Can a Power Company Cut Trees on My Property? Understanding Utility Rights and Property Owner Responsibilities

Trees are beautiful and beneficial. They enhance property values, provide shade, and contribute to local ecosystems. However, trees growing too close to power lines pose significant risks, including power outages, fires, and potential injury. As a result, many property owners find themselves asking, “Can a power company cut trees on my property?” This comprehensive article guides property owners on local utility company rights and homeowner responsibilities in this often-confusing landscape.

Utility Rights

In most jurisdictions, utility companies have certain legal rights to access private property to maintain their infrastructure. This access usually extends to activities such as trimming trees or removing vegetation that threatens their power lines. These rights, known as easements, are typically spelled out in the deeds or local ordinances.

Regulatory Measures

Regulatory agencies often mandate utility companies to maintain the safety and effective functioning of their lines. This mandate means pruning or removing trees in the power line right-of-way, which is a strip of land where power lines run, either above or underground. The clearance distance varies depending upon local regulations and the voltage of the lines but can range from 10 to 20 feet or more.

Homeowner Rights and Responsibilities

It’s essential for homeowners to understand their rights and responsibilities concerning trees on their property. While utility companies have rights to access your property, they usually need to provide notice before conducting any tree trimming or removal. Homeowners typically have the right to dispute the need for such work.

Homeowners also have a responsibility to plant smart. This responsibility means avoiding planting trees that may grow to interfere with power lines, when possible.

What If A Tree Is Cut Unnecessarily?

If you believe that a tree was unnecessarily pruned or removed, your first step should be to contact your utility company. In most cases, resolving this dispute may involve bringing in a certified arborist or another independent third party to assess the situation.


While it might be distressing to see a power company cut trees on your property, it’s crucial to remember the importance of maintaining safe and reliable power for you and your neighbors. Understanding utility easement rights and homeowner responsibilities can help alleviate some of these concerns and promote a harmonious co-existence with nature in our ever-modernizing world. As we continue to depend heavily on electrical power, managing the delicate balance between tree preservation and power line safety remains a paramount focus. This article is an informative guide to help property owners navigate these important considerations with grace and responsibility.


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