Cyberbullying – Is that a Real Threat to Your Kids?


When kids join social media, they want to get their hands on every corner of social media as much as they can. As they try to connect with more people, they join their old friends too and that seems to be opening great chapters. Sometimes, it is all about having fun together, but many times, it is about reclaiming old rivalry and making new ways to hurt each other. That is where cyberbullying comes in.

Cyberbullying is one of the most common ways of bullying that is done on the internet mainly through social media. It is humiliating each other through the use of sensitive information about each other. Since kids are too fragile, they might not be able to handle such embarrassment and sometimes, they take the wrong steps to cover that humiliation. Whether your kid is a bully or a victim, there is damage on both sides. But the victims suffer the most and often they end up hurting themselves because they can’t do anything else. That is why the use of spy phone app is necessary.

Parents who are unaware of what their kids might be going through on the internet are taking big risks on the side of the mental and physical health of their kids. Not only kids can get depressed due to such public humiliation, this can affect their whole life leaving them unable to make new relationships as well. If parents don’t know what their kids are doing, they should make arrangements to know these things because this is affecting their kids’ whole life.

What Should Parents Do?

As a parent who didn’t know about such sort of a threat to your kids, you must take immediate steps to do something. If you have no idea what to do, here are some of the very effective tips:


Due to the generation gap and the revolution of technology, parents and kids hardly share things. They don’t know what to talk about, how to talk to each other, and how to open up. To eliminate this silence, start talking to your kids. Open up with them so that they can do the same. Show them that you have made mistakes as well but it all turns out to be good if you share and sort out the solution together. So, take them for a walk, and go to picnics, but give them as much time as they want to open up.

Don’t Scold Over Small Things

Authoritative parents are farthest from their kids because they tend to scold every little thing that they do. You should not be too strict with your kids. Give them space, let them make mistakes, and cool yourself down before you talk to them. You shouldn’t be in an angry mood all the time, this way, they will never share anything with you.

Using Spy Phone App

Although monitoring is new to some parents, it is very effective and it should be done to save the day. You should be using the best spy phone app, Mobistealth, to know what your kids are doing online, what trouble are they in, and why are they not sharing it with you. You can keep an eye on them, know what is happening, and be with them whenever they are in big trouble.

Also, with a monitoring app, you can know what are they doing on social media, so you will have a good idea about how they feel and what they think about their life. So, know your kids better to connect with them better.

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