Why is VantageMDM the Best Software for Your MDM Needs?

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For many years now, smartphones and digital gadgets are the primary tools for working in almost every industry. Everyone is familiar with the use of technology to get ahead in the market and provide the best services. But there come several threats as well when you rely on digital gadgets, such as data can be hacked, stolen, or compromised easily. Due to such unforeseen issues, it is better to take the necessary precautions such as the use of mobile device management MDM software.

Mobile device management is software that lets the IT administration secure, control, and enforce certain necessary policies on the digital gadgets being used under their supervision. The main purpose of MDM is to improve the functions and security of digital devices along with keeping the corporate network safe and secure. VantageMDM is the leading MDM software right now that provides the most effective features to keep your data and gadgets safe. It is compatible with any device platform such as Android, Ios, Windows PC, and Chromebook.

VantageMDM for Education

The use of digital devices in schools has been a leading discussion for many years now. While some educators want to ban smartphones in schools, others have found them to be very effective in learning procedures. This has made things complicated as well, as we know how students can distract from the educational work to the entertainment. This is the reason why VantageMDM has introduced its amazing features for the educational industry as well so that the kids can have hassle-free education and the schools’ management can relax.

Here is why VantageMDM is necessary for education:

Interacted learning

With the help of VintageMDM, the learning experience at school can be more fun, cognitive, and visually engaging thus appealing to modern students who have been using digital gadgets before even they come to school. Teachers can use online polls, do real-time team projects, and much more with the help of this MDM solution.

Fewer Distractions

A survey shows that students usually check their phones 11 times a day in school, and another study showed that 92% of the students text during school hours. It creates a dissonance between what the teacher is trying to teach and what students are doing on the phone. With VantageMDM, IT admins can restrict the use of smartphones to certain features only and they can block the use of messaging apps. This way, students will be less distracted.

Block Inappropriate Content

While parents protect their kids at home by keeping an eye on them, the educators need to do the same when the kids are at school. One of the most challenging parts of it is the inappropriate content that is available online. With VantageMDM, IT admins can block all such content making it inaccessible to the kids at school so that kids can only focus on the educational material.

Avoid Cyberattacks

Recently, there have been cases where there were cyberattacks during the zoom classes and it was horrible for the teacher as well as the students. Such as, in Schuylkill County, a hacker interrupted the zoom class and yelled racist slurs, threatening and cursing the kids. To avoid this, VantageMDM provides you the best opportunity secure those classes and to make sure that the kids get uninterrupted education.

Remotely Troubleshoot Errors

Some errors and glitches in the system are inevitable and they can affect the learning process of the kids. To resolve this issue, it is best to consider the use of VantageMDM which offers a remote cast for mobile devices where the IT administrators can see what the kids are doing on their smartphones. They can resolve the issue right away as they see it.

VantageMDM for Corporate

In recent years, the use of digital gadgets has become inevitable in the workplace as well. Not only the employees are using it during their work hours, but it has also become essential for certain workplace communications and work as well. Also, with the trend of remote working, it has become essential to use digital devices. But, with this much use of digital devices come to a lot of risks. From hacking to using digital gadgets for the wrong use, many things need to be taken care of and that is why VantageMDM has its best features to keep you covered. Here is how VantageMDM helps on corporate settings:

Control Panel

VantageMDM provides an easy-to-use control panel where you can manage multiple devices of any platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, PC, and Chromebook. You can manage content as well. It is a very convenient, cost-effective, and profit maximization platform that can help you grow faster and better. Also, you won’t have to download different apps for different purposes, as this is a one-stop solution for all your device management needs.

Mobile Management

The IT department can easily procure, manage, deploy, and support digital devices for their employees. They can troubleshoot the errors and improve functionality faster than usual with the help of VantageMDM. Also, it comes with features that allow data protection, backup, data restoration, security, and productivity of the device.

Device Tracking

There are some business industries where device tracking is essential to make sure that the employees are working fine. In that case, VantageMDM provides a solution where you can track the employees’ devices easily and know where they are at.

Block Inappropriate Content

It has been observed that employees are usually less productive when they are using their smartphones all the time at the workplace, downloading and using inappropriate content. VantageMDM allows you to block all such sites and content that could distract the employees from their work. You can also secure social media sites that have been proven to be very distracting in the workplace.

VantageMDM is your one-platform solution for all the mobile device management needs and it can make sure that you prosper in your business as much as you can. These small yet very important issues can put hurdles on your way to success, use VantageMDM to resolve them right now. 

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