Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran, Visited the Weightlifting Competition

역도 경기 방문한 장미란 차관 "플랫폼에 올라가고 싶었어요"

Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran, who visited the weightlifting competition, said, “I wanted to get on the platform.”


Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Mi-ran visits Hangzhou Disabled AG to support the weightlifting competition

“I wanted to get on the platform.”

The weightlifting competition at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games will be held on the 23rd. Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Mi-ran, who visited the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Sports Center gymnasium in China, joked, “Please stop me later,” but said she really wanted to get on the platform. 온라인카지노

Vice Minister Jang, a ‘legend’ of weightlifting, continued to exercise even after retiring as an athlete.

He managed his physical strength thoroughly and returned to active duty (?) a few years ago.

It is said that he was a little worried until.

August 16, 2008, an unforgettable day.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she set new world records for the snatch, clean and jerk, and total in the heavyweight category of women’s weightlifting and won a gold medal.

Set a new world record and won countless medals, received the spotlight.

He built up tremendous patience and overcame pain to become the best in the world.

When I retired, I thought I would live a life of isolation from exercise, but it was different when I actually started lifting barbells.

Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran said, “I didn’t think I would even think about lifting weights.

But these days, I exercise regularly.

He said, “It’s more fun than when I was an athlete.”

Vice Minister Jang, who only focused on weightlifting during his athlete days, participated in countless all-around competitions, but has never competed in any other event.

It is said that he did not watch.

Vice Minister Jang became the second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who oversees sports policy, and began to visit the site.

Sports for the disabled are more unfamiliar, so he went to the stadium.

I am studying the sport before going.

Vice Minister Jang, who visited the weightlifting stadium that was like his hometown, said, “The platform size is a little different from the old weightlifting stadium, but the atmosphere was dynamic.

He said, “It’s been a long time since I watched a weightlifting competition, and it makes my heart sing.”

He said, “I felt really good because weightlifting is an essential sport in my life.”

Vice Minister Jang watched the match of Choi Geun-jin (Chungbuk Sports Association for the Disabled) in the men’s 54kg class until the end.

When Choi Geun-jin lifted 167kg in the third period, he jumped up and raised the national flag.

They waved and cheered.

“Although I didn’t make a medal, I wanted to applaud by lifting without making a single mistake until the third period,” Vice Minister Jang said, “Leaving his seat, he said, He said, “It was so nice to meet each other heart-to-heart.”

After the game, Vice Minister Jang encouraged the male and female weightlifting athletes and took pictures.

Continued representation.

He responded to the players’ request for selfies with a bright face.

Vice Minister Jang said, “I went to the table tennis stadium yesterday morning and watched the men’s goalball preliminary round this morning.

“I was very thankful that the players recognized me and welcomed me,” he said.

“These days, the players” seem to know me through various channels such as YouTube.

Vice Minister Jang said, “When I was a player, the teachers often said, “Practice is like a game, and a game is like practice.”

When our players practice comfortably, “I hope we can run the game well and achieve our goal like we did.”

Vice Minister Zhang will watch the track and field competition held at the main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center on the 24th.

Disabled AG Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle Domestic Fight

장애인AG 사격 남자 10m 공기소총 집안싸움…금·은메달 수확 | 연합뉴스

Disabled AG shooting men’s 10m air rifle domestic fight… Gold and silver medal harvest


Lee Jang-ho wins gold, Park Jin-ho wins…

Kim Soo-wan ranked 4th.

The Korean shooting team that participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games won both gold and silver medals. 먹튀검증가이드

Jang-ho Lee (Sports Grade SH1, Cheongju City Hall) won the gold medal with a total of 244.6 points in the finals of the shooting R1 (SH1 men’s 10m air rifle shooting) competition held at the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 23rd.

Park Jin-ho (Sports Grade SH1, Cheongju City Hall), who shot a total of 244.5 points and was only 0.1 points behind Lee Jang-ho, ranked second.

Kim Su-wan (Sports Grade SH1, Gyeongnam Sports Council for the Disabled) ) ranked 4th.

Lee Jang-ho, who scored 625.1 points, the overall first place in the finals held earlier in the day

And advanced to the finals among eight players, had a domestic fight with his national teammate Kim Su-wan from the beginning of the game.

