Collect printed stickers and create your personal collection

Using stickers to decorate our belongings is a beautiful way to revisit our days of endless fun and carefree attitude. Remember how we used to save money from our allotted pocket-money to buy a new set of stickers from the corner shop on weekends? Those were some precious memories we formed as children. The joy of peeling a fresh sticker from the sheet and applying it carefully over our bicycles, notebooks and even on our cupboards used to be immense. How we used to get scolded for spending our pocket monies on new set of stickers by our parents! Yet, we secretly used to buy them because it used to give us immense pleasure. You no longer have to buy them discreetly. You can try sticker printing of your choice and designs by shopping from an online printing store.

Stickers are pretty cute and eye catching. Most people find them intriguing and that’s why they continue buying them from their childhood through their adulthood. Some people like to purchase custom stickers online in India through a printing website that helps them in getting any number of designs printed at very low rates. The quality of these stickers is usually superb and they make a valuable addition to your existing collection of stickers. A huge collection of stickers is usually a fantasy of a child but who said that grownups can’t be as enthusiastic about them? Well, there are so many uses of stickers other than them being attractive. Some of the ways in which you can use them are:

Decorating Room 

Different designs of stickers can be used to decorate a room. If a person is fond of traveling and wishes to travel the entire world then they can get a sticker shaped like the continents of the world. You can paste it on the wall of your bedroom, just above the bed or paste it in your living room right behind your sofa to give a good view to your visitors. 


Sometimes, we wish to revisit our memories. They are sweet reminders of our happy moments in life. There are times when a person becomes a memory over time. To look back in time, we take pictures and now, we can get stickers to remind us of that person and time. You can paste these customized stickers on your fridge, inside an album or over any other surface. One glance at these stickers will teleport you to that time in past.

Gift wrapping 

Wrapping gift items can be a fun process. We get to use colorful and shiny paper to hide our secret gift inside it. No gift can be complete without a heartiest wish written on it. People write all sorts of sentimental messages on them. Of course, one must not forget writing their own name on it. Printed stickers are quite useful for this job.

One can easily purchase many types of stickers from an online store and get them made with spectacular designs. Try it yourself to experience the fun!

Buy some stylish Customized Notebooks online

It is true that digital screens will never be able to replace paper and pen completely. The satisfaction of writing on a piece of paper with a pen, pencil or crayon cannot be found in digital mediums. You can use pressure on a sheet of paper and not worry about malfunctioning it, unlike digital screens. We are able to use paper from our notebooks not just for writing but also for other fun activities like making paper planes, paper balls and making different shaped things by folding a sheet of paper. Previously, writing letters to distant people used to be the only medium of communication. In present times, it is considered an intimate mode of connection. There are very few people left who still write letters to their loved ones. Besides, students are the largest consumers of paper. They can be seen purchasing customized notebooks these days. 

My mother is fond of writing. I remember how she used to write lots of letters to her distant relatives, family members and college friends. This is one thing that I clearly remember about her. Besides sending love filled letters, she had a habit of filling up pages of a notebook she used to keep inside her kitchen cabinet. She still does it but it has become less frequent over the years. Recently, I surprised her with a personalized notebook specially designed for her. It had her name printed on the cover. It also has a picture of her ancestral home to remind her of her nostalgic memories. Needless to say, she absolutely loved it. She even got emotional upon receiving it. I also ordered another set of printed notebooks for her. She uses them for the following purposes:

Expense Tracking 

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of our money. If we don’t pay attention, then it can get hard to tell where all our money went. We are aware of the fact that everything is governed by money, if we are not careful enough then our finances can spiral out of control. Writing our expenditures and savings can help us in the long run. 


Just like any other person from the older generations, my mother is also fond of art and literature. She is also an avid book reader and thoroughly enjoys reading and writing poetry. She has a personal notebook dedicated for collecting and penning down her own poems.

Recipe Book 

Some mothers love to cook. By cooking some delicious dishes, they are not just feeding food but also feeding love too to their children. My mother is also fond of cooking and trying various recipes off the internet. I suggested her to write those recipes in a notebook for using them whenever she feels like. 

Note Taking

While talking on the phone, if she wishes to note down a message for someone then she can use her notebook.

These notebooks are enough to keep my mother occupied throughout the day. She is still in the process of discovering new uses of her notebooks. You can also surprise someone with printed notebooks and make their day.

