Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Hello and welcome to all the readers who keep reading our interesting and insightful articles. Today’s article is about one of the most famous games of the 90’s known as Pacman. For all those who are a fan of the game known as Pacman, you might have just celebrated the Pacman 30 th anniversary and some amazing announcements to mark the special anniversary.

Pacman enjoyed a huge fanbase and was one of the most played GUI based games until the gaming industry witnessed a meteoric rise and developers began releasing new and highly advance graphic games which swept across gamers from all over the world.

But the charm of Pacman still lives in the hearts of many gamers as the 30 th anniversary showed how people relived their childhood days and were nostalgic on the event of the 30 th anniversary of Pacman.

In this article, we will help you know more about how this game started and some amazing facts to know about it.



Pacman Gameplay: Know with Us

I think almost everyone aged 20 and above would have played Pacman sometime or the other, possibly without even knowing the name of game so let’s see how much you remember of this novel game.


Ready to bring back your memories?

So the game is a puzzle-based game where a character known as Pacman whose head is shaped as a round figure with a slice of pizza shape cut off. The objective of the game is to help Pacman traverse through the maze eating up the points-based object and avoiding enemies that if encountered would take pacman’s life. So all you got to do is to keep moving in the maze to get the required points by eating objects and proceed to the next level in the game.

The game goes on till level 256 post when the game experiences a glitch and there is no human way to play and proceed to the next level until the developers rectify the issue.



Pacman 30th anniversary How the World celebrated

To mark the event of the 30 th anniversary in a special way it was celebrated all over the world.

Google made its presence felt for the game by launching a google doodle which would help many relive the game.

People can also play the classic version of Pacman through google doodle with the special addition of dual player mode which allows Miss Pacman to be traversed by the second player.

The developers also announced new changes which will be introduced into the game soon.


Final Words …

So how was the experience of reliving the memories of playing Pacman, did you enjoy reading more about your favorite game, I am quite sure you must have loved the way google marked the celebration of the Pacman 30 anniversary , as you could play the game in an enhanced version with the classic look still intact.

We would now bid adieu to all the fans of Pacman reading this article, but we make a promise which we always fulfill, we would be back with new articles soon and hope to find your glittering eyes reading through the lines.

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