Lee Jang-ho maintained second place after Kim Su-wan until the 10th leg, and after rising to first place after the 16th leg, he never gave up the lead and won the championship.

Park Jin-ho, who recorded 624.2 points, the second place overall, and advanced to the finals of 8 people, performed poorly at the beginning of the finals and stayed in 5th or 6th place, but gradually improved his ranking after the 12th round.

Park Jin-ho’s top ranking After the 18th round of competition for rankings

Korean players dominated first to third places.

Jin-ho Park kept his hopes for the gold medal alive by shooting higher scores than Jang-ho Lee on the 23rd and 24th shots, which were his final shots, but he ended up having to settle for a silver medal by 0.1 points.

Lee Jang-ho, who won a silver medal at the 2018 Indonesian Games, won his first gold medal at the Asian Para Games on this day.

He has won the last three Asian Para Games since the 2010 Guangzhou Games. Park Jin-ho, who had a total of 8 medals at the competition, including 3 gold medals, added a precious silver medal on this day.

Kim Soo-wan, who scored 620.0 points, which ranked 4th overall in the finals

Made it to the finals where 8 people competed, and started a domestic fight with teammate Lee Jang-ho from the beginning, but was pushed out by China’s Dong Chao, who shot a series of high scores at the end, and finished in 4th place.

Meanwhile, Lee Yun-ri (Sports Grade SH1, Jeonnam Paralympic Shooting Federation), who participated in the women’s R2 (SH1 10m air rifle shooting) finals held earlier that day

Finished with a total score of 120.3 points, making her a total of 8 people.

In the finals, the athlete who scores the lowest after shooting 12 out of 24 shots is the first to be eliminated.

Lee Yun-ri stopped the final shooting race at 12 shots.

46 Years Old Disabled Sprinter Jeon Min-jae

46세 장애인 스프린터 전민재 "나이는 상관없어…자신과 싸움"

46-year-old disabled sprinter Jeon Min-jae said, “Age doesn’t matter… Fight with yourself”


Won the Asian Para Games for the 4th consecutive time… “Think about the Paris Paralympic Games”

‘Smile Racer’ who brought the first medal to the Korean team.

Jeon Min-jae (46) expressed his profound feelings about receiving the award, saying, “Age doesn’t matter.” 바카라사이트

Jeon Min-jae won the 2022 Hangzhou Disabled Asia held at the main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China on the 23rd.

After winning the silver medal with a time of 31.27 seconds in the women’s T36 200m final, she said, “I think I ran well with a lot of help,” and said, “I will win the gold medal in the 100m event.”

Jeon Min-jae’s silver medal is the first medal won by the Korean team in this competition.

Jeon Min-jae is a living legend in disabled athletics.

Jeon Min-jae, who suffered from encephalitis in 1982 at the age of five and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy level 1, made his debut in track and field at the age of 26 in 2003 and quickly became Korea’s best disabled sprinter through rigorous training.

Starting with three gold medals at the 2004 National Sports Festival for the Disabled, he maintained his position as the top player in the country, and showed off his world-class skills by winning silver medals at the 2012 London Paralympic Games and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games.

There was no rival on the Asian stage.

Jeon Min-jae, who won two silver medals at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Para Games, won two gold medals each at the 2014 Incheon Games and the 2018 Indonesia Games.

Jeon Min-jae took on the challenge once again at an older age, and set a meaningful record by winning a silver medal at the Hangzhou Games.

After finishing the game, Jeon Min-jae became a leader.

I answered the reporters’ questions with help.

Jeon Min-jae said, “I thought about my career as an athlete until the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games,” and “I’m still getting (good) records.

I think it’s a fight with myself.

Age doesn’t matter,’ he said.

Many people were moved by the letters he wrote with his feet at each international competition.

Jeon Min-jae, who gave the award, prepared a letter ahead of this competition.

He plans to introduce the letter in person after the 100m race held at the same location on the 26th.

Jeon Min-jae’s challenge is not over yet.

‘Quote Maker’ NC Dinos Son Ah-seop

명언 제조기' NC 손아섭 "오늘은 '우리는 미친다' 입니다" | 연합뉴스

‘Quote Maker’ NC Son Ah-seop “Today ‘we are crazy’ “


At the PS team meeting, the topic was, “Let’s go make money, the energy of the universe is for us.”

