5 ways to find a person by last name, first name and other data on the Internet

Find people by name on the Internet is real, but for this you need to use search engines correctly. There are several places to search for people, mostly social networks, but Yandex and Google will not refuse to help if you correctly set the search query.

Search engines

You should start your research with simple requests to Google and Yandex. Type first name, last name, city. To refine the results, you can add a search by patronymic, occupation, year of birth.

Look at the first 3 pages of search results. If there is nothing useful in them, then you can not look further. You can try to write the name and surname in Latin letters – if a person left his data somewhere, then the search engines will find them and show them.

If there is no data, try switching to the special People Search tab in Yandex. To do this, on the main page, click “More” and select the appropriate section.

Search for people from Yandex works on the same principle as the main search engine. Its plus is that you can conveniently add additional filters and select specific social networks in which to look for a person.

  • Write your first name, last name and patronymic in the search bar at the top.
  • Enter your age. You can enter the year of birth, the exact age, or an approximate interval – for example, 20-24.
  • In the “Accommodation” field, enter the approximate address of residence. There is no need to write the street: just add the country  and / or city .
  • Study – write the university, school or other educational institution where the person you are looking for studied.
  • Work – you can specify both the organization and the profession.

After filling out the search form, mark the social networks in which you should search for a person. 

Then click the “More” button and check off a few more possible platforms – Google+, LiveJournal, Twitter. You can choose all the options: the search results will be huge, but you definitely won’t miss the person’s profile if it exists.

Social networks

If it was not possible to find the right person through search engines, then you can find people fast on social networks. What sites should you pay attention to first of all:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Google +
  • LiveJournal.
  • Tumblr.

If a person is registered on a social network under his own name, then it will not be difficult to find him. The main thing is to determine on which site he created the page. You won’t be able to do this without registering. For example, VKontakte search is implemented as follows:

  • Log in to the social network. Write in the line “Search” the name and surname of the person you are looking for.
  • Switch to the People tab to refine your search.

In the VKontakte search, you can select a country, city, indicate age and gender, marital status, school, university, place of work and military service. Even if you search for a friend by maiden name, the desired page will be found, provided that the username contains the appropriate data.

The same search scheme works on Facebook. If a person is nowhere to be found, or he has registered under a different name, you can try to find mutual friends, his relatives. Users post a large number of photos, single and joint, so that by climbing through the pages of other people, you can follow the trail of the person you are looking for.

Search by photo

If there is a photo (for example, you found it on social networks), then you can also try to find more information on it. The method is not the most effective, but suddenly you’re lucky:

  1. Open Yandex, go to the “Pictures” section.
  2. Click “Search by Image” and upload a photo.

If the same photo is on other sites, then you will receive links to specific pages. Otherwise, Yandex will offer a large number of similar pictures. If you are unlucky with Yandex, you can try to search for similar photos on Google, which also offers a separate “Pictures” section.

The meaning of the operation is the same: you upload a photo and see what the search engine finds. It is possible that you will be able to find something useful.

Search by e-mail

If you have an e-mail at your disposal, then it can be used to identify the owner of the box. It’s not a fact that the information will be reliable, because a person could use the so-called “one-time box” to send a letter, but it’s definitely worth a try.

First of all, check if such an e-mail is listed on Facebook. Go to  the search page  and paste the address into the line. If the mail was used to register a user on Facebook, then you will see his page in the search results.

If the method did not work, try logging into Facebook (if there is no page on this social network, you will first have to register) and enter your e-mail in the “Look for friends” line on the main page.

You can calculate the country and city where the email came from using the sender’s IP address. This will narrow down your search. If you use Yandex mail, open the letter, expand the “More” section and select “Message properties”.

You need the line “Received: from”, or rather, the IP address that is written in it. Copy it and use one of the services to  determine the location by IP.

The result may not be accurate, but sometimes the service hits the mark. This will help to determine at least the city, which is not bad. Unfortunately, not all mail services provide such information. For example, if the letter came from Yandex mail, then there will be only the IP address of the server, which is located in Moscow.

Search by phone number

If you have a phone number, the easiest way to find a person is to call that number. If you doubt that this is a free number, then before calling, look for it through search engines. If this is some kind of organization or scammers, then there is a chance that the number has already “lit up”, and you will find interesting reviews about it.

In addition, to search by phone number, you can use special services provided by mobile operators. The only drawback of such services is the need to obtain permission from the person you are looking for. It will not work to peep unnoticed: a person must be allowed to track his movements.

Precautionary measures

In search of a person, you can come across various sites that offer to look at the database , the secret archive of the military commissariat, the passport data of all citizens, etc. You need to be wary of such services: usually you can’t find anything on them, but you can lose money or catch a virus.

You should be especially careful with sites that ask you to enter a phone number or send a free SMS. The message may be paid, and the phone will be on the spam list. So do not get too carried away looking for people in “closed bases” – you can run into serious trouble.

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