No main lamp design, the most popular home lighting scheme in 2022

No main light, the full name of no main light design, is a lighting design scheme that subverts the traditional lighting thinking.

The decoration style of the main-less lamp is high-end, atmospheric, high-grade, light luxury, simple and tasteful. This kind of high-end lighting design can not only satisfy young people’s habit of pursuing individual life, but also enhance the happiness of home life, It becomes the new trend, new direction and new wind standard of home decoration.

What is the advantage of non-main lamps solution for home lighting?

  1. Satisfy individual lighting: No main lamp can create a rich lighting effect, meet the lighting needs of various life scenarios, and provide a pleasant, comfortable and wonderful home time.
  1. Significant energy saving and power saving: the supporting light sources of the main lights are all LED chips of international brands, the output quality of the light source is efficient, and the energy saving and power saving are more obvious.
  1. Free collocation: Magnetic track lamps without main lights, such as magnetic floodlights, magnetic grill lights, magnetic track spotlights, etc., can be freely matched, increased or decreased, and moved freely. At the same time, DIY can be freely matched to the home lighting scheme
  1. Simple and convenient installation: It is very convenient to install lamps without main lights, such as floodlights, grille lights, laminate lights, etc., only need to easily insert the track strip, and it is very convenient to replace them at ordinary times.

How to match different masterless lighting systems?

In the design of the whole house without the main lamp, it involves the application and installation of a variety of lamps, so how to match the lamps?

  1. Living room

There is no main light in the living room, and magnetic track lighting system are generally installed in a concealed way, so that it will not occupy too much space and can improve the sense of space in the living room.

The main lights are: magnetic floodlights, magnetic grille lights, magnetic track spotlights, anti-glare downlights, anti-glare spotlights, LED strip lights, and laminate lights. Different lamps have different lighting effects, and comprehensive application can form a rich lighting atmosphere.

For magnetic track lighting system. There are including 20mm and 35mm width options. Two widths are not compatible, so just be carefully when you purchase them.

And just choose the top-quality anti-glare cob downlights from led downlight factory, they also can provide the IES file to do DIALUX testing for your whole house lighting.

  1. Dining Room

There is no main light in the restaurant, and the supporting lamps can be installed: magnetic track strips + flood lights + grille lights + LED light strips + pendant lights. The living room space of each house is different, the designer’s plan is also different, and the configuration of lamps is also different.

  1. Kitchen

There is no main light in the kitchen, and the supporting lamps can be installed: magnetic track strip + floodlight + grille light + downlight + laminate light.

  1. Bedroom

There is no main light in the bedroom, and the more conventional combination of lamps and lanterns is: surface mounted downlight + LED strip light + chandelier light + laminate light. There is also a combination of downlight + LED strip + pendant light.

Among them, the floodlight is installed above the ceiling, the LED light strip is installed on the ceiling or the bottom of the bed, the laminate light is mainly installed in the wardrobe, and the chandelier is installed on both sides of the bedside.

  1. Bathroom

The light source design in the bathroom area can add waterproof ip65 recessed downlight or light strip on the top of the toilet and shower area. In the bathroom cabinet area, you can directly buy a mirror cabinet with a light source or install a mirror headlight above the mirror cabinet to supplement the light source, which is convenient for grooming.