5 Valuable Technology Trends for Educational Organizations in 2022

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Technology-driven education is becoming more and more common nowadays. A big driver of this was actually out of necessity; in a post-covid world, it is necessary for educators to offer options for remote education. However, for a longer time, educators around the world have been leveraging technology to improve their services, and the experiences of their students.

When we spoke with an IT support company London based educators have used frequently in the past, we discussed some of the trends that demonstrate how education and technology are intersecting. The company, TechQuarters, gave us a rundown of the top trends they have seen over the years.

Top 5 Tech Trends in Education…

  • Cloud Computing

The first trend to mention is one that has in fact been around for a long time. TechQuarters, in fact, has been working with cloud computing for over a decade, helping their customers in the education sector leverage it in different ways.

The applications of cloud computing in the field of education are varied. Firstly, educators use a lot of different software and systems, all of which can be hosted in the cloud, to make management and scaling easier and cheaper.

Cloud computing also helps facilitate other educational trends that are popular nowadays – some of which will be discussed in this list…

  • E-Learning

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, educators around the world had to seek alternative ways of teaching. This was when e-learning became a major trend.

Many educators began embracing e-learning as an innovative new way to increase their reach, rather than thinking of it as something they had to do given the circumstances.

TechQuarters told us that, during the height of the pandemic, the IT support services London educators were seeking from them revolved around setting up remote learning – videoconferencing, cloud storage, file-sharing, etc.

  • Gamified Learning

Gamifications refers to the application of game mechanics to things that aren’t games – examples of gamification range from budgeting apps and services, mindfulness apps and, of course, educational services.

A good example of gamified learning is Duolingo, the language-learning app. The benefits of gamified learning range from increased motivation from students, to healthy competition (which encourages engagement).

  • Video-Assisted Learning

Multimedia learning has long been recognized as a highly effective way of getting students to engage with material, and retain knowledge. By leveraging modern technologies, educators can incorporate video content into their curriculums.

An example of video-assisted learning is the use of video tutorials that users can access on-demand. This is actually something which TechQuarters has been doing for a long time, as part of the IT support for education organizations that they provide.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is a superb and very powerful technology that is being implemented nowadays. In the educational sector, it can be used to increase the speed and accuracy of tasks – this is known as automation; in other words, you use an AI-powered machine to run tasks and processes in the most efficient way possible.

This application of AI could be used to streamline the administrative tasks and processes that educators need to perform.

  • Big Data Analytics

Leveraging technology in the educational sector is excellent for developing new modes of education, but it can also be used to improve existing teaching methods. This is where Big Data Analytics comes in. Big data refers to the type of large-scale, highly detailed datasets that are generated by computers, websites, social media, etc.

This type of data is hard to interpret manually, but when analyzed by a computer, can generate valuable insights. For instance, big data can be used to generate highly accurate reports on student performance, which in turn can be used to tailor their education based on their individual needs Read more 

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