Is PHP the best choice for web development in 2020?


Hire a PHP developerAmong the majorly popular websites that use PHP are Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, and Tumblr. PHP is convenient and has several useful libraries, along with detailed and comprehensive documentation, and most importantly- a vast community. Even if it is one of the oldest programming languages, it is one of the most reliable ones and considers it to be classic. Not just 2020, PHP is not likely to lose its relevance and popularity even in the upcoming decades. 

The following are a few dominant reasons that explain why PHP will be the best choice for your web development projects in 2020:-

  1. Open-Source & Cost-Effective: PHP is open-source, and hence, you will not need to pay anything for using it. PHP helps you keep web development costs quite low and easily affordable. You will come across no paid updates. Also, there is no cost involved in the maintenance of PHP. You will only have to hire a PHP developer and get your website built.
  2. Easy & Simple: PHP is very easy to learn and understand. The code is clean, organized, and not complex at all. You will also appreciate the syntax quickly. Knowledge of coding in any language will be sufficient to learn to code. PHP comes with a short learning curve, making things easier for new PHP developers in terms of learning and using PHP as a scripting language.
  3. Easy to Integrate: PHP does not depend on any external platform. You can run it smoothly with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix. Developers can independently use PHP and also integrate it with other languages, without any requirement of re-development. The web applications that you build with PHP are suitable to run on any platform and web browser smoothly. PHP supports all the critical servers that include Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, and also any personal web server. You will never have to worry about getting access to any specific platform or server while working with PHP.
  4. Extremely Fast: You will find several programming languages that are fast. PHP, Java, Python, .Net, Ruby, are all examples of the fastest programming languages in the market. PHP is among the fastest of them all. The applications that you build with PHP have a much quicker loading time in comparison with other programming languages available. Users will not face difficulty while using PHP applications, even with a slow internet connection. PHP takes only a little time to connect queries to the database, making websites load really fast.
  5. Easy to Edit: When developers are working with PHP, they will have to write fewer codes for executing specific tasks than other programming languages. Also, you can easily edit an already written code in PHP. You can write clean codes and update and edit them when required, without having to face any problem. 
  6. Stability: PHP comes with several frequent updates and fixes. It makes PHP a highly stable programming language among all other languages that are available. With every new version of PHP that has been introduced, PHP has continued to become more stable and reliable. Any web developer for hire with over two years of experience in the field of web development will consider PHP to be one of the best server-side scripting languages.
  7. Easy Maintenance: The PHP framework facilitates the automatic maintenance of codes. PHP comes with the Model-View-Controller architecture, which enables easy separation of files for various specific modules. Since PHP is very easy to maintain, the PHP programmer will not have to spend much time on the maintenance and can solely concentrate on writing the codes for creating the website.
  8. Security: PHP comes with the best security features among all other programming languages. It has underlying security measures providing protection against malfunction and virus attacks. So, if you want to build a highly secure website, PHP will be the best and most convenient choice for you. The high security of PHP is one of the main reasons behind online store management systems like Joomla and OpenCart being built on PHP. 
  9. Easy Testing: Testing is a very integral part of the web development process, but you will not want your developer to spend all their time on testing to make things perfect and full-proof. PHP facilitates easy and fast unit testing. Hence, with PHP, developers can write test cases and perform checks. It automates several testing tasks that generally need additional coding when executed on other frameworks. 
  10. Robust & Reliable Support: PHP is open-source and actively present in the web development market for the last 26 years and comes with a vast and robust community that tackles almost every other issue faced by a developer using PHP for developing websites or web applications. A PHP developer will always get answers and solutions to their queries and problems if they go through the PHP forums and Q&A sites just once. The official PHP website consists of more than sufficient documents that will help the developers to sort any issues they face with the PHP features/ framework, while they are working. Also, the updates are released regularly for providing an improved development experience.


By now, you are already aware of the several significant reasons and factors that make PHP the best option for web development projects in 2020. The natural learning, robust support, stability, flexibility, reliability, security that PHP comes with outshines almost all the other server-side programming languages. 

PHP stands as the most widely used server-side language, and we don’t see any chances of PHP losing its popularity anytime soon. It has a record of more live websites than all other server-side scripting languages combined.

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