Easy and Quick ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 (Company File Error)

Here is how you can fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 like an Expert

QuickBooks is an accounting software created and marketed by Intuit Inc. The software allows company owners to achieve their financial objectives. It offers different services with modern features such as a tax calculator, accounting tools, and invoice creation that help maintain business transactions effortlessly. Besides, the powerful financial software provides certainty regarding the safety of the company’s data and files. However, regardless of an advanced tool, QuickBooks may get few errors every now and then. These errors are uncertain. They are mainly caused due to faults or computer bugs present in hardware or software parts of Windows and QuickBooks.

In today’s article we are going to discuss QuickBooks error 6000, 83 which usually appears when you try to access or retrieve the QuickBooks Company File . It is not an uncommon issue but a common fault found in QuickBooks Desktop. Intuit, the marketer of QuickBooks solution suggests you use the integral file fixing tool to erase the QuickBooks error. For this, you are required to undertake various extra troubleshooting measures. When you know the real reason behind the QuickBooks error then, you are likely to solve the error faster.

Here, you will understand the QuickBooks error code 6000 83 in this article.

Description of QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 83

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 is one of the common QuickBooks company file 6000 series error. But only a few of the 6000 program errors can produce serious disruptions to the QuickBooks company file. You may also find regular damages and application failure happening to your file while accessing the same because of this error. Below is the description of the error given on the display screen of users while encountering error code 6000 83.

Apart from the error code, there appears an error message suggesting troubleshooting to your error code that let the error happen to QuickBooks software. When a system error occurs due to inadequate file access permission, QuickBooks is quick to showcase on your system’s screen.

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 is among the most usual QuickBooks errors. So, let us describe the causes and solutions of QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 in this post.

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 Causes –Purposes

One of the most common QuickBooks errors, error 6000, 83 normally appears during the attempt to approach your company’s folder. Below are some of the following purposes that are responsible for causing this QuickBooks Error 6000, 83:

  • There is no authority given to you to access the location of the file or folder.
  • The browser or system firewall that you are using is stopping the file of QuickBooks.
  • It may be that the file or folder is being used by one or two users simultaneously.
  • Inappropriate QuickBooks File Extension.
  • Few of the files are lost from your QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Maybe the file or the folder of the QuickBooks are disrupted.
  • You are using other languages on your system
  • You are working on an incompatible version of QuickBooks Desktop like the US version etc.
  • The computer terminal is not connected with the computer server that has the QuickBooks company file.

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 Causes and Fixing

You are required to find out the causes of the QuickBooks error for fixing it. Following are a few of the most common error reasons and their solutions.

Your QuickBooks File is kept within the server computer:

If this is the reason behind the QuickBooks Error 6000, 83, then you are required to download and install QuickBooks File Doctor Tool in case, not found in your computer and then, continue to run it.

When QuickBooks functions in multi-user mode:

Turn off Hosting from each system. This method will activate the primary server computer, which is your main computer.

  1. Go the Company File and select Utilities (suppose, you even so notice Host multiple user access, then it simply indicates the QuickBooks File is not found on your computer).
  2. When the “Stop hosting multiple user access” preference is given, proceed and type yes. Afterward, Choose Yes to “company file should be closed” and then, resume. Subsequently, follow the same steps on further systems.

The error occurred during a user attempt to perform a backup:

Suppose the error was acknowledged during a backup process, you need to perform a backup manually and store it in the C drive of your system.

You or someone else tried to fix a QB company file:

When this is the reason behind your QuickBooks error, then convert your file extension either to.qbw.adr or. qbm or. qbw.

Your QuickBooks version is old:

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 may appear in older versions of the application. You must upgrade to your new QuickBooks version.

Your Computer Firewall is restricting the file:

Your system’s firewall may restrict the files of QuickBooks and cause this error. For this, you are required to fix the settings of the computer’s Firewall.

Obtain data file permission:

Find out whether you can access the data file.

QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 83 – Solutions

During most situations, the QuickBooks error gets fixed following the restoration of QuickBooks along with extended authorization. But when the error doesn’t get resolved then, try the QuickBooks File Doctor as it can fix the error code. Or else, you can even attempt to shift the QuickBooks company file either to a specific location or network drive. You may even alter the settings to prefer the exact computer server.



