Application of Electronic Reverse Engineering Technology

Electronic reverse engineering is often associated with illegal copying. Even raised the intellectual property protection and other legal issues. In fact, electronic reverse engineering represents a very efficient product design ideas and methods. This paper starts from the concept of electronic reverse design. This paper expounds the concept of reverse engineering in modern manufacturing industry and the role of reverse engineering in mold manufacturing and other industries. This paper has certain significance for us to understand electronic reverse engineering technology correctly.

As an advanced design method, electronic reverse engineering has been introduced into the design and development of new products.

Application of Electronic Reverse Engineering Technology

China also has many companies applying electronic reverse engineering technology to improve the products of competitors. To avoid the arduous prototyping phase, which is a product redesign process. The so-called product redesign is to observe and test a certain product. It is initialized and then the product is disassembled to analyze the composition, function, assembly tolerance and manufacturing process of the individual zeros one by one. The goal of these efforts is to fully understand the manufacturing process of a product. And it is based on the subsystem and part level. Optimize and design a better product.

Many engineering colleges in the United States offer courses in electronic reverse engineering. Teach students to use re-design instead of prototyping. As a way to solve design problems. In recent years, more and more people use electronic reverse technology in automotive, electronic products and other fields. It is used to replace the prototyping method that has been used in part for many years.

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Concepts of electronic reverse engineering:

Electronic Reverse Engineering (ERE) is a description of the product design process. In the general concept of engineers and technicians, product design process is a process from scratch. Designers first conceive the shape, performance and approximate technical parameters of the product, and then use CAD technology to establish a 3D digital model of the product, and finally the model into the manufacturing process to complete the whole design and manufacturing cycle of the product. It may also include PCB copy which helps in recreating the original product. This product design process can be called “positive design”.

Electronic reverse engineering is a “from something to nothing” process. Simply put, reverse engineering is the process of reversing the design data of a product, including design drawings or digital models, from an already existing product model.

With the wide application of computer technology in the field of manufacturing, especially the rapid development of digital measurement technology. Product modeling technology based on measurement data has become the main focus of electronic reverse engineering technology. The spatial data of the object surface is acquired by digital measuring equipment (such as coordinate measuring machine, laser measuring equipment, etc.). Electronic reverse engineering technology is needed to obtain the digital model of the product, and then delivered to the CAM system to complete the manufacturing of the product. Therefore, electronic reverse engineering technology can be regarded as the general term of “the product sample into CAD model related digital technology and geometric model reconstruction technology”.

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