Walkthrough Discussing the Rectification of QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks users can counter different update errors. QuickBooks Error Code 1334 belongs to this domain of errors. Its causes constitute damaged Windows registry, virus, QuickBooks being installed incompletely, threat caused by background programs, including other factors. Read the blog to the full to get a better understanding of this error and the various ways of fixing QuickBooks error 1334.

Different strategies of QuickBooks Error 1334

The causes of this error are:

  • Virus intrusion on the computer
  • Damage in the Windows registry
  • Conflicts with background program.
  • incomplete QuickBooks Desktop installation
  • Accidental deletion of important QuickBooks files

Step-by-Step walkthrough for QuickBooks Error 1334

The multiple fixes for Error code 1334 are:

Solution 1: Switch to Safe mode

Switch to the safe mode and try the update process again. Follow the steps for your convenience:

  • Press Win and R keys simultaneously to open the Run
  • Need to type “MSConfig” and then press Enter to open System Configuration.
  • In the “Boot” tab, select “Safe boot” and click OK.
  • Restart and press F8 to enter Safe mode with Networking.
  • Open QuickBooks, go to Help, and click Update QuickBooks.”
  • If unsuccessful, manually update QuickBooks from Intuit’s website.
  • Open MsConfig, select Normal mode, and restart to verify resolution.

Solution 2: Delete unnecessary temp files

Removal of the temp files can fix the issue. The steps to be implemented for this are:

  • Access Disk Cleaner via the start menu.
  • Choose the C Drive and mark temporary files for cleanup.
  • Clear browser history and cache files.

Solution 3: Try the System Restore feature

Restoring the system to an earlier time can potentially fix the error. For this, the easy steps are:

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Navigate to “Programs” > “System Tools” > “System Restore.”
  • Select a recent Restore Point and proceed with the system restore process.

Solution 4: Check the company file extension

Wrong file extension can also be a cause of this error. The rectification of the extension should fix Error code 1334. The steps are:

  • Navigate to Drive:/Users/Public/Documents/Intuit/QuickBooks.
  • Verify the correct file extension (.qbw) of your company file.
  • If incorrect, right-click, choose Rename, and rectify the extension.
  • Open QuickBooks to check for Error 1334 during updates.

Solution 5: Update QuickBooks manually in Safe Mode

Try the update in the Safe mode. For this, the steps are:

  • Go to Start, search for “msconfig” and hit Enter.
  • Windows Configuration will open. Click on Selective Startup and load services.
  • Hit on Safe Mode and restart the computer.
  • As the PC loads in the Safe mode, go to the browser, then go to Intuit website and download the latest updates of QuickBooks manually.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and get the update installed on the computer.
  • This should fix QuickBooks Error code 1334.


This blog explains different methods to fix QuickBooks Error code 1334. If you come across more such issue, just give us a call at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.

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