Instructions for betting on boxing at the Kubet bookie

betting on boxing at the Kubet bookie

After reading the boxing betting guide, you probably won’t become an expert boxing bet immediately, but it will also give you the basics to start betting on boxing.

Boxing is not unusual for traditional bookies. Therefore, it is not surprising that online bookies also offer a wide range of betting options for boxing fans, especially when there are heavy matches.

In fact, major betting service providers like Kubet usually allow players to place bets in all weight classes and sometimes also allow local play bets. But players also need to understand the types of bets available in boxing.

Basic Boxing Betting Guide

Final boxing bet

Outline betting in boxing is similar to the final bet in other sports. You bet on your puncher, and at the end of the match, if your puncher wins, you win the bet. The winnings are listed before you bet; when you win, you get that.

Bet Over / Under

“Over / Under” bets refer to the total score and are usually based on the number of innings played than the total score. Most boxing matches last between 10 and 12 rounds, so the total number of games traditionally offered by the bookie is 7 or 8. If it’s 8, players bet on whether the match ends before or after the round. 8th.

Parlay bet

Parlays allow players to bet on the outcome of two or more matches using only a single ticket. If a player bets on par 4 and only needs to win one game, then the player will not succeed and lose all bets.

Obviously, this type of bet has a high risk, but the return on winning is huge – professional bettors often prefer this parlay boxing bet.

Draw bets

The Kubet bookie is one of the bookies that have a draw rate for fiery boxing matches. Although this result is rare. However, if the two fists tie at the end of the game, you will receive a big win. Maybe 10 times your bet. For example, if you bet 100 thousand, you can win up to 1,000,000 VND.

Experience betting on boxing

Bets on a postponed match will still be considered valid if the game is played within 14 days after the scheduled bet start date.

All bets will be void for money flow markets if the match results in a draw. If scoring an interest is considered the third choice for the player and the game ends in a tie, then bets on this draw will be settled as a bonus. Winning and betting on 2 boxers will lose money.

The match is considered to start in the ring surrounded so the fighter can start the first round. All bets will be void if one or both fighters do not begin the bout. If a competitor does not appear on the bell ring to signal the start of a or is an invalid round, the opposing player will be deemed the previous winner.

All bets will be settled bets on the official decision taken on the ring immediately after the end of the match. Changes will result in unrecognized results for betting purposes.

When participating in Boxing betting, you must pay attention to many issues about choosing where and how to place bets appropriately. This is also a competitive sport, so it must be grounded. Enter the upper and lower doors, the recent performance of the boxers that seek to place a reasonable bet.

Learn about Tennis betting at theư house Kubet

Tennis is a very developing sport in the world and in Vietnam. This is a relatively easy sport to play as well as how to participate in betting. As a sport, tennis betting has all the same types of bets as other types. The following article by Ku casino will help you better understand what tennis betting is and the betting experience with a high probability of winning. What is tennis betting?

Understanding online tennis betting is quite simple. That is, you bet on the odds on tennis matches provided by the Kubet bookie. Similar to football betting, tennis betting has 2 teams competing against each other. Still, in tennis, it can be 2 players opposing each other, or it can also be 2 teams consisting of 4 opposing players…

Types of tennis betting

Final bet

For the final bet, players need to find detailed information about the match, the players, and participating teams and judge which team will win. This is considered the most basic type of tennis bet.

Handicap bets

This form of betting is similar to football odds, the handicap in tennis is also quite simple; The stronger player or pair of racquets will be assessed by the house with a specific handicap. The best results will be calculated based on the final outcome of that match.

Over and under bets

With tennis over and under bets, players will judge whether the total number of games in a tennis match will be higher or lower than the number you originally predicted. This is also A type of bet similar to football betting odds.

Odd or Even Score Bet

With this parity bet, the player needs to predict whether the total number of games in the match will be odd or even.

Things to note when betting on tennis

Quit midway through the game

Tennis is an individual or team sport; no substitution should be the case for an opponent; A team that actively gives up is prevalent. Therefore, tennis players should refer to a few terms when an opponent gives up on betting.

For bets on winning the match, the dealer will cancel the result if an opponent gives up. Some bookies will calculate the bet loss result on the quitter when the game has completed the first set.

For handicap bets, when an opponent gives up, Most bookies will cancel handicap bets.

Betting on the total number of games is similar to the game handicap; In most bookies, bets will be canceled when an opponent gives up midway.

Break time between matches

Break time is the time between matches. When participating in live tennis betting, the break time is significant. Knowing the break time in the middle of the game will help players be more active with their bet codes.

Usually, each pair of matches will have a specific serving time. However, this depends on each player, but that time will be long or short. This may be their strategy, so players should pay attention to the way the players serve when betting on tennis points.

Rest time between rounds: After each set’s first round, the pitch will change without any rest. After each odd game of the scene ends (set 3 or set 5), the two sides will change courts and rest for 90 seconds.

When the score is 6-6, immediately hit the tie-break game without stopping or changing the pitch. Therefore, when the players complete each 6 tie-break points, then change courts and continue playing, there will be no break. After finishing the set will be 120 seconds of rest before moving on to the next stage.

Guide to betting on Golf at the Kubet bookie

Golf betting is now available at the Kubet house. This aristocratic sport is developed and increasingly popular all over the world. Understanding the development trend of this sports line, the Ku bookie has met the betting needs of players in the form of online golf betting. In the following article, we will help you understand what golf betting is and guide you on how to play golf betting for you.

What is golf betting?

The form of golf betting is quite simple. It is similar to betting in football betting. You bet on the odds that the bookie has offered in Golf. Typically, each golf course will have 9 to 18 holes.

Golf betting is quite complicated if you are not familiar with this sport. However, you can understand that every 18-hole golf course requires golfers to finish in 72 strokes. However, holes and clubs count 4 holes with 3 standard clubs, 4 with 5 classic clubs, and finally 10 with 3 traditional clubs. This regulation may change depending on the design of each golf course.

Usually, calculating points in Golf is quite complicated with many other categories, but in most cases, golfers who complete 18 holes with fewer strokes will win.

Golf betting guide

Players can participate in Golf betting at the Kubet house to experience the professionalism of this house.

Bet on the overall winner

This form of betting is quite time-consuming to wait for the results. It’s similar to a football season, and you pick the winning team for that season. Similarly, you will have to choose which golfer will win at the end of the season.

At the house Kubet, when the organizers of the golf tournaments organize big tournaments. The bookie Ku also expands the scale of this type of betting. You not only bet on a champion golfer but also have odds for the top 6 golfers. Therefore, you will have many opportunities to expand your bets.

Bet against a win/lose.

In this bet, the player will guess which of the two golfers will complete their turn with the lowest score. In this type of golf rafters, The result will be based on the confrontation between two golfers paired by the house, whether they play in the exact match or not. Which golfer has the lowest score; after playing, 18 holes will win; In the content of 36 holes, there is still the same calculation.

Golf betting on handicap handicap

This type of bet is similar to the handicap on the ball. The house classifies and lists the upper and lower odds for each match. Based on that, players identify the golfers they think are winning and bet on them. The result of winning or losing will be based on the number of strokes the upper-hand golfers have after completing the rounds is more or less than the underhand golfer with the handicap added.

Bet over and under in Golf

The form of betting over and under in Golf is similar to over and under in football. Based on the total number of points, the total score of both golfers is more or less than the odds given by the house before.

Golf betting is not yet widespread in Vietnam. However, in the future, it will undoubtedly be well received and become as popular as other sports betting. Kubet article below may have also helped you to have a better understanding of this new sport.


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