Son Ah-seop (35), captain of the professional baseball NC Dinos, spent time exchanging ‘a few words’ with the players ahead of games throughout this season. 카지노사이트

At first, it was done in turns, but soon it became Son Ah-seop’s exclusive possession, but this somewhat awkward word became a familiar sight in NC.

Son Ah-seop’s famous saying continues in fall baseball.

The first game of the wild card decision against the Doosan Bears was ‘Let’s go make money’, and SSG Landers and Jun.

The first game of the playoffs (June PO) was ‘The energy of the universe is upon us’.

Ahead of the second game of the semi-PO to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 23rd.

Son Ah-seop, whom I met, was in tears, saying, “Since the end of the season, the players have been telling me to do the same, so now I’m running out of comments.”

Still, you must say something to boost the players’ morale.

Since Son A-seop usually values luck and energy on the baseball field, he was consistent in the previous two postseason games.

You can’t ignore the ‘routine’ before the game.

“It’s a big deal.

Let’s just play like a regular season, not a postseason.

Son Ah-seop, who was pondering, “Should I say the same thing,” found something great to say.

‘We are going crazy today.

This is a comment that has already been used once this season, but Son Ah-seop said, “I plan on repeating it at least once.”

I was looking at the timing.

I don’t have anything to do anyway, so I’ll try that today,’ he said with a laugh.

Usually, in the postseason, the team with ‘crazy players’ wins.

I keep that kind of nervousness to myself.

“It’s all you need,” he said.

But I try not to show it to my juniors and maintain a good atmosphere.

Son A-seop said, “Personally, I’m always nervous inside, and I’m not letting my guard down.

When I was playing for the Lotte Giants, I remember opening champagne early during a fall baseball game and getting frustrated.

The atmosphere in NC, which took the first game, was at its peak, but Son Ah-seop I don’t let down my guard.

“Today we are going crazy” is the most appropriate slogan for NC, which is playing fall baseball with great spirit.

NC features players who take turns showing surprising performances, such as Seo Ho-cheol, who hit the bases-loaded home run in the wild card game, and Kim Seong-wook, who hit the final home run as a pinch hitter in the first game of the semi-PO.

From the 3rd Round Selection Before the Start of the 2nd Round of Jun-PO


From the 3rd round selection before the start of the 2nd round of Jun-PO… Wonseok Oh vs. Pedi


SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “We have to take away points early in the second game.”

NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “Today’s winner is Song Myeong-ki.”

Professional baseball coach Won-hyung Kim of the SSG Landers and coach In-kwon Kang of the NC Dinos announced the starters for Game 3 in advance as if they had made a promise ahead of Game 2 of the semi-playoffs (semi-PO, 3 wins out of 5).

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung predicted left-armer Oh Won-seok as the starter for the third game of the semi-PO, which will be held at Changwon NC Park in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 25th, and NC coach Kang In-kwon announced Eric Peddy, who achieved three awards as a pitcher. 온라인카지노

In an interview before the second game of the semi-PO game against NC Dinos at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 23rd, Coach Kim said, “We can win if we score early today,” and expected the hitters to work hard.

Manager Kim adjusts the batting order and aims for a counterattack in the second game.

SSG missed chances in the 3rd inning with 1 out and 2nd and 3rd bases in the 1st game the previous day and 1st and 2nd bases with no outs in the 4th inning, and then hit a 2-run home run to NC in the second half of the game and gave them 4 points, 3-4.

They lost.

Choo Shin-soo and Choi Joo-hwan, who both hit as pinch hitters the day before, will step in as table setters.

Choi Jeong and Guillermo Heredia, Hanyu Island take center stage and chase in the bottom of the 9th inning of the first game.

Ha Jae-hoon, who hit a two-run gun, takes the 6th batting order.

The lower batting order consists of Park Seong-han, Kim Seong-hyeon, and Kim Min-sik.

Targeting NC right-handed starting pitcher Song Myeong-ki, the plan is to use batters with good punching ability in positions 1 to 6 and score a large number of runs in the early innings.

Coach Kim selected Oh Won-seok as the starter for Game 3.

