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Questo gruppo si prefigge di creare una organizzazione politica che abbia come obiettivo il bene comune, da raggiungere unicamente tramite il buon senso, al di fuori di ogni ideologia, colore, schieramento.

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Grazie Mario. A dire il vero avevo sospeso nuovamente, per...
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il 17/06/2014 alle 08:50
...ben ritornato! M@.
il 14/02/2014 alle 00:40
Per l'iniziativa personale del 03-06-2012 ho stilato...
Inviato da: Silvio.Perroni
il 17/12/2013 alle 20:45
E si sono ridotti da quando ho sospeso l'attivitą.
Inviato da: InsiemeSullaTerra
il 24/03/2013 alle 23:38
un bel numero....
Inviato da: avvbia
il 24/03/2013 alle 23:24

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1. Our nation is in serious crisis. The crisis is spreading more and more, and now touches most closely the population.

2. The parliament, government, political parties, unions, associations of industrialists, merchants, consumers and others, all institutions and social partners as a whole do not seem able to find a way to resolve the crisis. And 'therefore necessary that you find alternative resources that could urgently find solutions to the crisis and ensure they are implemented.

3. Resources that can, and indeed it should, as sovereign citizens, find solutions to the crisis, and make sure they are implemented, we are citizens themselves. This is our State, as sovereign citizens, in the manner expressed in our Constitution. Every citizen, in addition to being sovereign citizen of this State, is still the first participant in the society of human beings that led to create this state, and even before the company all the human beings, as well as the largest of living beings, and participate in the final analysis of the whole of the real world.

4. This initiative aims to resolve this crisis with better and faster solutions aimed at the common good of society and the national societies of which this company is part, to the extent that relationships with other companies and the laws of nature impose .

5. All participants in this initiative have equal rights of participation and expression, and contribute actively and in full cooperation to the mutual objectives of this initiative, consistent with their own possibilities and limitations.

6. The first foundation of a company, large or small it is, is the common good of all its participants, obtained mainly through mutual aid, as an alternative to a situation in which there is a form of society, in which each individual situation should think of himself without the assistance of others, and / or even being hindered by others.

7. For "common good" means the sum of all good, understood in all its aspects, material and immaterial, of each participant in the community, so that the "good" by any of the participants is not achieved at the expense of "good" one or more other participants in the community.

8. The method that all participants will seek to use within the limits of their ability, to each activity planned by the initiative, is characterized by the search and obtain certain information as possible in accordance with which, using only experience, logic and common sense, will set the goals themselves, outside and above any previous ideology, political party, or any other type of conditioning.

9. According to the method defined above will be multiple solutions, which should be compared with each other, always with the same method to define what are the best in terms of urgency and resolution capabilities. There, where there are disagreements about the proposed solutions must be removed by bringing demonstrations of the goodness or otherwise of one or the other opinion. Where it is not possible, can only be proactive applications of the proposed solutions to prove its value. In these cases you will choose according to criteria of prudence and less damage in case of failure. This system leads necessarily to define physiologically and solutions shared by all. E 'for these reasons that any document produced by this initiative and the decision may only be approved unanimously by the participants.


1. Each participant is required to maintain and in any case the utmost respect and education to all participants or less.

2. They are not allowed insults, provocations, ironies, and generally any kind of behavior that offends the other participants and any other entity is in connection with this initiative.

3. And 'lawful, and even a duty, by those who believe they have been asking offensive behavior on time owing to his attitude to those who believe the offended, but always respecting the previous articles.


1. It will not place a time limit to any type of assistance relating to this initiative, except in special cases or required by the objectives set by this initiative and commonly agreed.

2. Any action can always be interrupted temporarily by a participant to the request for clarification, and for the duration necessary to clarify who will be given to those who request it in the best possible way.

3. If the task of taking notes hinders listening intervention, a participant may temporarily stop the action at any time to the time necessary to complete the notes.

4. Are not allowed other types of interruption of the operations, in addition to those indicated if not valid caused by external events.

5. Anyone requiring participants to intervene shall be entitled to do so, in chronological order of requests to speak, and all other participants must pay the maximum audience.

6. Requests for assistance replication can only be made between an intervention and the other.

7. At the conclusion of an operation will be performed until all other activities have completed the preparation of any subsequent actions related to the intervention just ended.

8. At the end of each meeting will be a written summary minutes shared by all.


1. Anyone who accepts and respects this document may vote on matters about which he participated in their discussions. Each participant can only vote for himself, even if representative of other organizations is not permitted votes by proxy, by proxy or individual, or by proxy organizations.

2. Each participant may request to open a discussion and then vote on any article of this document and any documents already issued. The debates and votes on this document always has priority over those of another type.

3. Is necessary to approve any document, or any participant is required to be elected to a particular charge is approved, or elected, unless unanimously. In the absence of a unanimous vote to vote on the item, you will get a special discussion time, relying on the methods indicated in the preamble, to isolate the different elements of different positions, check the different information that helped to create the different positions, integrate such information as correct or more likely occurring, exclude information occurring incorrect or less probable, and then reformulate a new element that can be agreed unanimously.

4. Each document has voted to approve as a whole, unless the request of even one of them to vote for him earlier for individual parts.


Based on the objectives and methods defined in the introduction, this initiative will be conducted following the following steps:

1. definition of the effects of the crisis and relations between them, isolating the most serious and especially the most urgent;

2. definition of the causes of the crisis and relations between them, isolating the causes of the effects the most serious and far more urgent;

3. definition of the solutions and the effects produced by isolating the solutions that produce the best effects in terms of urgency, quality and quantity of improvements.

4. definition of the methods of application solutions, isolating the fastest place to apply the solutions that produce the best effects in terms of urgency, quality and quantity for the common good.

5. structuring of the method chosen in a feasible project, defining the activities to be performed, time, human resources and economic need, and retrieval of the same activities, the development end of business lines, and a system of verification of the proper conduct of project.

6. start of the project.

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