Welcome new Employees with love, AND a Welcome Kit!

Every student dreams of landing a nice job after finishing his degree. When a person walks out as a fresh graduate after earning a degree from their college, they are unaware of the working world of office and work places. It is a scary phase for them because their life is transitioning from a carefree one to the one with lots of responsibilities and other adult duties. When they join a work place for the first time in their lives, they are not sure of what kind of difficulties they are going to face, how difficult or easy this change is going to be for them, how they are going to adjust to this new adult life and more questions like that. It is the duty of a company to put their new employees at ease by offering them a pleasant environment and a warm welcome with an Employee Welcome kit.

As a part of our culture and traditions, we are supposed to welcome guests at our homes with utmost respect and humility. We have to treat them with special care and make them feel warmly welcomed. Hospitality runs in our blood and that is why we don’t shy away from applying the similar principles in work place and office settings. When a new customer joins our brand, we pleasantly welcome them as a new member by offering them dealer welcome kits. Such welcome kits are not only thoughtful gestures by a company towards its customers but also a way of introducing them to the complex and detailed information regarding its products and services. A welcome kit will include a welcome note addressed towards the customer and will include a card offering a membership, an instructions booklet and other gift items like a customized cap or t-shirt. 

A typical welcome kit should include items that have a practical usage, are printed with the company’s logo and are made of good quality. A gift kit is a representation of the company it’s coming from, therefore, it has to be of good quality. A company can include customized items like logo printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in a kit. Other items such as a coffee mug, coasters, mouse pads, a laptop skin, stickers, pen drives, engraved pens, sipper bottle, mobile cover, face masks and badges can be included in the welcome kit. Stationary items like notebooks, diaries, note pads, pencils, paper weights, planners, organizers and desktop items will also make a valuable addition to the kit for your newly joining employees. Business card holders, name plates, table clocks, laptop bags, flask, bowls, and even a lunch box can be considered when making a gift selection.

All new beginnings should be marked with something symbolic. Inviting your new staff members into your office is a mark of new beginnings. To make it memorable for them, you can present them with welcome kits. Such kits can be purchased from an online printing store at the most affordable rates. Such kits usually include 3 or 4 items printed with the company’s logo and a welcome message for the new employee. 

Custom Kids Gifts for kids of all ages

Every so often parents have to make choices for their children. Whether it is regarding the type of food they should be feeding them, the type of things they ought to teach them, the kind of exposure they should be giving them or the kind of things they should be introducing them to. In their growing years, kids receive lots of gifts from their parents and relatives. It begins even before they are born, meaning from the time their parents throw a baby shower in the honor of their arrival. Each birthday is marked with blessings and presents from their relatives and family friends. Sometimes, parents can have a hard time choosing custom kids’ gifts. They don’t want to spoil their child by giving something too expensive. It should be the right amount of awesome to make their kid fall in love with it.

The beautiful thing about personalised gifts for kids is that they are able to form an intimate connection with your child. Upon reading their name printed on a gift item like a lunch box, kids are able to associate that object belonging to them. They learn the sense of ownership and belongingness. Kids are also able to learn gratitude by receiving gifts. Parents can teach them to appreciate every big and small gift item. They can make them understand the sentimental value of receiving any item in the form of a gift. Being able to appreciate gift items of any size and monetary value will teach them to be more grounded. You can also teach them the joy of sharing and caring for others by asking them to pick gifts for their family and friends. They will feel delighted to be a part of the gift picking process. This will imbibe the virtues of generosity in their tiny hearts. 

We need to trust them in learning new things and picking good habits from a young age. When you plan to purchase a gift item from an online store next time, make sure to include them in the process. You will be able to teach them the value of money too. You can teach them how we can compare prices of same products online and use discount deals to save money. You can make them more thoughtful by showing them that different people have different likes and how we can be thoughtful in picking something that the recipient will like. Their school friends can be the people for whom you can teach them to make gift choices. 

For your own kids, you can buy some wonderful gift items that your little ones will be able to cherish in their growing years. You can buy some beautiful yet meaningful gifts for them. Like a printed mug with a family picture to show them that family is an important aspect of our lives. T-shirts and posters with “Love you mom/dad” messages can be a way to make them feel the sentiment of love for one’s parents. As a parent, you can choose the kind of values you want to teach your child through gift items.