He explained the reason for appointing him as “Oh Won-seok experienced the Korean Series last year, and the content was good in October as well.”

Right-hander Seung-won Moon is expected to play in Game 4.

Left-handed foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty, who has not pitched in practice for more than a month due to abdominal pain, will be in the bullpen in Game 2, but regarding how to use him, Manager Kim looked perplexed, saying, “That’s what I’m saying.”

Coach Kang In-kwon confirmed that Peddy will appear in Game 3, saying, “We cannot postpone his appearance any longer.”

Peddy will play in the regular season against the KIA Tigers on the 16th. In his last appearance on the mound, he was hit on the right arm by a straight hit from Ko Jong-wook and left the mound.

He was diagnosed with a bruise and is recovering, and on the 22nd, he improved his condition by pitching from the bullpen.

Coach Kang said, “We will have to see the condition today and tomorrow, but it will be difficult for Peddie to throw in 100% condition,” and pointed out, “This is something we have to endure.”

Coach Kang, who had two consecutive wins in fall baseball in the wild card game and the first semi-PO game, said, “Today’s game will be decided by how long starting pitcher Song Myeong-gi throws,” after looking at the opponent batter’s true hit rate and game situation.

Song Myeong-ki announced that he would weigh Choi Seong-young and Lee Jae-hak as the next pitcher to receive the baton.

Regarding unstable closer Lee Yong-chan, he said, “It is not easy to replace the closer now,” and continued”

He replied, “I plan to trust Lee Yong-chan, and after receiving the bullpen coach’s report, I will decide whether to drag Ryu Jin-wook, a member of the sure-to-win relief team, for a long time.”

Women’s Goalball, First Win for Disabled Asian Games

여자 골볼, 가볍게 장애인AG 첫 승…"일본·중국과 맞대결 준비"

Women’s Goalball, First Win for Disabled AG… “Preparing for Confrontation with Japan and China”


Captain Kim Hee-jin “Breathing was good…“

As much as I am the jockey, I will show a performance that matches that position.”

The Korean women’s goalball team took the first step toward winning the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

The women’s goalball team attended goalball training in Hangzhou, China on the 23rd.

They defeated Iran 11-2 (4-0 7-2) in the first match of Group C of the preliminaries held at the base. 카지노사이트

Showing overwhelming skills in offense and defense, they widened the score gap from the beginning of the game and won comfortably.

Korea will defeat Japan, ranked third at the 2022 Tokyo Paralympic Games, on the 24th and on the 25th.

They face the home team China.

The semifinal opponent may vary depending on the result of the game, so you have to do your best to beat both teams to increase your chances of winning.

At the start of the game, Korea scored consecutive goals by targeting loopholes in the opponent’s defense, and after the middle of the first half, they put pressure on Iran based on their solid defense.

Kim Hee-jin (B2, Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled) Every time this ball was blocked, the atmosphere was set with cheers, and Light Park Min-kyung (B2, Chungnam Sports Association for the Disabled) built a wall with his body and finished the first half with a scoreless score.

Korea added one point in the second half thanks to an attack by Shim Seon-hwa (B2, Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled), but conceded their first goal as a gap widened between the center and left.

However, the flow soon came back.

Shim Sun-hwa attacked the opponent’s left again, and Seo Min-ji (B2, Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled) broke through between the right and the center to score a runaway score.

Although Light and Center did not work well together, they gave up one more point, but Seo Min-ji came back to solve the problem and ended the game.

Jeong Eun-seon, coach of the goalball team, said, “I am proud of the players for showing their skills without being nervous.

They seemed to be in good condition, so I am satisfied with the game,” and then added, “The important thing is.”

It is a face-to-face match with Japan and China.

He emphasized, “I will think of it as a preview of the Paralympic Games and do my best.”

Captain Kim Hee-jin, who took over as center and played for over 20 minutes that day, taking the team’s focus, said, “The chemistry among the players was good, and the attackers were able to throw the ball with concentration and win,” and, “We played like it was today’s game.”

If we do that, we can win the game against Japan as well.

I will play a game with no regrets,” he pledged.

Then, regarding his role as the team’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony the previous day, he said, “ At first, I thought it was light, but when I entered the stadium, I felt overwhelmed.

