5 Ways To Handle A Roommate That Never Cleans

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Cleaning has been a subject of arguments a lot of times in many families or between friends sharing an apartment for a while. The terms of cleaning need to be set from the beginning and anyone should understand that there’s a specific thing they can do to help. If we speak about siblings in a family, parents can establish who does what in the whole house. Or if the ones who share the room want to set up each one’s responsibility, they can do it. If you have a roommate that does not like to clean up, then the following advices are for you. 

How to evenly distribute tasks when talking about cleaning?

There are many methods you can evenly distribute tasks when it comes to cleaning. One of the easiest ways you can do it is to use an online automatic tool to find out who’ll do a specific thing for one day or week.

Use an online tool to choose who is going to do what in the house

You can make a list of things that need to be done, then you can use the Random Name Picker tool to randomly pick a name of the person who’ll be in charge of vacuuming, for example. You will just need to have a list of chores and a list of names and this tool will make some “pairs” in no time. Nowadays, online tools can be also used in the daily life. You just need to know how to use them and make your life easier. 

Make lists and let anyone choose what they like 

Another way you can distribute the tasks is to make lists of all what needs to be done and then allow anyone to choose some difficult and some easy things to do. This is a friendlier way to do it and maybe each one will choose something they more like to do.

Share chores day by day and week by week 

You can also make lists of specific chores and then place them into two columns. Each one will do one column per day or per week and the work will be evenly shared. You can also set a time for when the tasks need to be accomplished or a deadline and anyone should finish their work on time. Then you can reward with some playing or movie time together. And cleaning will not be that annoying anymore. 

Cultivate a sense of cleaning into your children’s heart 

If you are a family, make sure you cultivate the importance of cleaning and of a healthy lifestyle. Help anyone understand that they need to be responsible of the things they have, and the house is one of them. Taking care of what we own is a sign of maturity. Cleaning with some good music and dancing may be fun, so why not enjoy a that together? This can be a good quality together for mums with their girls and dads with the boys. Anyone can be good at something. Discover your 

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