Twitter Wall At Events: Tips & Examples

We know Twitter is the social media giant of the decade and people use it for more than just tweeting nowadays. People are using Twitter and social media, in general, to promote their businesses and are including them in their marketing strategies.

News on Twitter travels faster than the wind, which is one reason why the world is considering social media as an extremely powerful platform. And, with such a strong user base, Twitter is becoming an integral part of events!

By now, we are well versed with the advantages of a social wall at events. Here are a few tips and examples o how event hosts include a Twitter wall in their event.

Tips To Use Twitter Walls Most Effectively

1. Create Unique Event Hashtags 

When it comes to creating a perfect promotion strategy for events, creating a unique hashtag is a must-do. Hashtags are powerful tools to boost user-generated tagging, and if you are using your Twitter wall for events, then it becomes all the most important.


But what is a powerful hashtag? A powerful hashtag has a recall value; it resonates with the brand and is unique.

Here are a few interesting tips for using hashtags on Twitter walls most effectively.

  • You can collect UGC and display it on the Twitter wall.
  • You can feature engaging tweets with the hashtag and spark conversations.
  • As Twitter wall works in real-time, you can inspire more audiences to use the hashtag on Twitter and improve your social media.

2. Personalize Your Twitter Wall

You can use your Twitter wall to spread your brand’s principles and everything your brand stands for.

Twitter walls can be highly expressive, if used correctly. With an advanced display tool, you can easily moderate and personalize your Twitter wall as per your brand tone. You can change the layout, style and theme of the Twitter wall at your event and even add details like logos and tickers.

This is a great branding technique and can help boost brand awareness. So much so that whenever someone sees your brand’s logo or brand colors, they will instantly resonate it with your brand.

3. Host Engaging Activities

During big events, it always remains an issue of how hosts or event managers can conduct activities to keep the audiences engaged. And with a Twitter wall, you can achieve it.

You can use a Twitter wall to host polls, quizzes and games.

Twitter walls work in real-time and get refreshed automatically each time something new is posted on the source. So hosts can urge the audience to participate in the planned activity on social media and start a chain with the audience.

Examples For Using Twitter Wall

1. Concerts & Music Shows

Even during flashy events like concerts and music shows, keeping a hold of your audiences is a must.

Twitter walls are most effective during situations where the crowd cannot communicate with each other, so you can do it with them.

social wall at music festival

The event hosts can showcase photo galleries of the artists, snippets of previous concerts and even feature live images from the show on the spot.

You can feature engaging content, tweets from the audience and even make announcements of future events.

2. Weddings, Receptions & Prom Nights

Big celebrations need big arrangements. Nowadays, people celebrate their intimate celebrations in grand ways. Sometimes, these celebrations have more audience than a mid-sized event. People have special hashtags for their weddings and reception parties, and if it’s an event like high school prom night, then you know how important a role social media plays.

With a Twitter wall, you can keep the audience entertained and engaged by displaying relatable content.

  • For weddings and receptions, you can display the couple’s photoshoot, their memorable moments and thank you messages. They can showcase wishes from their connections and even display the content live from their Twitter.
  • For prom nights, you can use a Twitter wall in the most compelling way by featuring content created and shared by the students in real-time.

3. Conferences & Educational Fairs

When it comes to conferences and educational fairs, you can use a Twitter wall extensively. During such events, a lot of information gets missed because of the hubbub and flow of the event.

Social-wall for-education

With a Twitter wall, you can circulate important information, display tagged content from the event audience and boost event engagement.

You can also feature special announcements by the important personalities like event speakers or chief guests.

Wrapping It Up

Twitter is an extremely engaging social media platform, and in this blog, we have given you a curated listicle of tips and examples to use a Twitter wall for your events effectively.

Events can be of many types, but what remains common is the energy and zeal of hosting an event. Be it a small celebratory event or a massive promotional event, social walls can make your event 3x better.

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