Buy some Rakhi Gifts in advance

Nothing gets us as excited as festivals do. It is a time for us to reunite with our friends and family member living in different parts of the world. We wait for months I order to celebrate the happy occasion of a festival. We have grown us hearing, “Sharing is caring”. That is exactly the spirit with which festivals are celebrated. In a country like India, festivals are deeply rooted in our culture. Each one has a special significance. That is why, no matter how modern we become in our beliefs, we can never part our ways from them. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is one such festival. You can make this extra special by purchasing some wholesome Rakhi gifts this year.

Shop vendors start putting up Rakhi stalls in the market a few weeks prior to the festival. They sell them in all kinds of colors, sizes, materials and price ranges. They are sold in elaborate designs and people pay money to get the most unique designs out of them all. With the concept of personalized Rakhi, you can get a Rakhi made solely for the person you intend to tie on the wrists of. You can take the pictures of your brother(s) and get those photos printed on their rakhis. It will be a unique design like never seen before. You will create them in different shapes too like, round, oval, square and even gems shaped. You can even create photo mirror Rakhi made with the photo of your brother from an online printing store. There is also an option of creating Rakhis with a personal message printed on them. You can also purchase Personalized Rakhi gifts for your brother or your sister online, by getting inspired from the ideas mentioned below:

Mobile phone covers 

A mobile phone cover can be decorated with a print of your preference. You can try some Aztec prints, floral themes or even animal prints to brighten the appearance of your phone. You can get a photo of your sibling or the photo of the two of you printed on the back cover. There is also this option of getting one’s name printed on it. You can also opt for a personal message to be printed in beautiful fonts.


You can get some quirky stickers printed with your own pictures. Your photos can be turned into caricatures using a software app and then printed as stickers. Your sibling and you can use them over your mobile phones, laptops, mirrors, walls, sipper bottles, closet, and car bike and, practically just anywhere you two prefer. You can decorate the walls of your room and turn it into something extraordinary. 


Some hoodies can be printed in funky designs and you can personalize them according to your wishes. You can get matching hoodies printed to wear your sibling on this year’s Raksha Bandhan. It will make for a dope picture for your social media post.

There are countless items that can be converted into personalized Rakhi gifts. You can visit an online printing shop to get these items made without putting a burden on your pockets.