I have a more solemn resolve,” he said.

“(The experience of being a jockey) will serve as a driving force in taking on this competition.”

It’s the same.

He expressed his determination, saying, “Because I have a meaningful role, I will show a performance worthy of it.”


Swimmer Kim Young-beom Sets his First Korean Record


[National Sports Festival] Promising swimmer Kim Young-beom sets his first Korean record… Broken in 5 minutes


Joint interview with Jaehoon Yang, who broke his own record, “I will break it again at the next competition.”

A high school swimming prospect set a new Korean record for the first time in his life.

Just as he was about to express his joy, a player in the next game broke the record.

What does it feel like? 카지노사이트원

Kim Young-beom (17), a promising swimmer in his second year at Gangwon Physical Education High School, experienced a thrilling moment in the men’s high school 100m butterfly swimming event at the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival held at the Mokpo Indoor Swimming Pool in Jeollanam-do on the 18th.

He hit the mark with a record of 51.97 seconds, breaking the Korean record (51.99 seconds) set last year by Korean swimming star Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Province Office) by 0.02 seconds.

It was the first time in Kim Young-beom’s life that he set a Korean record in an individual event.

But the joy did not last long.

About 5 minutes later, Yang Jae-hoon (Gangwon Provincial Office), who participated in the men’s 100m butterfly race, set a new record of 51.85 seconds, breaking Kim Young-beom’s record.

When Yang Jae-hoon’s record appeared on the electronic display, cheers and murmurs followed from the audience.

One official also said, “Isn’t this the shortest-maintained Korean record in history?”

Kim Young-beom’s face was not very bright when I met him after the game.

In a ‘joint interview’ with Yang Jae-hoon, he courageously said, “Breaking the Korean record is important,” and added, “My record was broken, but I feel good because I achieved a meaningful record.”

He then said, “Of course I have some regrets, but I can do it again in the next competition,” and pledged, “I am not as good at dolphin kicks as my brothers, but I will make up for it and achieve good results.”

Although the time of joy was short-lived, the prize money of 1 million won for the new Korean record was still received.

Kim Young-beom said, “I haven’t thought about what I will use it for yet,” and after thinking about it, he said, “First, I will buy a pair of good sneakers.”

Yang Jae-hoon, who sat next to Kim Young-beom, did not seem very happy.

He said, “It is amazing that a high school student has set a Korean record,” and encouraged him, saying, “I think he will grow into a good player if he makes the team.”

After the interview, the two players affectionately put their arms around each other when asked to take a photo.

Only then did the player smile brightly.

V-League Coach with Most Wins 2′ Shin Young-cheol


‘V-League coach with most wins – 2’ Shin Young-cheol “The important thing is the spirit of challenge”


If coach Shin Young-cheol (59) of Woori Card adds two wins, he will tie the record for most wins among Korean professional volleyball coaches.

It is the result of running tirelessly for about 20 years.

Coach Shin, who met ahead of the home game against Hyundai Capital in the 2023-2024 Professional Volleyball V-League Men’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 18th, said, “I knew roughly the record, but I didn’t know the specific numbers.

I’m not the type of person who is obsessed with personal records.” 토토사이트

He waved his hand and said, “I was able to come this far because the club chose me and the players helped me.

I will continue to challenge myself to increase my wins.”

Director Shin Young-cheol even smiled slightly as if he was embarrassed when his record became a hot topic.

Before the game, coach Shin Young-cheol had 274 wins (214 losses), coming within two wins of the V-League record of 276 wins (74 losses) held by former Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Shin Chi-yong.

He first took the helm at LIG Insurance (now KB Insurance) in February 2004, and after working at Korean Air and Korea Electric Power Corporation, he worked as a manager at Woori Bank and led 488 games.

Woori Card, which he has led since April 2018, achieved 103 wins (72 losses).

Coach Shin Young-cheol, who cited ‘challenge spirit’ as the secret to the long run, pledged to continue the challenge in the 2023-2024 season.

Coach Shin said, “This season, our team is trying to change to the level of a re-founding team.

Although it was initially classified as a low-ranking powerhouse, if outside hitter Kim Ji-han and setter Han Tae-jun, who is in his second season, improve, they can move up to the upper rankings.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the players follow suit,” he said.

