Soc Service Providers in India

Soc Service Providers in India


Businesses have turned to security operation centers (SOCs) to assist in protecting their data and operations as cybercrime grows in scope and severity. In this blog post, we will look at five of the top SOCs in India. We’ll go through each organization’s distinct skills and how they may assist your company stay secure online. So, whether you need a security provider to assist you with your day-to-day operations or a SOC to help safeguard your entire firm, these companies are guaranteed to provide what you need.

The Top Social Media Service Providers in India

You can’t go wrong with a SOC for protecting your organization’s data and systems (Security Operation Center). A security operations center (SOC) is a group of professionals who collaborate to secure your organization’s data against threats. A successful SOC is dependent on a variety of elements, including having the necessary tools and skills, being able to stay up to current on the latest security threats, and having a team that is well-communicated and capable of working together effortlessly.

We’ve prepared a list of the top five SOC service providers in India. Each company provides a full range of SOC services, including advice, 24×7 monitoring, and more. Whether you need assistance with early planning or assistance in protecting your firm against current security risks, these suppliers are guaranteed to provide what you need.

1. Secure360

Secure360 is the ideal solution for keeping your online experience private and secure. This program offers a safe and private browsing experience by blocking advertisements and trackers, protecting your data and privacy, supporting several languages, and offering 24/7 customer service. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free. Secure360 is the software for you if you’re seeking for a new browser to help you stay safe online or just want to get rid of bothersome adverts and trackers.

2. Protegrity

If you’re looking for a social media service provider that prioritizes data security and privacy, go no further than Protegrity. This company’s team consists of highly skilled and seasoned employees that are specialists in their fields. Property has you covered for everything from data analysis to data security to data privacy.

Property is also committed to providing its clients with the best service possible. This means that clients can rely on Protegrity to be dependable and responsive, constantly ensuring that they receive the best service possible. Furthermore, Protegrity is a well-known brand in the business with a proven track record of providing high-quality services. Contact Protegrity today if you’re seeking an expert soc service provider who prioritizes data security and privacy.

Aujas Networks, Inc.

If you’re seeking a dependable and comprehensive SOC (security operations center) supplier, go no further than Aujas Networks. Aujas has been offering high-quality SOC services to organizations across India for many years, with outstanding outcomes.

Aujas maintains a cutting-edge SOC infrastructure that is regularly monitored for threats. This enables the organization to respond to any security issues that may occur in a timely and effective manner. Aujas works with some of the world’s leading corporations to provide SOC services in addition to its own staff of security analysts. This ensures that your data is always secure and that you have access to the most recent threat intelligence.

Aujas provides a comprehensive set of SOC services, such as SIEM monitoring, threat intelligence analysis, incident response, and more. You may rest assured that Aujas Networks will meet all of your organization’s security requirements. Aujas Networks is your best choice for success in the Indian market if you’re seeking a dependable and comprehensive provider of SOC services.


Event is a team of highly skilled individuals dedicated to delivering excellence in next-generation cyber security services and tailored solutions for your organization by defining proof of value and consistently measuring it to achieve client success at its best.

They are knowledgeable about the following services.

  1. Cyber Resilience Practices: Red Teaming, Breach Attack Simulation, Adversary Services, Penetration Testing, OSINT, Application Security, Cloud Security, and DevSecOps
  2. Customer Success: Proactive Health Assessment, Solution Effectiveness, Migration and Deployment Services, Customer Enablement, Cloud Posture Evaluation, Security Maturity Evaluation
  3. Security as a Service: Powered by the Analyze SIEM® and SOAR platforms, this solution provides 24×7 monitoring, deep analysis, incident response, threat hunting, threat intelligence, custom playbooks, incident lifecycle support, and digital forensics.


Paladion Networks

Look no further than Paladion Networks for a dependable and comprehensive SOC service provider. This organization has years of industry experience, and its staff of security experts is dedicated to working hard to defend your networks from all types of threats. Paladion Networks provides comprehensive services such as virus protection and firewall management in addition to monitoring and protecting your networks.

Paladion Networks also provides clients with access to its cutting-edge Security Operations Center to make things even easier (SOC). This enables you to monitor your network in real-time and keep track of any changes or concerns that may develop. Look no further than Paladion Networks for a SOC service provider who can help you meet all of your security demands!


Are you looking for a low-cost, high-quality social networking service? IND360 is the ideal service provider for you. They provide a variety of services, all of which are intended to help your company succeed on social media. IND360 has specialists who can assist you with everything from social media marketing to content marketing. Furthermore, their customer service team is ready 24/7 to answer any queries or provide assistance with anything you require.

If you want a one-stop shop for managing your social media accounts, IND360 is the provider for you. They have a team of seasoned individuals who are specialists in their fields, and they are constantly working to improve their services. You may put your trust in them with your online visibility as well as the protection and security of your data!

Overall, these are the top five information security companies in India that aid in the protection of businesses and consumers. With the increased threat of cyber assaults, having a robust security system in place is more crucial than ever. If you need a security company to secure your business, consider one of these five.

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