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Post n°1338 pubblicato il 04 Ottobre 2014 da Drakula74dgl

Maybe it was my turn
To take care of your days
To wake you up with coffee
And to tell you that you're never getting old
To untie the knots in you
The most stubborn melancholies
 Maybe it was my turn
I have experience and skills
A changing artist by vocation
In order to not die
You can trust me, leave your heart to me
No pain will touch it
 Maybe it was my turn
To a bit of that happiness
 I'll know to wait for you
Tomorrow and than tomorrow
And tomorrow...

Like a shadow I'll follow you
Tenderness is my talent/gift
I will not let you down
The right distance I
Will be as you want me to be
I have a certain job too
I'm trying, I'm trying

A plumber, a waiter
If necessary, I find something to do
Nothing scares me
Except competing with love
But this time I'll do it
I'll look you in the face without blushing

If you'd know me
For sure, you would not deny me two wings
There's such a great disorder in my mind
And only you could heal me

I am ready to stop here
The sky wants it this way
Take me flying and then
Don't make me fall anymore
From this height, you know
You can never be saved

Do you love me?

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Commenti al Post:
Drakula74dgl il 05/10/14 alle 01:42 via WEB
I want to reach you deep inside now that the hands bring me to you
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