How to Remove Dirt and Grime From Your Timber Floor?


Timber is one of the most popular options for flooring because of its grandeur. Timber flooring is timeless, vintage, and classic. The specialty of timber is that it can be incorporated into both traditional and contemporary settings because of its ability to meld into its surroundings and add glamour. A durable and long-lasting material that it is, timber still needs to be maintained well through frequent cleaning and dusting. Leaving dust particles and grime on it can lead to scratching of the wood, thereby ruining its sheen. Here are some of the tips to remember while removing dirt and grime from timber floors.

  1. Sweeping – As timber is smooth, it might be best to use a soft mop, brush, or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt from the surface. The idea is to apply minimal pressure on the timber flooring. Ensure that there are no pointy or harsh ends or surfaces on the brush or cleaner you use as they might cause scratches on the timber which can mar its look.
  2. Grime removal – Food spills, oils, coffee, etc. can create a layer of grime on timber flooring. These stains can be easily removed using a soft damp cloth. Ensure that you do not soak the flooring or use a wet cloth as the moisture can damage the wood layers. Only a minimal amount of moisture should come in contact with timber flooring. After you have cleaned using a damp cloth, use a dry one to wipe away any excess moisture on the surface.
  3. No steam – Never use steam cleaning to clean a timber floor as the heat will cause the wood to expand and then later contract upon cooling. This change can lead to the cracking of the flooring.
  4. Cleaning products – Though most stains can be removed using a damp cloth, there might still be some stubborn stains. Check with a flooring specialist to determine the kind of cleaning solution that you can use on your flooring. If you are planning to opt for any home remedies, ensure that you do a patch test before using it on a larger area.


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