Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors According To Kpopmap Readers

t Handsome Korean Actors According

Korean actors are known for their good looks and handsome faces. Many Korean stars are often compared to Hollywood actors, with many fans comparing them to their favorite Hollywood stars. When it comes to handsome Korean actors, Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors according To Kpopmap Readers doesn’t let any man escape the cut. We have searched through all your favorites so you don’t have to!

The Kpopmap reader team ranked the Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors according To Their Votes. In a survey conducted by Kpopmap, 50,000 global voters were asked to select their favorite actors and actresses from past dramas and movies. The winner has been determined through an online voting system and will receive a congratulatory gift from Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment in celebration. The top 10 handsome actors and actresses are as follows:


  1. Kim SeonHo

2.      Park HyungSik 

3.      Lee SooHyuk

4.      Lee JongSuk

5.      Kim MyungSoo

6.      Lee DongWook

7.      Cha EunWoo

8.      Song JoongKi

9.      Lee JoonGi

10.  Yook SungJae (BTOB)

Kpopmap readers have proclaimed their favorite male actors. The top ten is based on a combination of personal opinion, popularity and overall attractiveness among fans.

Doramasmp4 is a Kpop map with the most handsome Korean actors. These top 10 men are drawn in by Kpopmap readers who are looking for their ideal partners.

The objective behind this article is to ensure that the readers are aware of the best looking Korean actresses, both old and new on a global level. This will help them find the latest actors in Kpopmap so they can stay updated with new trends, some traits and also their birthdays or events related to their lives

Personally, I think the most handsome Korean actor is Park Yoo Chun. He’s seems so much handsome even more than Hallyu stars like Lee Min Ho and Gong Yoo. The handsome men in this list are also popular actors who has been appearing in many dramas that have made a big success among fans.

There are many handsome Korean actors in the entertainment world, but there is not a single person among them who can be called the topmost handsome. However, some of them still proved to be handsome in their own way with lots of compliments from Kpopmap readers.

In the age of K-pop, Korean actors have been the talk of everyone. It’s no surprise to see them standing out from all the other background players in Kpop dramas. Take Tae Wook, for example – a heartthrob from his late twenties to early thirties, and no one can forget Lee Dong Wook as well. This time around, we are ranking.

The Kpopmap team loves to read the comments on our articles and we wanted to let you know that we saw your responses and found them very interesting. We want you to know that our Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors according To Kpopmap Readers list is completely based on votes from Kpopmap readers. We want you to know that our opinion may differ from yours, but we do consider each TOP 10 list as being objective.


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