Name with pen, sounds strange?

The process of personalization allows us to customize pens with minute details. We can purchase a name with pen in the price for one (just kidding) and at the same, can have symbols printed on it. People like to receive gift items with their own name engraved on them. It is a special feeling to have something customized just for us. It gives a sense of belongingness and we are able to feel a closer connection to a product. I still remember receiving my first personalized pen. It is still very special to me and even though its ink has dried up, I have it kept safe in my collection. It is somehow a bit different from the other pens I used over the years. It does exactly the same thing as other pens do – write, but somehow, I have a special attachment to it. Even though it is no longer useful to me, I still find it hard to part from it.

We have reached an advanced age of technology, where it is possible to do things while sitting at home. Even if you are in a far off corner of the world; it is still very much achievable. Online shopping stores exist to cater to needs of various type of individuals. If its pens that you are looking for personalization, then you will be able to find products in brands like Nataraj Pens, Fuzo pens, Cello Pens, Pierre Cardin Pens, Parker pens, Legend pens and many more brands. There is also an option to choose among wooden, plastic and metal pens. Purchasing a pen as a personalized gift is a superb idea and you can get it done with our present day printing technology. There are various types of pens that you can buy with customizations online:

Plastic Pens 

You can invest in some less costly variants of printed pens in the form of plastic body ones. They are good for everyday use and can used by students of all age groups. 

Luxury Pens 

There are certain variants of pens that come in a much better quality than the rest and hence, they fall under the category of luxurious pens.

Pen with Pen drive

You can also purchase pens that come attached to a pen drive. These pen drives come with various storage options too.

Metal Pens 

The polished and shiny quality of metal pens is something unmatchable. Holding them in one’s own hands feels a bit surreal. We can use them as a gift item to be given on special occasions like a birthday, job promotion or the graduation of a student. 

Engraved Pens 

One can get his own name engraved over a pen and personalize it to make it his. Not just names but you can also get symbols and logos engraved over pens to use them for various purposes. 

You can also choose among wooden, plastic and metal pens. Purchasing a Customized pen with name is a brilliant idea and can be achieved with new printing technology. So what are you waiting for?

Gifts to strengthen your corporate bonds

Getting involved in a business deal with someone is a mutual thing which involves, people exchanging things with each other. Sometimes, companies have to go out of their ways to prove themselves better than their competitors in front of their clients. It can be done with the purpose of bagging a new deal or just to keep the existing customers interested in you. Exchange of gift items is one such way to keep potential and old clients hooked to you. Corporate gift items can be some unique items or ordinary items customized to be used as promotional products. They are readily available on online shops. You can order them on multiple occasions.

It might appear as if corporate gifting is a relatively new thing but it isn’t so. We are already aware that sending presents was also a common tactic during the Monarchy era; travelers used to bring expensive gifts to the royal courts and present them to the King or Queen in front of their ministers and advisors. Those gifts were ceremoniously presented before proposing a deal to them in near future. Things haven’t changed much since those days; we still follow the same etiquettes. There is a slight twist in the way they are procured nowadays. Instead of choosing the rarest of items, we can get them customized to make them unique. Online printing stores provide the facility of customizing items in bulk.

You can send out corporate gifts in combos to them and send printed items like, power banks, head phones, pen drives, sippers, mugs, pens, fitness bands, clocks, calendars, diaries, laptop bags, etc. In such items, the logo of company and their tag line is either printed or engraved. They are all useful products which are used by the gift receiver almost on a daily basis. When they use them at home or at public spaces, they make the brand name more visible and this in turn increases their brand presence. It is a clever marketing strategy and is being used by companies in the corporate world a lot these days.

It is a much wiser decision to purchase gifts online. Such gifts can be purchased in bulk and can carry company’s logo and name. Gift items can also be printed and marketed as, promotional gifts because, as the name suggests, they help in promoting a brand’s presence in the market. Some brands also get their tag lines printed on these promotional items which helps customers in associating with their brands. Write something catchy and relatable and you have the winning formula of entering hearts. Just make sure to stay in their hearts and keep sending such promotional items to them until they get so attached to you that you no longer have to woo them. Just kidding, you should keep sending out such gifts and stay connected with your customers. Corporate gifts for employees should also be given with the same intent of winning their hearts and showing your appreciation towards their loyalty to you and your company.