Even though libero Oh Jae-seong was absent due to shingles on this day, coach Shin Young-cheol expressed his trust in the player, saying, “It’s okay because I have Kim Young-jun.”

Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital), who played as a middle blocker in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season (against Korean Air on the 14th), will play as an outside hitter against Woori Card on this day.

Coach Choi Tae-woong explained, “Heo Soo-bong must adapt to both the middle blocker and outside heater positions.

We will decide Heo Soo-bong’s position depending on the situation.”

Outside hitter Jeon Gwang-in, who struggled with 1 point in the game against Korean Air, was left out of the starting lineup.

Director Choi said, “Jeon Gwang-in’s physical condition is not yet perfect.

He needs time to recover.”

Basic Event Stars Woo Sang-hyuk and Hwang Sun-woo


[National Sports Festival] ‘Basic event stars’ Woo Sang-hyuk and Hwang Sun-woo, golden roar side by side


Woo Sang-hyuk, 8th Olympic gold medal… Sunwoo Hwang wins 4 gold medals in the 100m freestyle.

Woo Sang-hyuk (Yongin City Hall) and Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Provincial Office), the precious ‘basic event stars’ of Korean sports, won gold medals on the same day.

Woo Sang-hyuk won the high jump final in the men’s general division at the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival held at Mokpo Stadium in Ulsan on the 18th, exceeding 2m32.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who won the competition in 2013 and 2014 while attending Chungnam High School, and in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2022 after joining the unemployment team, won his 8th national sports gold medal in his career. 카지노사이트킹

He also won his fourth consecutive title in the men’s high jump event.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who started the race at 2m 15, overtook Park Sun-ho (Yeongju City Hall) at the next height, 2m 21, and confirmed his victory early on.

Afterwards, Woo Sang-hyuk, who continued his ‘fight alone’ by surpassing 2m 32, finally attempted 2m 37 to break his own Korean record of 2m 36, but unfortunately failed to achieve a new record.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who won the silver medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games after a close battle with his ‘rival’ Mutaz Essa Barsim (Qatar), will end this season with the National Sports Festival and begin preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Hwang Sun-woo, who won two gold medals in swimming at the Hangzhou Games, also performed well that day and won his fourth gold medal of the competition.

Sunwoo Hwang won the men’s 100m freestyle event at Mokpo Indoor Swimming Pool with a time of 48.48 seconds.

Sunwoo Hwang, who previously won the 800m relay, 200m freestyle, and 400m relay, won four gold medals by crossing the golden water for four days in a row.

He will challenge for his fifth gold medal in the 400m medley relay held on the 19th.

Hwang Sun-woo will challenge to win the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) for three consecutive years in this tournament.

At Mokpo Swimming Pool, a shocking scene unfolded where the Korean record for the men’s 100m butterfly was broken again in just 5 minutes.

Kim Young-beom (Gangwon Physical Education High School) set a new Korean record in the men’s high school 100m butterfly final with a time of 51.97 seconds, and in the regular men’s 100m butterfly final, Yang Jae-hoon (Gangwon Provincial Office) tapped the touchpad at 51.85 seconds, 0.12 seconds faster than Kim Young-beom. The smile was erased from his face.

In archery, Im Si-hyeon (Korea National Sport University), the ‘Hangzhou triple gold medalist’, won the ‘return match’ against Ansan (Gwangju Women’s University) and won the gold medal in the women’s university individual competition.

Im Si-hyeon also defeated Ansan in the final of the individual event at the Hangzhou Tournament to win the triple gold medal.

In the men’s general division final, Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall) defeated Kim Ha-jun (Gongju City Hall) 6-0 (28-27 29-28 28-27) and won the general division individual championship for the first time.

Oh Sang-wook (Daejeon City Hall), who won two gold medals in men’s saber fencing at the Hangzhou Games, also won the individual and team events at the National Sports Festival.

Oh Sang-wook participated as a representative of Daejeon in the men’s general saber team event along with Park Sang-won, Hong Dong-yeol (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall), and Kim Jae-won (Daejeon University) and led the team to victory.

Oh Sang-wook, who previously won the individual competition on the 13th by winning the final against national team senior Koo Bon-gil (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), won two gold medals at this year’s National Sports Festival.