In this blog, we have enclosed the various common causes and solutions behind the QuickBooks error 6000, 83 . You can follow our blog to remain updated about the common issues of QuickBooks error 6000, 83. And still, if the error continues to appear then, you are free to reach our QuickBooks assistance team members available 24*7 at 800-761-1787 . Our highly trained and expert team members are well-versed in offering quick and precise solutions of QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 as well as any other QuickBooks related issue. Our QuickBooks support team will walk the extra mile for you to offer support.

How to Rectify QuickBooks Error Code 15101?

As it is already known to you that QuickBooks is an accounting software, it also a leading software and one that is trusted by millions of small and medium-sized businesses. This multi-tasking software helps business persons to accept payments, generate invoices, pay employees, keep a track of the inventories, etc.

Despite being an innovative software, like every other software, QuickBooks is not devoid of technical glitches. It also faces errors at times. One such error is the QuickBooks error 15101 . In this tech blog, we are going to discuss all about the error 15101 and the ways to resolve it.

What is QuickBooks Error 15101?

QuickBooks error 15101 or payroll error is a run-time error which requires immediate attention; otherwise it may give rise to further technicalities. This error occurs when you use QuickBooks Premier Software .

Signs of QuickBooks error code 15101

  • Window crashes while working on it.
  • The software doesn’t respond.
  • The system or the software is responsively responsive to the mouse and keyboard inputs.

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15101

Solution 1: Install Digital Signature Certificate

  • Download and Install Digital Signature Certificate in the system.
  • Search for exe files.
  • Windows 7 users can visit Windows Search
  • Click More Results .
  • Click on the Computer icon .
  • Right click on the exe file and select Properties .
  • Select Digital Signature
  • Click on Details.
  • Choose View Certificate in digital signature details
  • Go to Certificate Window and select Install Certificate.
  • Click Next until a dialog box with Finish option appears.
  • Click on the Finish
  • Restart the computer.
  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Download the update once again.

Solution 2: Run reboot.bat files

  • Close the QuickBooks application.
  • Right-click on QuickBooks icon and select the Properties
  • On the Shortcut tab, click on Open File location.
  • Search for a reboot file from the list that appears.
  • Right-click onbat file and select Run as administrator.
  • Click Yes to get user account permission.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click Install for updates (if any).

Solution 3: Check Internet Explorer Settings

  • Open Run window by pressing the Windows and R
  • Type CPL on the open box and click OK.
  • Select the General tab > Delete > Temporary Internet Files and Website Files.
  • Delete again.
  • Select the Connections
  • Click on LAN settings.
  • Detect settings and press OK.
  • In the Advanced tab, scroll down to the security section. Check if TLS 1.2 is checked and TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

  • Close the QuickBooks software.
  • Right click the QuickBooks
  • Go to the Properties tab.
  • In the Shortcut tab, click on the Open file location.
  • Search bat from the list on the screen.
  • Right-click thebat file.
  • Hit the Run as admin.
  • Click on the Yes tab to get User account permission.
  • Restart the system.
  • Open QuickBooks desktop.
  • Click on Install to download the latest updates (if any).
  • Rename the installation folder.
  • Download and run clean installation tool or rename the folders manually.
  • End the process by reinstalling QuickBooks software.

Solution 5: Configure the Firewall settings

  • Access the Start
  • Open Windows Firewall by searching for ‘ Firewall ‘ in the search box.
  • Move to Advanced Options .
  • Right-click Inbound Rules & choose a New Rule .
  • Move to Program option, by hitting Next .
  • Click on Browse .
  • Choose This Program Path .
  • Search for the QuickBooks executable files and select them.
  • Click Next Tab .
  • Allow the connection and hit Next again.
  • Double-check that all profiles are marked.
  • Click on Next tab .
  • Create a rule and name it. For example: “ QBFirewallException(name.exe) .”
  • Open QuickBooks and check if the error is fixed or not.

Concluding down!

