How to choose the right online casino

It has long been decided to ban casinos on the territory of the Russian Federation. This happened for many reasons. But according to experts, the main one was tax evasion, as well as a fairly frequent deception of their players. This casino has been replaced by a new, much more advanced, practical and convenient online casino. The topic will come up about the advantages of an online casino, but you need to know how to choose it. A good option would be the site of Glory Casino . On it you will find a pleasant, but at the same time simple design, working technical support, stable payouts.

How to choose an online casino?

It should suit your tastes. If it seems to you that the design of the site is too busy, or for any other reason, keep looking. After all, you are spending your precious time here, and, for example, no one likes pop-up ads, and there are a lot of them on some sites.

There must be a guarantee of fair play. Licensed slot machines, as well as the absence of third parties, can already be considered for this guarantee. After all, when no one can decide the outcome of the session, it becomes much more honest and fair in relation to everyone. There is only you and a machine that gives out random combinations. Thus, in case of wins or losses, you can always be sure that only your luck was involved here, and nothing more.

Availability of bonuses. The more online casinos give you their bonuses, the better. After all, you can spend the same amount, but at the same time play more times. And the more times you play, the better, because you increase your chance of winning. This is a very important advantage that a casino should have. Bonuses are different, both deposit (such bonuses operate from the amount replenished on the deposit) and reload (such bonuses seem to be “recharged”). In the long run, you will see a strong bonus from bonuses, which will be very surprising.

There must be many different slot machines. It is clear that there will be popular slot machines, but there must be a choice among them. The more slot machines an online casino has, the better. After all, then, the player can try everyone, and perhaps find for himself what he was looking for for so long.

Under all these criteria, and even more, the site indicated above fits. So in order not to waste your time, you can just play on it. Good luck with your victories and have a great time!


Choosing an orthopedic mattress is quite a serious matter. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need not only to take into account your preferences, but also your lifestyle, height, weight, the presence of problems with the spine and other parameters. After all, such a thing is not bought for one year, but it is not cheap. To make it easier for you to choose orthopedic mattresses, we have compiled recommendations from the best orthopedists to help you understand what an orthopedic mattress is.

What is the difference between an orthopedic mattress and a regular one?

To begin with, it should be noted that the very designation “orthopedic” means that this product is intended to solve orthopedic problems or a compensatory effect. The mattress itself, of course, will not be able to cure you, but the right model:

  • relieves pain in the spine,

  • help you sleep well, and not look for a comfortable sleeping position all night,

  • will allow the spine to be all the time in that anatomical position, which is considered natural for it.

Up to 90% of people tend to experience some type of sleep problem. Most of these troubles can be eliminated by an orthopedic mattress.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

There are mattresses with and without memory effect. If you do not often change the position of the body at night, then this design will suit you. If you are used to “spinning” during a night’s sleep, then it is better to refuse such a model.

As a rule, in order to choose which mattress is best for your back, you need to consider the following criteria:

  1. The presence of a spring block,

  2. Mattress firmness,

  3. Seasonality.

Which mattress is better to choose with springs or without?

Different types of orthopedic mattresses may or may not have a spring block in their structure. The best manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses advise:

  • choose with a spring block if you take an orthopedic mattress for a couple, i.e. double,

  • choose without a spring block if it is to be used individually.

Which mattress is better hard or soft?

The main principle in choosing an orthopedic mattress is its rigidity, which depends on the fillers of the orthopedic mattress. In order not to get lost in the variety of types and models of this product, orthopedists recommend choosing:

  • hard, if you have problems with the spine, you often have severe pain or there are vertebral hernias. It also relieves pain if you have stage 3-4 scoliosis,

  • semi-rigid, suitable for almost everyone. The main selection criterion is your personal convenience,

  • soft, designed for people whose body weight is not very large. It can also be beneficial for the elderly as it provides very comfortable support for their fragile bones.

With regard to weight, semi-rigid mattresses are recommended for people weighing up to 60 kg. With a weight of 60 to 90 kg, any model will be acceptable. However, if your weight is more than 90 kg, then it is better to stay on a hard mattress.

“Seasonal sides” of an orthopedic mattress

In addition, there are “summer” and “winter” sides in the orthopedic mattress, i.e. each side is designed for a specific season – warm or cold. By themselves, the fillers of orthopedic mattresses, as you understand, do not change, but the part that is closer to the person has a different content:

  • winter side. Part of the cover on this side is composed of sheep’s wool. This material is hygroscopic and highly hygienic. Naturally retains more heat.

  • summer side. This side is most often covered with natural cotton or jacquard, which perfectly absorb moisture.

