Control Rats and mice to prevent illness

Rats and mice are among the most frequent pests in urban areas, and they pose a particular threat because of the diseases they spread and the proximity they maintain to human settlements. It’s essential to control rats and mice for three main reasons: In addition to spreading disease, contaminating food, and wreaking havoc by nibbling on wooden structures, piping, and wiring, these rodents can also be a significant inconvenience. Common rodents can spread disease in various ways, including through their feces (both fresh and dried), urine, and saliva, none of which are always easy to spot.

Symptoms from rodent bites and stings can be managed with mild medical care. Untreated conditions, however, can worsen to the point of death. Many different diseases have been connected to the common mouse and rat.

Diseases caused by Rats and Mice

Pulmonary hantavirus syndrome.

This viral disease can range in severity from severe to potentially lethal, and it is transmitted almost exclusively through direct contact with rodents and their urine and droppings. Infections can also be contracted by inhaling dust that rodents have contaminated.


If left untreated, this bacterial infection can lead to renal failure, liver failure, meningitis, and death. People and animals can catch an infection via eating or drinking something tainted with mouse or rat urine or from coming into touch with water or soil that has been polluted with urine.


The plague is not a disease of the past; it is still present in the western United States today. For instance, in 2017, New Mexico reported four human plague cases and 28 animal plague cases, all but two of which included canines. The bites of infected fleas on rodents are the most common transmission route. Serious disease and death ensue without treatment.

Infections caused by Rickettsia.

Murine typhus and scrub typhus are both bacterial illnesses that are transmitted through the bites of infected fleas or mites on rats and mice. This also includes Rickettsialpox, a disease primarily seen in urban areas and spread by the mites of house mice, which will migrate to other animals or humans if they are dead.


More than a million Americans get sick from this bacterial disease every year, and about 450 of them die. Rats and mice spread it because their excrement contaminates food and water.

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