Hopefully, the solutions in this article should help in fixing the QuickBooks Error code 15101 . The steps suggested here are suggested by our team of experts and are quite easily executable. If you face any further problem, feel free to contact us. Connect with the QuickBooks Support Team and give a missed call on 1-800-761-1787. Our team works 24*7 to provide expert QuickBooks services .

Sеtting Up Landеd Cost in QuickBooks Entеrprisе: Strеamlining Product Cost Tracking

QuickBooks Entеrprisе provide usеrs with a powerful fеaturе known as Landеd Cost, еnabling them to еfficiеntly manage еxpеnsеs associated with thеir itеms. Landеd Cost еncompassеs various еxpеnditurеs such as transportation costs, customs fееs, and unforеsееn chargеs incurrеd during the product journеy. Once configured, Land Cost can be easily applied to any bill that includes shipping and inventory expenses. In this comprеhеnsivе guide, we’ll walk you through thе stеps to sеt up Landеd Cost in QuickBooks Entеrprisе , еnsuring accurate cost tracking for your products.

Stеps to Sеt Up Landеd Cost:

Step 1:  Crеatе thе Landеd Cost Account

  1. Bеgin by sеlеcting “Edit” and then “Prеfеrеncеs. “
  2. From the Prеfеrеncеs mеnu, choose “Company Prеfеrеncеs” and navigate to the “Itеms & Invеntoriеs” sеction.
  3. Click on “Advanced Inventory Options.”
  4. Under the “Landеd Costs” mеnu, select the option for setting up the Landеd Cost account.
  5. Click “Savе and Procееd” to save your settings.

Stеp 2:  Map Itеms to thе Nеw Landеd Cost Account

  1. Select the appropriate shipping and handling options.
  2. Create a list of shipping and handling materials.
  3. Click “Save and Close” to finalize the mapping.

Crеating Nеw Itеms for Landеd Cost

  1. To add nеw itеms for Landеd Cost, crеatе an “Othеr Chargе” itеm typе and intеgratе it into the account.
  2. Choose a product from the Product List.
  3. Sеlеct “Itеm,” then click “Nеw.”
  4. Under the “Edit” mеnu, choose “Prеfеrеncеs.”
  5. In thе “Company Prеfеrеncеs” sеction, sеlеct “Itеms and Invеntory. “
  6. Click on “Advanced Inventory Options.”
  7. Under the “Landеd Costs” mеnu, select “Managе Landеd Cost Account.
  8. Click “Save and Continue.”
  9. Choosе “Add Itеm” and sеlеct the itеm you want to add.
  10. Finally, click “Save and Close.”


Calculating Landеd Cost

Utilizе QuickBooks Entеrprisе Sеrvicеs to calculatе thе Landеd Cost.

After uploading a bill to QuickBooks Entеrprisе, click on “View Landеd Cost” on any bill.

Steps for Calculating Landеd Cost:

Step 1:  Including Invеntory & Assеmbly Itеms

  1. Select the item.
  2. Decide whеthеr to computе landing chargеs.
  3. Click “Add bill” under “Invеntory and Assеmbly Itеms.”
  4. Choosе thе invoicе listing thе inventory itеms.
  5. Sеlеct “Add a bill.”

Step 2:  Include the Cost of Shipping in the Bill

  1. Choose the “Add invoices” option under the “Shipping and Handling Fееs”
  2. Use shipping and handling invoicеs to calculatе thе inventory.
  3. Add the bill.

Step 3:  Calculate the Land Cost

  1. Click on “Split by.”
  2. Split the shipping and handling costs bеtwееn inventory and assеmblеd itеms based on criteria such as amount, number, pеrcеntagе, or manually.
  3. Click “Post to thе bill” to incorporate thе landеd costs into thе statеmеnt.

Step 4:  Update the Sеlling Price

  1. Dеcidе on thе pricing of thе goods that nееd adjustmеnt.
  2. Enter a new question asking price.
  3. Click “Procееd and Update” to apply the new pricing.
  4. If pricing remains the same, choose “Skip and Continue.”
  5. Click “Savе” to complete thе process.


By following thеsе stеps, you can еffеctivеly sеt up Landеd Cost in QuickBooks Entеrprisе . In case these solutions do not yield the desired results or if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to call our experts at 1-800-761-1787.