Walkthrough For Easily Fixing QuickBooks Error 15221

Error 15221 is a common update related error that typically appears when users try to update QuickBooks Desktop. The causes of this error can be variegated and so are the solutions to fix this error. The current blog discusses all the potential causes behind QuickBooks error 15221 and the multiple methods to fix it.

Main causes behind QuickBooks Error 15221

  • Invalid digital signature certificate.
  • Firewall may be causes obstruction in QuickBooks functioning.
  • Outdated version of Internet Explorer.

How can I fix QuickBooks Error 15221?

The steps to get rid of this QuickBooks update error are:

Step 1: Clean Install QuickBooks

  • Access the Control Panel.
  • Follow it up by going to Programs and Features.
  • Opt for QuickBooks.
  • Click on Uninstall/Change.
  • Choose the Uninstall option.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.


Step 2: Add Intuit in Trusted Sites list


  • Click on the “Start”
  • Type “Explorer” in the search box.
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools.
  • Now, head to the Internet Options tab.
  • Proceed to the Security tab.
  • Tap on “Trusted Sites.”
  • Click on Sites and add intuit.com or intuit.ca (for Canadian users) to the list.
  • Hit on “Ok.”
  • End the process by clicking on “Apply.”


Step 3: Update QuickBooks

  • Run QuickBooks.
  • Advance to the Help tab.
  • Click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Later, hit on Update Now.
  • Follow up by clicking on “Get Updates.”
  • Finally, click on Close.


Step 4: Install a digital signature certificate

  • Go to Drive (C):/Program Files (x86)/Intuit.
  • Go to the QuickBooks folder and search for the QBW32.exe file.
  • Right-click the file and opt for Properties.
  • In the Digital Signature option, click on “Intuit.Inc.”
  • Hit on “Details”.
  • Click View Certificate.
  • Install the certificate.
  • Click on Next and then click on Finish.
  • Run QuickBooks again.


Step 5: Turn off Firewall

  • Right-click the Start menu on the Taskbar and opt for Settings.
  • Hit on Security and Update.
  • Advance to Windows Security.
  • Advance to the Firewall and Network Protection option.
  • Turn off the Firewall on the Domain, Private, and Public Networks.
  • Now, try to update QuickBooks.


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The different steps elaborated in this article should help our users fix QuickBooks Error 15221. If any technical issue bothers you, just connect with our QuickBooks experts over the helpline 1 800 761 1787.

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