Print Online as you wish and enjoy benefits of such services

During initial days of introduction of printing services in the market, people had to physically visit printing shops known as a, printing press to fulfill their printing needs. They were few in number and it used to be a costly affair. As time went by, options opened up and now we have reached an age where we can print online in a hassle-free manner.  

Online printing services in India have gained a lot of popularity and people from many sectors can be seen utilizing them for their own benefits. People can use printed items for their personal consumption or they can give them to someone as gift items. Companies can use these printed items as corporate gift items for their clients and employees. There are a large number of items that can be printed with any design, photo, name and logo. Creating gifts are the most common use of printing services. We have some many occasions on which we can give gifts to people who are dear to us. Good thing about printing is that it is not as costly as other forms of personal gift items. they can fit any budget and yield promising results for the buyer.

Printed gifts carry a certain emotion with them. When they are given to your customers, it means that they mean something to you. For instance, you give printed wrist watches to your clients (and they bear your brand name and logo), then you are basically telling them that you value the time they have invested in your brand. Promotional gifts include Printed T-shirts, Printed diaries, notepads, desk items, paper weights, etc. to remind their consumer that he should keep choosing them in the future too, just like he had in the past and for many years. If you don’t send out gifts, it means that you have forgotten your client. A gift is a reminder of your ever present existence in the market. Some corporate gifts are also sent to impress the existing clients and employees, so that these people do not choose any other company over them just because they constantly felt neglected and ignored by their presently chosen company. 

There are some brands who keep sending out gifts to their long term and potential customers. These type of companies cannot send gifts unmarked, else these gifts won’t bring the desired results which are intended for. They have to send customized gifts intentionally to let their recepients know that a particular brand still thinks of them and has not forgotten about them. This in return strengthens bonds between the buyer and seller. Stores like Printland understand the importance of client and company relations that is why, they offer the best corporate gift combos to their customers. If you wish to inquire about the bulk ordering of their vendor gifts and employee gift kits, then you can give them a call at their phone number 011-42222888. You can also send them texts on their WhatsApp number 8448498154 or write to them on their mail id to gather more details about such combos.

Badge Printing at minimal rates

When you go to a hotel for a stay, who do you look for help? The answer is pretty simple; we start searching for people wearing badges on their uniforms. A manager or any other staff member is easily recognizable with their printed badges. Similarly, when we go to any other public place, we are instantly greeted with smiling faces wearing their name badges. Badge printing can also be used to create badges for casual purposes.

Earlier, there were not enough choices available to a consumer. The supply was not enough to meet the demands of the consumers. There was a lack of resources and that is why, there were limited options for most products in the market. Now, we are spoilt for choice. There are thousands of suppliers waiting to lure a customer but it is the customer who holds the power in his hands di lui to make choices for himself and not the other way round. Earlier, a customer has to buy whatever the seller was offering to him but, how the tables have turned! In the case of badges, we used to buy whatever the shopkeeper had available but now, we can create our own customized badges with the help of badge printing. There are number of places where one can use printed badges:

Promotional Events 

When a brand decides on promoting itself or one of its product range, it uses various techniques of promotion. This includes people present at the event wearing customized badges specifically designed to attract the target audience. Volunteers can be seen wearing such badges and talking about the brand to the attending crowd. These badges are cheaper than other forms of advertising.


The most common purpose of wearing badges is to identify oneself. You might have observed people on their duty wearing badges on their uniforms and formal clothes. Professionals like policemen, doctors, lawyers and even hotel managers can be seen with metal badges attached to their clothes bearing their name and designation on it. This helps common people in seeking help from them with ease and they at least have a readable name to call them by. Sometimes, at a restaurant or café, you can request for a particular attendant depending upon past good service if you are aware of their name. That is only possible when they are wearing a badge at duty. 


When people become die-hard fans of something or someone, they don’t shy away from openly expressing it. It is in fact part of being a fan. Badges and posters are some ways of letting the people around you know that you are really into that particular movie, artist or thing. Such badges can be attached to bags and clothes for everyone to see. This is also a common way of finding friends with similar interests.


When people celebrate festivals and events with this friends and family, they can use printed badges to add more fun to their joy.

You can get them made at super affordable prices. An online printing store such as can be checked out for their collection of badges.