dial or mistaking the orientation of the watch while using it under water. The term ‘California’ comes from the fact that in the 1980s the Kirk Rich Dial Co of Los Angeles refinished hundreds of old Rolex watches in this more interesting dial layout.

Produced as a limited edition of 1936 units in December 2006, these watches quickly sold out. This watch is number 57 of the series. If you missed out first time round, this is your chance to own a celebration of the Panerai watch that started it all.

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Replica Watches Fraud Alert

Post n°21 pubblicato il 05 Ottobre 2012 da mackliy

I’m sad to say it’s that time again! Time to flush out another fraud site that’s trying to steal money and credit card information from people like you! is not a real replica watches vendor, it’s just a clone of replica watches. The scary thing is that this site is a pretty accurate copy, so it’s important that people know to watch out for it!

These guys have pretty much copied replica watches letter for letter, all they’re missing are things like the live chat and advanced search features, probably because they were just too hard to replicate. As I browsed a few Breitling and Rolex replica watches I saw that all the text had just been copied and pasted from PW.

Make no mistake – these guys have no real merchandise for sale and are most likely after your credit card info so they can steal your money or even your identity! Someone buys a Rolex replica from them, and instantly they have that person’s name, address, date of birth and credit card info – it’s as simple as that! So stay on the lookout my friends, and let me know if you see something suspicious!

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Geek All About Hair Extensions

Post n°20 pubblicato il 05 Ottobre 2012 da mackliy

Good evening my fellow lacquered lovers! Happy Wednesday to you all! Tonight, I have a really special post for you all! As some of you may have seen, during NYFW I had the very amazing opportunity to get hair extension! I had met a fabulous stylist, Christopher Box, while backstage at a show in February.  When he was coming back for Fashion Week in September, he asked if I'd like to try out some great tape in hair extensions from Easihair Pro. Since cutting off my hair last year I've been missing my long locks so I jumped at the chance! You can read all about my adventure at Lacquered Lover Gets EasiHair Pro Extension for NYFW! 

I absolutely love them! Since then I've gotten a ton of questions from you guys all across my social media (as well as questions from everyone who has seen me in person) about the extensions. Who better to tell you about them than the man who did them? Now, without further ado, I give you Christopher Box!

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Fashion of Customizable Dive Watch Collection in UK

Post n°19 pubblicato il 10 Settembre 2012 da mackliy

I love fake rolex watches uk. Why? Because products like the upcoming H20 ORCA watch are designed specifically for the most discriminating watch nerds who don't have zillions to spend on their passion. The ORCA is a cool concept, offers meaningful customization options, and is a durable watch to boot. Let's check it out.

H20 is a German watch maker whose collection debuted with the Kalmar collection I believe. They are what we like to call "replica watches" because they spend a lot of time communicating with watch forum members (such as on, and producing products to appeal to that audience. Those guys mostly like dive watches it seems. Nothing wrong with that, I mostly like dive watches as well. The ORCA is the second major project from the young brand.

The ORCA watch will take many different forms. Here is how it starts: H20 developed a module which holds the dial, sapphire crystal, and movement. This module can be swapped into five different case designs. There is no reason why more cases can't be offered in the future. You buy the with one case, but theoretically can buy other cases in the future and swap out the module. The five cases right now are the Dive, Classic, Dress, Vintage, and Mono. One of each is pictured in this article, but H20's website is littered with more pictures.

Each of the cases is 44mm wide in an optional specially hardened steel. I don't know why all of them don't come standard with the hardened steel. Each is further water resistant to an impressive 2000 meters. You can opt for a flat or domed sapphire crystal, and there are a range of dial options. In fact, there are four dials to choose from and three hand sets. You also have an impressive eight bezel options. Some of the bezels come with sapphire crystal inlays - which I happen to like a lot.

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