If you have made a choice in favor of such a mattress, do not forget to turn it over when the seasons change.

Whichever mattress you choose, the main thing is the quality of the product, and you can find it at among the line of orthopedic mattresses.

How to care for an orthopedic mattress?

Most often, the care of an orthopedic mattress is carried out with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning is also applicable in the presence of stains, or you can refresh it yourself by applying a soapy solution.

In addition, be sure to use removable covers that will provide your mattress with additional hygiene.

How to open an LLC with a foreign founder in 2022

The founders of an LLC in the Russian Federation can be both Russian and foreign citizens and organizations. But for non-residents of Russia there are restrictions on the types of activities, and the package of registration documents is larger. The amount of the state duty, the registration period and the procedure for submitting documents are the same.

Foreign citizens and organizations can be founders of a Russian LLC. However, there are a number of restrictions for companies with foreign capital. This applies, for example, to the types of activities and the application of the simplified tax system.

There are also some features when hiring a citizen of a foreign state as a head. Such a manager must have a work permit in the Russian Federation and legal registration.

Otherwise, the process of registering an LLC with foreign investments is no different: the state duty is 4,000 rubles, the registration period is 3 days. Only a foreign founder will need a little more documents , for example, a notarized translation of a passport.

1. Requirements and restrictions for foreign founders of an LLC

There are a number of requirements and restrictions for foreigners wishing to become founders of a Russian LLC. Our company also offer financial due diligence m&a for any type of business. For more info, you can visit our website.

Special requirements for founders

  • A foreign citizen can open an LLC alone, but a foreign company with one member cannot be the founder of a company in Russia.
  • When establishing an insurance company, the share of foreign investments should not exceed 50%.
  • If the share of a foreign organization in the authorized capital of an LLC is more than 49%, small business benefits do not apply.
  • Founders-non-residents of the Russian Federation must have two accounts in the bank: currency and ruble, to which convertible transfers, for example, dividends, will be transferred.
  • The authorized capital of an LLC with foreign investments must be measured in rubles.

Activity restrictions

Companies with foreign participation cannot engage in major publishing and telecommunications activities, work in the field of defense, as well as the study and extraction of natural resources. There are restrictions on activities with radioactive waste and some lines of insurance.

LLCs with foreign founders are prohibited from buying or renting port, border lands and agricultural lands. Only the lease of agricultural land is allowed, but on the condition that foreign investments make up the majority of the statutory contribution.

Tax Features

If the share of the foreign founding organization in the authorized capital of the Russian company is more than 25%, the LLC does not have the right to apply the simplified tax system. At the same time, the size of the share of foreign founders of individuals. persons does not affect the application of the simplified tax system.

In addition, the tax code provides for an increased tax rate on income from dividends paid to foreign founders – 15%, while for Russians it is 13%.

2. Documents for registering an LLC with a foreign founder

All registration documents are filled in Russian and on the basis of notarized translations, and not on the basis of original foreign documents.

General list of documents:

  • Application for registration of an LLC in the form P11001 ,
  • Decision of the sole founder or minutes of the general meeting of participants.
  • Articles of association of a limited liability company
  • LLC establishment agreement, if two or more founders,
  • Copies of the founders’ passports (-la),
  • A receipt for payment of the state duty of 4,000 rubles is needed if you submit documents immediately to the tax office, send them by mail or courier (the latter option is available in Moscow),
  • Documents for the legal address: a letter of guarantee or the consent of the owners of the residential premises to provide a legal address with a copy of the title document attached. These documents are not included in the basic package, but are almost always requested by the inspectorate.

When creating an LLC with the participation of foreign capital, additional documents are required. All documents of foreign founders must be provided in originals and notarized copies. For citizens and organizations of foreign states that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961, legalization of documents is also required, i.e. affixing an apostille.

For residents and organizations of states that have signed an agreement with Russia on the mutual recognition of official documents, only a notarized translation is sufficient. This applies to most countries of the former CIS, as well as Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, etc., more than 25 states in total.

Additional documents for foreign founders:

  • Identity card in the country of citizenship,
  • Birth certificate, if the identity card does not contain information about the place and date of birth,
  • A document confirming permanent residence outside Russia.

Additional documents for foreign organizations acting as founders:

  • Extract from the trade register or register of legal entities in the country of registration of the organization,
  • Certificate of registration of the legal entity acting as the founder,
  • Document on the assignment of TIN and KPP,
  • founding documents,
  • Bank statement on the existence of an account,
  • A power of attorney, if the registration in the territory of the Russian Federation is not handled by the head of the company.

Sometimes the names of the documents that are needed in the Russian tax office do not match those that a foreign company has. Then you need to apply analogues or similar in content.