Travie McCoy Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Height, Affairs

Travie McCoy Bio

Travie McCoy, an American rapper, have a  net worth $ 10 million in 2022 . This man was once a part of a very popular band. The band was once thought to be the favorite in the gym class. He has had a lot of success as a member of that band. He’s also well known for occasionally leaving that band before recently coming back. He began his own journey after leaving the band, and as a result, he has had some success.

We’re talking about a singer-songwriter who has also become a producer. We’re talking about Travie McCoy. Contrary to popular belief, Travie McCoy could have achieved success without the help of his band di lui. Three hit singles have been released by him since he left the band, and the year his album Lazarus was released, it was a commercial and critical success.

Net worth of Travie McCoy:

Travie McCoy, the richest rapper in the United States, is worth $ 10 million. According to several online sources, the most well-known rapper in America, Travie McCoy, has an estimated net worth of $ 10 million (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

As we’ve already mentioned, Travie McCoy is worth $ 10 million. The majority of his current financial resources of him were earned through his participation of him in the band. Travie McCoy could have made a lot of money if he had stayed in the band, but he left because he was not creatively satisfied as a band member, which is what spurred the start of his solo career di lui.

He had to pave his own way in order to develop as an artist. Travie McCoy is presently a resident of Queens, New York. He pays rent on his $ 1 million house di lui, which he owns.

Travie McCoy’s biography, age, birthday, and early life:

Travie McCoy was born on the fifth day of August 1981. Travie McCoy was conceived in Geneva, New York. Travie McCoy didn’t want to become a rapper or songwriter. Growing up, Travie McCoy only had one dream: he wished to become a pro skateboarder. He had a good skateboarding reputation in his neighborhood of him, but this choice landed him in the hospital.

Travie McCoy suffered a terrible accident while skateboarding. That incident forced him to use a wheelchair for almost 4 months. During these months, he learned a lot, starting with the fact that he liked to paint and wished to become a tattoo artist.

Relationship with Travie McCoy & More:

In addition to tattoos, he also enjoyed music. Because of his physical limitations of him, he was unable to learn anything, but he did start writing songs. These four months were very productive for him and he learned a lot during them. He mastered tattooing later in life, which launched his career than him. He also learned how to write rap songs, which would later play a significant role in his life di lui. At the age of 13, he was already a reasonably accomplished drummer.

He was regarded as one of the best drummers at his university. He began singing rap songs while still a college student. While in college, he never paid attention to his studies because he wanted to start a career as a tattoo artist. He consequently dropped out of college in the middle and started a career as a tattoo artist.

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