How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Moving is often associated with stress, so it’s not surprising that scammers use this as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. If you check online, you can find a bunch of moving companies, but you don’t know which one is more reputable and trustworthy. Since, moving companies handle your personal belongings, here are four tips on how best to avoid getting duped by unscrupulous individuals and organizations when relocating.

How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Choose a Reputable Moving Company

The first thing you must do is to go for a reputable moving company even if they charge a couple of bucks higher. Because, they will have accreditations, long years of work experience, and probably be well-known in your area. Removal companies in London like Giantremovals help people with professional moving services to anywhere around the country. So, you must try to go with such popular services.

You can do proper research before engaging any organization to avoid all kinds of potential scams. Try to use online tools to check customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings. This will help you build a better understanding of what kind of service you can expect from chosen movers. Even if something goes wrong unexpectedly during the transit, you can claim or insure for the damages that occurred.

Avoid Paying Large Deposits

Most professional moving companies will expect some kind of deposit at the start of the contract. But if a company you chose is asking for something unrealistic or unwanted, you must try to avoid them altogether. Even if you find the company reputable, pay only what is absolutely necessary upfront, and definitely don’t cash in large sums of money for services not rendered yet. Any company asking for more than the required amount should be crossed off the list immediately.

Know Your Packing Costs

Get familiarized with packing costs beforehand so that you can cross-verify the estimate provided by the company. Also, you can ensure billing totals are the same as agreed upon in writing before leaving the premises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any particular time if needed. Check inventories to make sure everything listed reflects belongings that are approved for transit before signing off forms.

Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

Beware of any individual or company trying to get you to sign blank contracts. Make sure details are filled in beforehand so there are no discrepancies after the terms are finalized. Double-check terms and conditions, especially those related to deposits and prices. Verify insurance information and check whether it is accessible on the paperwork provided. Additionally, ensure details within contracts match up with actual experience too. This avoids any hidden down line fees.


One must always be cautious and diligent when selecting movers. You must demand extra assurance so that you won’t end up dealing with scams or unexpected surprises during the transition period. Make sure chosen organization has valid licenses; keep payments reasonable; figure out packing costs before setting out and thoroughly read through all documents presented. These little steps go far in keeping journeys smooth and effortless.

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