Getting QuickBooks Desktop for Windows Repaired

If QuickBooks Desktop experiences any technical issues, users have the easy option to get their favorite accounting program repaired. Besides, it is recommended to pursue with the process to repair QuickBooks in order to avoid any irreversible loss of important accounting data in the form of Company Files. Repairing QuickBooks is possible both manually and through various QuickBooks tools. In this blog, both the methods to repair QuickBooks desktop for windows shall be discussed elaborately.

Steps To Repair QuickBooks Desktop Manually

  • Open Control Panel in the start menu.
  • After that, head to Programs and Features.
  • Herein opt for QuickBooks application. Follow up by clicking on the Uninstall/change option.
  • After that, click on the Repair button.
  • Upon completion of the repair, restart the computer.

How to Repair QuickBooks by using the QuickBooks install Diagnostic Tool

  • Exit any programs connected to QuickBooks.
  • Download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the Intuit website.
  • Get the tool installed on the system.
  • When the installation is complete, double-click the tool to launch it.
  • Following that, navigate to the Installation Issues tab.
  • Therein, opt for the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool .
  • Let the tool diagnose and fix any issues.
  • Restart the PC when the process is done.

Methods to Repair QuickBooks while opening the QuickBooks Tool Hub

If you encounter issues with QuickBooks while opening the QuickBooks Tool Hub, it’s essential to troubleshoot and repair the problem to ensure smooth functionality. Here’s a step-by-step guide to repairing QuickBooks using the QuickBooks Tool Hub:

Download the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub downloaded from the official Intuit website
  • This ensures you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

Close the QuickBooks

  • Before you begin the repair process
  • Close QuickBooks
  • And close all he QuickBooks related processes.

Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Locate the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer
  • Next run the tool by double-clicking on the executable file.

Choose “Installation Issues

  • Once the Tool Hub is open
  • You’ll see several tabs or options.
  • Choose the “Installation Issues” tab from the main menu.

QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool

  • Within the “Installation Issues” tab, locate and click on the “QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool”
  • This tool helps identify and fix common issues related to QuickBooks installation.

Run the Diagnostic Tool:

  • The QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool will run
  • And then automatically detect and repair any issues with your QuickBooks installation.
  • This process may take some time depending on the complexity of the problems found.

Restart the QuickBooks

  • After the diagnostic tool completes its repair process
  • Close the tool hub
  • And then restart QuickBooks to check if the issue has been resolved.

If the problem persists or you encounter a different issue while running the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can try other tabs within the tool hub that may be relevant to your specific problem. These tabs include options like “Network Issues,” “Company File Issues,” “Password Reset,” etc. Select the appropriate tab and follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot and repair the related problem.


If you have any significant technical intricacies when working with the QuickBooks accounting program, it is advised to repair QuickBooks Desktop . Although there are additional Intuit tools you may use, such as the QuickBooks Tool Hub and QuickBooks File Doctor , the fixing procedure is simple and doesn’t need any in-depth technical knowledge. You can get in touch with our certified professionals at 1-800-761-1787 for technical support.

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