Customize Water Bottles for the ones you love

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Water bottles and our relationship dates back to our school going days. Our parents used to send us to attend our everyday classes with a water bottle hanging around our necks with a strap. It was to make sure that we were supplied with water at all times. Children at a growing age require food and water intake at frequent intervals. Our parents tried providing us with the best things at all times. It was not possible to add personalization to things; else they would have done that too. As a parent or an uncle/aunt, you can purchase Customized water bottles for the kids in your life. 

With limited supply of clean drinking water, it is advisable to carry a sipper at all times. Some people go by an entire day without having a single sip of water, only because they forget to hydrate themselves. Not having any water source in close vicinity can lead to such things happening. If this cycle continues, serious health problems arise. To prevent serious health conditions from arising due to dehydration like kidney stones, Dry skin, UTI, digestion problems and in serious cases, Kidney failure, one must keep a water bottle always close to him/her. Keep a separate bottle to drink water from it regularly. If you wish to track your water intake, get custom water bottles from an online printing store and get them marked with the quantity of liquid in milliliters. Moreover, get your name printed on your sipper to keep it separate from rest of the bottles at your home. This way, you will know that only you have consumed water from it.  You can also purchase water bottles and give them as presents to your near and dear ones. Some occasions that you can choose are:

School Competition 

When schools organize competitions and events, they usually reward participating students with gifts and consolation prices. Items such as lunch boxes, pencil box, color pencils and water bottles are chosen by them. It makes the students feel happy despite not being able to secure 1st or 2nd position during the competition. Receiving presents gives them a message that they are no less than the winners and participating in something is an achievement in itself. 


The most commonly celebrated occasions are birthdays and they can be summarized as – party, cake and gifts! It is not easy sometimes to pick a gift that will be loved by the recipient. Choosing something that is practical, pocket friendly and beautiful can be a challenge but a customized water bottle perfectly fits this criteria and will be a wonderful gift item to be given on a birthday. 

Farewell Gift

Upon bidding farewell to their seniors, the organizing committee of students makes sure to include some memorable gift items. It can be anything attached with a personal note, wishing them luck for their future. 

You can also gift a bottle to yourself and get it decorated with prints of your choice. It will be the best surprise by you, for you!

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