In the finals of the men’s volleyball division, the Armed Forces Athletic Corps, led by national team setter Hwang Taek-eui, won the championship by beating the Yeongcheon City Athletic Association with a set score of 3-1 (25-23 25-21 25-27 25-23).

In the finals of the women’s general division, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, with a large number of professional players such as Baek Mok-hwa and Lee Jin, won the gold medal by defeating Pohang City Sports Association with a set score of 3-1 (25-11 25-17 23-25 25-22).

Matei and Jihan Kim Collaborate on 37 Pieces

마테이·김지한 37점 합작…우리카드, 현대 꺾고 개막 2연승

Matei and Jihan Kim collaborate on 37 pieces… Woori Card beats Hyundai for 2 consecutive wins in opening season


Woori Card achieved two consecutive wins in the opening game thanks to the combination of new problem solver Matei Kok (registered name Matei) and Kim Ji-han, who is growing into a native gunner.

Woori Card defeated Hyundai Capital with a set score of 3-0 (25-17 25-19 26-24) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League men’s home game held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 18th.

Woori Card won 3-1 in the first game of the season against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on the 15th, and also earned 3 points in the second game. 카지노사이트탑

Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol achieved his 275th win (214 losses) in his personal career, moving one win closer to the record of 276 wins (74 losses) in the V League held by former Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Shin Chi-yong.

On the other hand, Hyundai Capital lost two consecutive games following the opening game against Korean Air on the 14th.

On this day, at Woori Card, Matei scored 27 points with a high attack success rate of 64.86%, and Kim Ji-han also contributed with 10 points (61.54% attack success rate).

Tae-Jun Han, setter of the contract, and Young-Jun Kim, who filled the void of Libero Jae-Sung Oh, who was rested due to shingles, also played key roles in the victory.

At Hyundai Capital, only Ahmed Ikhbairi (23 points, registered name Ahmed) scored in double digits.

Woori Card also outperformed Hyundai Capital in blocking scores (9-4) and serve aces (3-0).

The deciding factor was 1 set.

At the beginning of the set, Woori Card’s Mattei’s attacks were repeatedly blocked by Hyundai Capital, and they allowed Hyundai Capital’s Ahmed to score three consecutive points, taking the score to 0-3.

However, they started chasing at 8-11 with Kim Ji-han’s time-lag attack, and in the ensuing rally, Matei succeeded in opening quickly and narrowed the gap.

Then, after Ahmed’s quick open was cleared by defense, Matei’s open attack made the score 11-11.

In 12-12, middle blocker Chai Fei-chang (registered name Fei-chang), who joined Hyundai Capital in the Asia Quarter, missed the line, and Woori Card’s Asia Quarter member Issei Otake (registered name Issei) blocked Ahmed’s open attack. That year, Woori Card turned the score to 14-12.

Hyundai Capital’s Heo Soo-bong’s quick open ended up being a mistake, and Woori Card ran away with a 16-12 lead as Issei blocked Fei Chang’s quick attack.

Afterwards, Woori Card used Matei’s firepower to widen the score gap and win the first set.

Woori Card, who pulled off a thrilling comeback in the first set, continued their momentum in the early part of the second set.

At 2-2, Woori Card’s Issei’s fast attack landed on the court, and Hyundai Capital’s Ahmed’s rearguard attack went off the line without reaching the blocker’s hand.

With Matei’s second consecutive serve ace and Ahmed’s back attack mistake, Woori Card ran away to 7-2.

Hyundai Capital attempted to counterattack by sending in Jeon Gwang-in, a national team outside hitter who had maintained the warm-up zone in the first and second sets, in the third set.

In the third set, they took the lead with 12-9.

However, Woori Card made up for one point due to Jeon Gwang-in’s serve error, and when libero Kim Young-jun received Ahmed’s rearguard attack, Matei scored with an open attack to raise the mood.

Next, Park Jin-woo blocked Heo Soo-bong’s open attack, tying the score at 12-12.

The winner of the third set, which led to a deuce, was also Woori Card.

At 24-24, Matei Kok successfully attacked the rear and created a match point, and Issei ended the game by blocking Jeon Kwang-in’s quick open.